Title: When the Date Cancels


Pairing:Ginny and Josef

Summary: When you're all dressed up and all alone, what good does it do?

That bastard!

Ginny was trembling, fighting the urge to keep from slamming things around. As the saying went, she was all dressed up with no place to go. Especially not after her date had suddenly cancelled on her.

The dance was barely half an hour away and Ginny was left tossing all her make up supplies back into her bag. She had spent hours researching and practicing with MaryAnn and begging Rafael for dance lessons only to end up with nothing. Colby had even kindly taken her shopping for just the perfect dress—and considering that Rafael had shot down almost all the dresses in the shop—it was a miracle that she even found one.

It was a pale green color that reminded Ginny of grass on a warm day. It hugged her body and cinched at her waist, all the while making her feel like a very pretty princess. She had curled her own hair and had done her own make up refusing to allow anything more than advice. She wanted to make herself beautiful.

But what good was that now?

Ginny sighed almost bitterly. One of Rafael's workers had kindly asked her to the dance and Ginny had excitedly said yes. Now he had called to cancel with many apologies, but refused to explain why.


Sighing, she opened her laptop to find Josef messaging her.

"Are you ready for your dance yet?" he asked.

"Dressed up and no place to go," she wrote back. "My date cancelled."

His response came swiftly. "I'm still available."

She laughed, reaching for a makeup removing wipe. "Sorry," she typed back. "You're miles away."

"What a pity." Joseph responded.

Ginny's bedroom door slip open. "I was looking forward to seeing how well you clean up."

Ginny nearly knocked over her laptop as she jumped up with a shriek. Josef lowered his phone and gave her a rather smug smirk. He was dressed in a dark shirt and matching slacks, his normally slightly wild hair actually smoothed back. He looked sharp and dressed up.

"Damn," Josef rubbed his ear. "If I knew you were going to scream like that, I would have brought ear plugs."


Ginny stomped her feet and flung herself into his arms. Josef caught her one handedly into a tight embrace. She was still stomping and thumping his chest in disbelief.

"You didn't say you were coming to visit!"

"That's the point of a surprise," Josef laughed at her, capturing a single tight curl.

"You're mean and troublesome," Ginny flushed and swatted his hands away. "You should have told me! I wouldn't have taken so much make up off!"

"You don't need it," Josef rolled his eyes. "You silly, nitwit. If I wanted a painted up doll to go with me to some dance, I would have just borrowed one of Ana or Anya's. And trust me; dolls are great listeners, but horrible conversationalists."

Ginny looked surprised. "You want to go to the dance?"

"No," Josef retorted. "I want to dance with you but the only good music around just happens to be at the dance."

Ginny laughed, the sound was happy and heartfelt. "You're such a pain!"

But despite her words she pecked him on the cheek and pushed him out of her room. "Now get out so I can put my face back on! Go bug Rafael for a few minutes."

"A few minutes? Is that woman-talk for 'an hour'?" Josef tried to argue, but she had already shut the door on him leaving him to shake his head.

"You didn't have to threaten my help like that," Rafael stood against the hallway wall, folding his arms with a strict look.

Josef's smile disappeared and an animalistic look passed over his face. "It would do him a lot of good to be careful of who he thinks he can mess with. You can't tell me honestly that you would have been pleased to see Ginny dancing with a farm hand."

"Pleased? No," Rafael waved his hand. "But you didn't have to steal the joy of terrorizing him from me."

"You should have been faster, old man."

"You're a terrible person, Josef." Rafael could only shake his head with a low chuckle.

"I know that," Josef leaned back against Ginny's door, smiling at the sounds of her low murmuring voice. "But for her sake…I'm okay with that."

A/N:Eventually I need to get off my butt and write that chapter based story on Ginny and Josef. I just need to get a good plot going and focused enough to write then edit it. Editing, I am horrible at. I got some ideas, but they either seem too dark or not right. I just need that perfect one. Hmm…

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