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One Year Later

It's nice being back home. I haven't been back to Jump City since Christmas, and I've missed this place. It's where I grew up, of course I'm going to miss it.

Plus I have people that bring me back to this place. Like Mom, Kevin, and Melvin. My family, no matter how mismatched we may be. Melvin's turning one today and I couldn't miss the party. Mom would kill me.

And Gar. I haven't seen him in over two months and sometimes it physically hurts to think of him. But I'd see him today, Melvin absolutely adored him ever since he gave her her favorite toy, a big Teddy bear named Bobby. He gave it to her three days after she was born. Let's just say she's been a fan from the very beginning.

I cross the oh so famous bridge, the one that we did not steal from San Francisco, thank you very much, and turn up the radio. I'm home, I'm going to see Gar and my little sister. Life is good.


When I arrive at the apartment complex I grab my package, one that is covered with so much wrapping paper that I think that I took down a whole forest because I'm complete and utter crap when it comes to wrapping gifts, and get attacked from behind. His hands are over my eyes and I try to pretend like I'm not smiling.

"I hope I'm not getting mugged," I manage to say, and Gar laughs. He turns me around and then lays one on me. I stand on my tip toes to get closer to him; I haven't seen him for so long that I've almost forgotten what he tastes like.

I remember now. It's spearmint gum, and sweat covered up by cologne, and something that only he has, the one thing that makes him more special to me than anyone else.

I pull away and when he pouts it's my turn to laugh. I slip my arm through his and say, "Remember, child friendly."

"Melvin's been talking about seeing you all morning. Arella's been telling her things about you so that she'll remember."

"She'd better remember, I spent forty bucks on her stupid present."

"Oh you know you loved coming to me for advice and then buying it for her." I rolled my eyes, partly because it's true- the part about me having to go for him for advice because I had no idea what to get a one year old- and partly because I can.

"Yep..." I'm about to say something else when I'm interrupted by shrieks of "Rae Rae!" or something close to it.

"Mel Mel!" I reply, and catch my baby sister before she falls. According to my mother as soon as she figured out that she could walk she also figured out that she could run, and because of this she falls all the time.

I pick her up- she's light and short, like me- and hug her tightly before she starts to wiggle out of my arms and starts speaking in baby talk as I gently set her down. Mom says that she won't talk until she's eighteen months or so, but if I listen hard enough I can figure out what she's saying.

I run a hand through her fine blonde hair, so unlike my own that you wouldn't even know that we were sisters. Gar's convinced that we look alike, but I know that he's nuts. Always has been. Always will be. There's no other way that I'd want for him to be.

Gar kisses my cheek suddenly, and I turn to look at him. "What was that for?"

"I plead the fifth."

"I think that you've been enjoying those law classes of yours a little too much."

Gar snorted as we walked through the kitchen. "Please. I don't want to go to law school, way too much work."

"You're lazy."

"Nah, just uninspired when it comes to that sort of thing. If I was going to work in civil justice I'd be a super hero."

"The kind with spandex and their underwear on the outside, right?"

Before Gar could respond to my clever retort my mother burst in. "Oh Raven," she said dramatically, like always. "It's so nice to see you dear." I let go of Gar's hand to give my mother a hug.

"Likewise, mom."

"You're just saying that because I pay your tuition over at that big shot school that you go to now."

"That's only part of it, Mom. Where's Kevin?"

"The poor dear's at the grill. He can't figure out how to light it, and Gar's offered to help him a thousand times, but you know men. They won't ever ask for help, too stubborn." My mother sent an apologetic smile Gar's way. "No offense, Gar."

"No, it's okay. You should see Steve. He won't go to the doctor until he's practically on his deathbed. Rita gets so upset at him that it's not even funny anymore."

"And what about you?" I ask. "What sort of stubbornness that you have so that I'll know about it now instead of having to learn it in the long run?"

Gar lights up, the way that he always does whenever I refer to the fact that we're going to last for longer than this next week. Because we are, I know it. "That is something that you're going to have to discover for yourself, won't you?"

"Unfortunately for me, yes, I guess so."

Gar put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder, just marveling at the fact that I could love someone so completely, and that he could love me back.

Life had many twists and turns and I didn't know the future. I couldn't decide everything, I couldn't know everything, but there were some things that I did know.

One: I had an amazing family and I was lucky. Melvin, my little sister that I loved dearly, would never have the childhood that I had. Mom would always be there to pack her lunch and do her hair; I was absolutely positive about that.

Two: I was going Someplace. I was going to become a social worker, trying to get kids out of bad situations. I might not get paid much, but I knew that I wanted to help people and I was going to do just that.


Three: I loved Gar and Gar loved me and I was able to give myself to him in more ways than one. Maybe in five years we'd have two point five kids and a blue house with a white picket fence, or maybe not.

But either way I was going to let myself find out.

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