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"After reviewing testimony and presented evidence, we the people of the Chicago Court do sentence you, Isabella Marie Volturi, to two years in the psychiatric ward of the juvenile detention center until you reach the age of eighteen in which, provided you pass the psychiatric evaluations, you will be released and your record expunged."

The gavel had rung with such finality, such a crack like thunder. Zeus wielding his bolt in the courtroom. Of course now justice would be provided. Never mind my years of suffering and no one doing a gods damned thing about it. Considering it was murder though, brutal at that, and of one of the most influential figures in America, it was the best they could do to help me.

"And," she continued, "it is the court's best interest that upon your release you enter the witness protection program in order to prevent you from any further harm and or retaliation the Volturi family may try to exact against you."

I could only nod my head and bow meekly at the great imperial judge sitting on her throne, waiting to leave. We had bet my case on a plea of temporary insanity to reduce the sentence as much as possible. It helped that I hadn't been all too stable when those paramedics showed up. I was still on a mix of Xanax, Valium, and Ativan while my new doctor tried to work out what worked best and in which doses. They kept me out of it mostly, but I noticed during my therapy sessions when they quizzed me drug free I wasn't exactly put together properly.

I started noticing things about myself, behaviors I'd developed. I suppose I'd lost something of myself the night I killed Aro but I would never regret it. Taking some pills to regulate my moods was a small price to pay for freedom .

Unconsciously, I burned the red mark wrapped around my throat, my fingers running over the scar as I floated in my past. When the paramedics had tried to take me from the house, I'd nearly died when the collar electrocuted me. At first they thought maybe I was having a panic attack and kept trying to carry me outside which only made things worse as I literally smelt my flesh burning.

It didn't help that my body conducted the electric current into them and they dropped me while I tried to crawl my way back to the safety of hell. I was barely conscious, probably insane, and my heart was seconds from giving out when I made inside almost ten minutes later though I'd only been feet away in the first place.

They'd had to call in the fire department to cut the collar off of me and by then the damage was done. Let's just say the 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through my body for a sixth of an hour hadn't improved my mental health any.

I managed to cling to my last remaining shreds of humanity and sanity with a handful of pills and a folded little letter.

Finally, I turned from the window and went back to my room. It the psyche ward, people weren't much for company. And the ones that were gave up trying to talk to me after a while. Instead, I found my last remaining personal items and smiled, kissing the locket now carrying a picture of Edward.

This time though, only part of the letter fit inside of it. The rest of the letter I shook out to read over again. I would never tire of reading it. Not even when I was a century old and blind and dying. The words weren't just on the paper. They were in my mind. In my soul. They made everything bearable the way his letters had always made things bearable.

Dear Bella,

There's so much I want to say that I don't think cutting down every tree in the world would give me enough paper to describe it all. I don't think are words for everything I feel, especially for how I feel about you.

Dad says he's not surprised about the sentencing, but he's not happy either. Esme cried for days when we finally told her the truth about you. She was angry at first, because we hadn't told her, but then she seemed to just shut down like when you first left all over again. It hurt to watch, but nothing compared to the pain I felt losing you myself. To her, you're like a daughter. To me, well, you're so much more. You are the sun and the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the trees, the earth itself and everything that makes it up. You are life, my life, my soul and everything beautiful in the universe. In those few minutes I had you back in my life, I felt complete, like I belonged, like I fit. I'll never regret going after you.

The doctor's say I'll regain the use of my arms soon enough and I'll play something for you on the piano when you get out. My legs though are a bit of a lost cause. They say I might be confined to a wheelchair the rest of my life. That's okay though, because I don't need to walk. Not if you're by my side. There'd be no need to go anywhere.

You'll be eighteen when you get out, an adult. You won't have a past, and your present will probably be a little fucked up, but I want to know, have to ask, if you'll think about having a future with me? This isn't the way I intended to ask you, but so much has happened and I don't much care about tradition or waiting anymore. I don't acknowledge the life you had in the years we were apart. I'd like to think we could pick up where we left off, playing house in the yard. I know you'll be entering the witness protection program when you get out, you'll have to leave everything behind. Thing is, since they know my face, I was planning on going in with you, if you'll have me. I figure if you say no, then it doesn't matter if every Volturi in the country storms in and kills me dead right now because living without you isn't living at all.

We wouldn't have a family or a past, and maybe we'd get stuck with an unpredictable future, but we would have one together. That's got to count for something right? We could start our own family maybe even, though I'd be happy with just you for the rest of my life.

You have two years to think it over and I'll be counting the seconds.



P.S. That letter you gave me, I ended up burning it. Here's a new one.

Dear Bella,

I love you. You made my life worth living. Just being around you makes me happy. I love you, I miss you.

I love you,


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