"Sweetheart, I'm leaving for Wisconsin for a week. I know you're going to miss me for a year." My mom cried.

"But why!!!!" I whined but an evil smirk formed on my face.

"So that means I have the hou-"

"No." she glared at me knowing what I would say.

"Then what am I gonna do and where am I gonna stay for a freaking year?" I pouted like a three year old.

"Stay at your cast mate's house. Uhh, what's her name Tanya, Tabby?"

"Tawni!" I rolled my eyes.

"And no. I can't even rehearse with her how am I gonna stay with her for one year!" I explode.

"Gosh, you get your anger from your dad." She scratched her head.

"Mom, get to the point here." I yank her back to reality.

"Oh! Sorry. Well what about Nico?" she suggested.





"Aww hell no!"


"Fuck N- Yes." I smirk and plan an evil scheme for Mr. Cocky.

"Yes? To Chad? Ha you do like him." She laughed and packed her suitcase.

"I don't like him, but I definitely can annoy him for a whole year!" I clap my hands together.

"Sonny, that's not nice." She crossed her arms.

"What?" my voice raises 2 octaves.

"Go to sleep sweetheart. It's 10 o' clock." She kissed my forehead.

"Night mom." I go to my room.

"Night!" she smiles and shuts the light.

"Plan: Annoy Mr. Cocky is now in session." I smirk and drift away in a sweet slumber.