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CPOV 1 month later

I know marriage is a big commitment but spending my whole life with Sonny would be amazing. Having kids and growing a family with Sonny is exciting.

"Chad?" Nico shook me off my gaze.

"It's time." He smiled. Today was the day of the wedding. I felt so nervous yet excited. I made my way to the altar and took a deep breath.


"How do I look?" I stepped out and everyone gasped.

"Ohh stop it! I look terrible!" I whined.

"No! You look beautiful! You're glowing!" Tawni smiled.

"Uh oh!" I rush to the bathroom and puke.

"Sonny! Are you ok?" Tawni rushed in and helped.

"I th-think." I stutter.

"OMG are you pregos?" she smiled.

"Oh no. Not now!" I worry.

"You guys just had to do it right!" Tawni screeched.

"What's going on here?" My mom came in worried.

"Sonny might be pregos." Tawni sighed.

"Now?" she eyed me.

"Pfft, ma-maybe. G-Gosh." I laugh nervously.

"Well congrats! How long have you been vomiting?" she asks.

"2 weeks." I sigh.

"Ohh, then maybe."

"And look you're starting to show." Tawni patted my stomach.

"We can cancel."

"No! We spent millions for this wedding!" I apply last touches.

"Okay well let's hurry." Tawni orders. I nod and proceed to the altar.

There were hundreds of guests. I walked down the aisle with my brother Lewis. I saw Chad looking at me with a hue smile. Damn he was hot! A smile crept on my face. The wedding vows took place and the preist finally said.

"Do you Chad Dylan Cooper take Sonny Munroe as your lofty wedded wife?"

"I do." He smiled at me.

"Do you Sonny Munroe take Chad Dylan Cooper as your lofty wedded husband?"

"I do." I held back tears.

"I shall now pronounce you Husband and wife." He declares and everyone claps.

"You may kiss your bride." Chad pulled me and kissed me. The guests cheered and Tawni was crying happily.

"I love you. You always bring good luck." He whispered.

"Love you too. Guess what?" I smile.

"What?" he asks. I pat my stomach.

"I think I'm pregnant." I declare.

"Oh my god! I'm going to become a daddy!" he hugs me and cheers.

"Hey! I have an announcement to make." The crowd goes silent.

"I'm becoming a daddy!" he screams and everyone smiles.

"You better take care of her Chad!" Tawni smacks his hand.

"I will Blondie." They laughed.

"Hey Chip congrats." Nico smiles.

"Yeah, congrats." Grady nods.


There was the beginning of our happy family. Later on I gave birth to beautiful triplets. Christopher Dylan Cooper, Alessandra Rose Cooper and Taylor Grace Cooper. My perfect little family. So far so great.

The End. =D

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