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Chapter 57: Multitud

The citizens of Rukongai did not even know what was happening.

It had been a weird day for all of them, and at the end of it, they were confused. They had been taught for their entire afterlives that the Seireitei was untouchable. That no one could defeat it. Yet, the Seireitei had duly been defeated. Quite soundly at that.

And now, with the Seireitei in shambles, they were stunned when they saw a large white pillar soar across the skies like a divine chariot, followed by another identical one only hours after. It seemed that it was in hot pursuit of the previous one.

Within the pillar, there were twelve different Shinigami, each one of various strength and skill levels. Yet, they all had origins that traced back to the same village.

Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Rin, Neji, Hinata, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Ino, along with the Royal Guard members Akane and Taiki. Everything seemed okay within the pillar for them, other than the fact that it was slightly cramped.

"I hope nothing bad has happened to the Shiba..." Hinata pointed out. It was fairly rare for one as quiet as her to initiate a conversation, but nonetheless, she said something that had been on all of their minds.

"Knowing the nature of these Arrancars, I have a bad feeling about them. Shiba Kuukaku has a nasty temper, and when someone like Naruto intrudes on her property demanding the use of the cannon, it won't end well. Besides that, there's no way that she will willingly lend aid to creatures such as Arrancar..." Neji responded to her.

The Tenchuren continued to soar across the upper districts of Rukongai, the tension in the air forcing them to not create any conversation past that point. Eventually, the strange sight of the Shiba complex came into view, though it wasn't like they could miss it.

What was more bothersome for that was the fact that the house as well as the giant stone hands that served to decorate the area were all in ruins. The Kakaku Cannon was the only thing that remained intact. There was no sign of another Tenchuren.

"Oh, crap, looks like we were too late. We can only hope Shiba Kuukaku is still alive at this point, because if she's not, we may be in a bit of a bind." Jiraiya commented.

"Bring it down, Akane!" Taiki said.

Akane did just that, pressing a few buttons on the dashboard, which killed the power to the Tenchuren and brought it down onto the lawn of the Shiba complex.

The dozen Shinigami all exited the vehicle, while a few of them stayed behind to tend it in preparation for the launching back to the Royal Palace. Akane and Taiki, along with their parents, entered the ruined Shiba complex.

The halls were in severe disarray, and many priceless Shiba artefacts were thrown off the wall. The two bodyguards and servants of the Shiba complex lay either dead or unconscious, and the Namikaze family proceeded down the hallway with a heavy heart.

The sliding door to the main room of Shiba Kuukaku was sliced in half, and the wood and paper that decorated the door were ripped and thrown apart by the chaos.

Wasting no time, Akane entered the room. Her brother and parents followed not long after. They were met with a chaotic scene similar to the one that had occurred outside.

"A... A-Asshole. H-How dare that asshole do this!"

"Kuukaku-san!" Taiki exclaimed, shocked the grisly scene. Ganju lay over to the side aways; apparently he had tried to fight the Arrancar. He was unconscious or dead, but they didn't have enough time to figure out which.

Kuukaku was in bad shape, however.

"T-Taiki, A-Akane... what are you two doing here? A-And why are Minato and Kushina here as well?" Kuukaku asked, the normally fesity woman lay heavily injured in a pile of her own blood.

Minato could already guess what had happened. Naruto or another Arrancar had done this. They had probably demanded the use of the Kakaku Cannon, and when the temperamental Kuukaku decided to give them a piece of her mind, Naruto lost his patience. Kuukaku obviously would be no match for him.

"What happened here?" Taiki asked, cradling Kuukaku's body gently. The woman grit her teeth together ferociously; she seemed more angry than she should be considering her injuries.

"A-Arrancar. S-Seven of them. They arrived her just hours ago using a Tenchuren. I-I thought it would be you two considering no Arrancar's ever been able to use that vehicle, but it was Arrancar. And a traitor to the Zero Division. A-Anyway, they demanded the use of my Kakaku Cannon; t-they wanted to storm the Royal Palace. O-Obviously, I refused, but t-their leader, he did this to me. And using the strong Kidou of the traitorous member of the Royal Guard, they have managed to use my Kakaku Cannon. They are in the R-Royal Palace right now!"

"A traitorous member of the Royal Guard? Who would do that?" Minato asked. Akane and Taiki also seemed rather interested in this type of news. A traitor to the Royal Guard would definitely make this invasion far more possible for the Arrancar.

"S-Sakura... H-Haruno Sakura is the traitor. She was in league with those Arrancars all this time, and with her Kidou... there's no way they wouldn't be able to invade the Royal Palace!"

"What?! Sakura!?" Kushina exclaimed, her mouth hanging wide open. Sakura was apparently Naruto's teammate in life, so Kushina had trusted her. She had always seemed a little aloof, but not the type of person who would think of betraying the Soul Society.

"Sakura... she's the newest member of the Royal Guard. The Spirit King thought there should be some expansion, and the consensus was that Haruno would be taken into the guard. A Tenchuren disappeared right before we came down here, but we didn't bother to check who had left before coming down. The new Royal Guard member... this is a disaster..." Akane mumbled.

"Anyway, Sakura's betrayal is not important right now. We're on borrowed time as it is. Kuukaku-san... we are very sorry to ask this of you in such a state, but there is a troublesome thing occurring right now. We'd like to go the Royal Palace as quickly as can be..." Taiki told her, his voice one of authority.

"T-Troublesome things, huh? W-Well, I sure do love troublesome things, but not at the c-cost of getting me nearly killed. I really am boiling with hatred of those Arrancar. Allow me to do everything I can to help you in your mission..."

"We are all very grateful for your bravery and your determination, Kuukaku-san. We will not let you down this time..." Taiki told her, before letting her down gently. Kuukaku winced slightly as she tried and struggled to bring herself to her feet, her determination not failing her where her body did.

"I swear I'll get the lot of you up there to the Royal Palace. Just promise me one thing! Promise me that you'll really stick it to that blonde asshole while you're up there. I owe him a smack!"

"And boom! We're done! Your army will be arriving shortly. There's no way my "comrades" will be able to ignore such a massive wave of Hollows able to threaten the Spirit King. Though, I hope you're prepared for a massive loss of numbers while you're here.

"It doesn't matter. Valicav should be able to raise the morale of them regardless of how many are lost. I'm more concerned about what happens if any of these guys are attacked..." he gestured back. The other six remaining Espada stood steadfast.

The other members of the Royal Guard had probably been alerted to their presence, but it was far too late for that. The invasion of the Royal Palace had officially begun.

This was a very large area for a pocket dimension, and Naruto had never really seen anything like it before. They were currently floating on a disk that suspended high above the Vestibule Road far below, but the disk was not some small flat expanse. Rather, it was an entire city, with many empty buildings high above the expanse. There were several other disks floating high above the ground, each of which contained their own city.

The disk they were was Sakura's own personal city, her own personal quarters that had been granted to her just a couple of days ago. Naruto looked off into the distance. There was an enormous cylindrical building directly to the northwest of their position. That was the Greater Soul King Palace, and it was where the Soul King resided with his family. It was also the place that Naruto had been longing for, and where he would finish his life long goal. All thirteen keys were in his pocket now.

Sakura's city was quite unique, and different than the other cities that floated around the Soul King's dimension. It was very sleek and metallic in design, giving it a very futuristic feel to it. There were flashing lights of multiple colors hanging above the doorways to the buildings, which were unoccupied. The only purpose they served was to provide safe facilities for which to practice and experiment with new kinds of Kidou. The main building at the center, a large dome-like structure, was where the Arrancar and Sakura currently resided. They were on the top floor, where the walls consisted of nothing more than a domed window, which granted them a full view of the Spirit King's dimension.

A panel was the only thing that was set up in this room, at the center of it. There was a groove which looked like it fit Sakura's hand perfectly, with several lines that glowed with a blue energy running up it.

Naruto and the other Espada watched Sakura work in stony silence. This was all part of the plan, and was the reason why Valicav and the rest of the Hollow army had remained stationed within Hueco Mundo, waiting for their chance to be useful. The other non-Espada Arrancar were left to clean up the mess in Seireitei.

It was already done, but when Sakura had put her hand in that panel and channeled her reiatsu, there was a change that occurred. Based upon the spike in her reiatsu, she was using some kind of Kidou, one that Naruto and the other Espada recognized immediately.

The Garganta. It was how the Hollow army would get here to the Royal Palace. As soon as Sakura placed her hand inside that panel and chanted the Kidou, there was a rumble that resonated throughout the entire Royal Palace.

It wasn't just a regular Garganta; it was a Garganta that was on a much larger scale than any Garganta the Hollows had ever seen before. This Shinigami had managed to take the Garganta and magnify it tenfold.

"It's done now. The Garganta is open. We are prepared to storm the Royal Palace and turn the cycle. I will accompany you on this, and it's up to you to decide whether they..." she pointed to the other Espada. "will be coming too..."

"Yes, you stupid bitch. We are ready. You guys..." "Will all be coming with me. There's no real enemy to fight here, and once we get the cycle turned, everything will be ours for the taking. The key to our success lies within the Greater Soul King Palace. Let's go..."

"How lame! We're just gonna go there without fighting anyone!" Grimmjow complained. Ulquiorra shook his head at the bloodthirsty Arrancar.

"Yeah, I want to kill more people as much as you Grimmjow, but as long as we're here, we need to fulfill the objective as soon as possible. It's very likely we may run into strong opponents on the way, though..."

"Vestibule Road leads directly into the Great Spirit King Palace, but be careful not to run into any other members of the Royal Guard on the way. They'll be distracted by the Hollows..." Sakura explained.

"Yeah, yeah... let's just go!" Naruto snarled. With a quick flash of his sword, he broke the surrounding area, and with his Arrancar air walking technique, he stepped outside into the windy torrent.

The moment he did so, two things happened at nearly the exact same time. The first was far more beneficiary to his cause. He saw the black void of the Garganta open, but what a scale it was. The portal covered like skies like a shroud, opening up to reveal the empty space of the Garganta void, which housed millions of Hollows within its depths.

No doubt the Royal Guard was locked onto that void now, for from within its depths, it began spilling Hollows. Thousands of Hollows spilled forth from the black void to land down on Vestibule Road far below. And there were many, many Hollows that made up his army.

There were regular Hollows, Gillians, Adjuchas, along with Hollows of all shapes, sizes and abilities. When they landed, they did not waste a single second. They stormed to the palace as a rate that a force of that size could realistically do, but their main concern was not to take the palace. Rather, when speeding dots emerged from the other cities and traveled down to Vestibule Road. Those speeding dots were taking out dozens of Hollows at a time, but it wasn't enough to slow down the invasion force.

"The Royal Guard is down there. Individually, those Hollows don't stand a chance, but with their numbers they can at least keep the Royal Guard from getting to the Soul King. It's taking all they have to keep them from breaking into the Lower Sanctum. This is where we come in. We'll breach the Upper Sanctum! Let's go!" Naruto cried.

With the lower level of the dimension occupied by both sides almost fully, Naruto and the Espada were easily able to attack the upper level. There was a long, wide stretch of levitating stone that lead to the palace far above the Vestibule Road. It was also where they had parked their own Tenchuren.

When Naruto and his minions were running along the white stone road leading to the Upper Sanctum, the second surprising thing occurred, in quick succession to the arrival of the Hollows.

A second Tenchuren came rocketing across the sky at a high rate, darting past the seven Arrancar and one Shinigami. Sakura's eyes widened, as she picked up on some stunning reiatsu.

"Shit! That's Akane and Taiki; they must have left not long after me to go to Seireitei. But that's not all. I'm sensing some very strong reiatsus coming from within." Sakura pointed out. "Shit! Naruto, I have something to tell you about that Tenchuren! All the people that are in it; it's your family, and your old friends from Konoha!"

Naruto stopped in place, just as he about to enter the Greater Soul King Palace. The Tenchuren impacted heavily upon the wide road they were on, right next to the Tenchuren that they had landed on the other side of the road.

Naruto's eyes were wide, and he rubbed his mask fragments while fondling with the cutlass at his side. His brain was throbbing furiously as the thoughts began to become coherent.

Even Sakura gave him a wide berth as a slithering orange reiatsu was emitted from his body. He chuckled darkly, his voice deeper than even Ulquiorra had ever heard it.

"Them, eh? What a wonderful surprise! I'm flattered, truly!" Naruto cackled, his voice raised several octaves up from the chuckle earlier. He turned around, showing the other Espada his bloodshot eyes. His skin was clammier, and when he grinned, they swore they saw cruel sharp black teeth underneath his scowl.

Everyone backed off, and gave him a wide berth as Naruto began to pace... pace slowly but surely down the long road over to where the Tenchuren was.

Before he could go any further, Sakura's arm grasped him around the neck.

"Stop, Naruto! There will be time for that later! Right now, you have to get those thirteen keys into the top tower of the Greater Soul King Palace. Do that, and you can take all the time you need slaughtering them! Right now, let us handle them!"

"You better get that arm off of me if you don't want to lose it..." Naruto hissed. Even Sakura, with all her mental issues, managed to flinch at the tone in Naruto's voice.

"Naruto!" she tried.

"RARRRAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" someone roared, but this time is was not Naruto. The sudden roar seemed to break everyone out of their stupor as the Konoha Shinigami got out of their Tenchuren. No one on the Arrancar's side said anything as the largest Arrancar among them lumbered down the wide road towards the Tenchuren, huffing and puffing.

He drew his Zanpakutou.

"Get pissed, Segunda Etapa: Ira!"

Throwing caution to the wind, Yammy seemed to finally have enough of sitting on the sidelines. So he rushed the first targets he could possibly find, not caring about the wrath of the Primera later on.

His sword exploded into a burst of red light as he drew it and called his release command, but he was through with holding back. He was going to go Segunda Etapa from the start.

Luckily, the road was very wide, wide enough to accommodate his massive size and weight, but it wouldn't hold if he decided to start thrashing around like an idiot.

"That idiot! What's he doing?" Naruto called out. Yammy's stupidity had thrust him right back into the real world, and he was no longer focused on just killing his family. Rather, he was livid over what Yammy was doing.

Nonetheless, Yammy kept on doing what he was doing. He activated his second release, and using his large size, he covered the distance over to the Konoha Shinigami almost immediately.

"This is madness..." Akane pointed out. When the Tenchuren arrived within the Royal Palace, they had expected to find an Arrancar invasion of relatively small numbers, with those small numbers being particularly competent fighters. She didn't expect this.

Thousands, if not millions of Hollows were crowding the Vestibule Road far below where the Tenchuren landed. The reiatsu was a cacophony of noise, but she could very clearly make out the members of her fellow Royal Guard far below. They were doing everything they could to prevent the palace being stormed, but it seemed that more Hollows just kept swarming in.

"What is going on here?" Ichigo asked, as he stepped out of the Tenchuren. Other members of the Konoha Association stepped out as well, with Minato and Kushina entering the Spirit King's dimension for the very first time.

"Is that..." Ichigo trailed off, as he pointed down the very wide road all the way to the cylindrical building in the back. Right in front of him, there seemed to be people at a distance.

"I don't know how they managed to get those Hollows here, but we made a mistake. We should have been here..." Taiki pointed out. His sister couldn't help but agree with him.

Minato's attention was drawn suddenly by Ichigo's proclamation. He wrapped his arm around Kushina, gesturing to the small figures off in the distance. There seemed to be eight of them, but within that group, there would no doubt be Naruto.

However, they couldn't dwell on this, as a particularly large Arrancar began to rush at them like he was mad. He jumped in the air as much as his large body would allow, before all of them felt a large spike in reiatsu.

"Wha?" Kiba asked suddenly, as the reiatsu covered Yammy, and his body began to morph.

"How troublesome..." muttered Shikamaru, as the impact from a huge Arrancar rattled the road they were on and almost made a couple of them lose balance.

"Why is it so huge?" Jiraiya asked. He had never seen a Hollow this big before, and the fact that Naruto had one within his army didn't comfort him. Besides, everyone in the Konoha Association could see the large, black "10" that was tattooed on the Arrancar's giant chest.

"It's an Espada! They're here, everyone!" Ichigo pointed out. "I've seen that one before, but I don't remember him ever being this big!" Ichigo stated. Several members of the Konoha Shinigami had already drawn their swords.

Yammy was as big as advertised, but his second release added to his girth a little bit. The Décima looked a bit like a cross between an ape and a dinosaur. He stood on two legs, his chest very broad and muscular like an ape's, but magnified to an impossibly large scale.

His skin was brown in color, similar to his first release, but his mask had changed. Now it covered almost all of his face, with four long spikes sticking out of the back end.

"Yeaaaahhhhhhhh! You weak ass babies get to die by the hands of Yammy! Here it comes!" he roared, as he reared back and threw a slow yet powerful punch directly down upon the Tenchuren.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Taiki muttered. His Zanpakutou, a long katana at his hip, was drawn from its sheathe. Its hilt was a deep blue, with the guard of it two curvatures that thrust out of the sword like wings.

With a well-placed Shunpo, he met the Décima in mid-air, and with a quick precision, he got in front of the large Arrancar. After he had done that, he managed to lop off the massive arm with very little effort.

"AAUUGHHHHHH!" Yammy cried out in pain. "You weak little insect! How dare you! I'll crush you all!" Yammy roared. If he had wanted to, Taiki could've finished off Yammy right then and there, but instead, he sheathed his Zanpakutou.

"This is a waste of time, and I'm not even going to bother. This should be something you could take of, alright?" he asked, going to the back of the Tenchuren.

"Why didn't you finish him off?" Akane asked her brother. Taiki grinned at her.

"I wanted to look cool!" he proclaimed.

Akane sighed.

"Anyway, I'm sorry! Dad, mom, I apologize for this. It seems that right now the other members of the Royal Guard are trapped in a fight with what seems to be millions of Hollows. We brought you here like you wanted, but now we have to go fulfill our duty and keep those Hollows from invading the Greater Palace. You'll have to meet with Naruto without us..." Taiki told them.

"Yeah, that's fine. We should be able to handle it on our own. Just go down there and help your fellows. This situation isn't looking very good..." Minato told them.

Without another word, the two siblings leapt off the bridge to the Greater Palace, and down into the endless mob of Hollows.

"We'll try and finish up as soon as we can, and then go back you up if you need it!" Taiki called back to his parents. Minato gave him a thumbs up.

"Now that we're here, what do we do with this troublesome Arrancar?" Shikamaru asked, the question that was on everybody's mind. Yammy was still reeling in pain from the loss of his arm, but considering the number "10" on his chest, he seemed to be the weakest Espada.

"H-He's coming again..." Hinata commented. Indeed, the Décima Espada was starting to get over the loss of his right arm, and was preparing to attack again.

"We don't have time for this. Stand back, everyone. I'll do this..." Minato told all of his subordinates. Everyone there, from Jiraiya to Kushina to Neji, stood back as they watched the former Fourth Hokage and current Fifth Division Captain draw his Zanpakutou.

It was a normal katana, the most common of all Zanpakutou. The hilt was a bright yellow, with a guard shaped like jagged zigzagging line that wasn't quite a lightning bolt. But within the core of the Shinigami powers, there was so much more.

"Gleam, Kiroi Senko!"

There was a bright flash of yellow reiatsu that emanated from Minato's sword, showering the surrounding area in a pure yellow light.

"W-What the fuck?!" Yammy shouted rudely, covering his face with one of his massive arms. The rest of the Konoha Association looked in awe at the Fifth Division Captain, and his legendary Shikai.

The Shikai of Minato's Zanpakutou was very similar to his sealed state... if you were looking at the hilt. The hilt was the same as always, but where the blade once was emerged a long, slender beam of yellow energy, similar in structure to the Quincy's Seele Schneider, though it was much more uniform, and unlike Seele Schneider, it was a pure sword and nothing but.

"B-Bright... what do you plan on doing with that thing?" Yammy asked. Minato didn't say anything for a few seconds, before he addressed the Décima Espada.

"Sorry, Arrancar, but I don't have time to chat with you. My son is directly behind you right now, and I need to get to him as soon as possible. I will finish this up quickly."

Minato grunted as he swung his sword diagonally, not even coming close to hitting Yammy. Yammy scratched his head for a couple minutes, before he laughed out loud.

"Haha! What was that?! That wa-" he cut off, before there was a burst of hot air followed by a beam of light which materialized directly in the center of Yammy's stomach.

"Blagghhh!" the Décima cried out, as the beam of light that materialized from Minato's sword punched a hole in Yammy that very nearly cut the gigantic Arrancar in two.

Blood poured from the wound in buckets as the gigantic Arrancar lost his balance. With his big body, he flopped over the side of the bridge, landing with a thud down below, where the Hollows were trying to move their way towards the Greater Palace.

"Alright, let's move on..." Minato stated, reverting his sword back to its sealed state and sheathing it. The other Shinigami looked at him and shuddered, most of them anyway.

"That's one scary Shikai. That big guy didn't even stand a chance!" Kiba commented.

"Be careful. That Arrancar was an Espada, but from the looks of things, he was the tenth one. That means he was the weakest of all the Espada. It's likely there will be tougher opponents from this point on. Right now, we need to move. Find Naruto!"

Minato didn't need to tell them twice, as they noticed one of the Arrancar over on the far side of the road began walking to them. Minato's mouth went dry as the Arrancar came closer to them.

He had spiky blonde hair.

"That idiot..."

Ulquiorra was as blunt as usual, but there was no denying to anyone there that what Yammy had pulled was incredibly stupid. The big Arrancar was incredibly stupid after all, and Ulquiorra supposed that it was only a matter of time before Yammy got tired of following Naruto's rules and just went out in his own.

As a result, it had gotten him killed.

"Well... that was quite the display..." Harribel commented, a rare initiation of conversation from her. Honestly, they had seen the blonde man activate his Shikai from this great distance, and take out Yammy with barely a thought.

"That's my shitty dad. I knew he was always a talented Shinigami, but this was Yammy's own fault that he charged in like that. There was no avoiding the result."

"This wasn't the result I wanted, but whatever. We're here already! As much as I'd love to confront all those motherfuckers right now, I know I simply don't have the time for it. If the Royal Guard don't remain distracted by the Hollow army, then this will all be useless. However..." Naruto sighed, before he stepped forward.

"Naruto? What are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"I'm gonna go leave them a present, you see..." Naruto said enthusiastically. "Stay here. All of you..." he ordered, before he bounded off down the suspended bridge over to where the Tenchurens lay.

The Espada sat there in stony silence.

Naruto himself saw his hated family and former friends get closer and closer as he ran. The looks on their faces changed from indifference, to shock and horror as he approached.

"H-He's coming. Naruto is coming!" Kiba shouted out over the din, as they watched the blonde-haired, red-eyed Arrancar rapidly close the distance between them.

The bunch of Shinigami murmured amongst themselves as Naruto slowed down significantly, to the point where his speed decreased to a slow walk along the road. He was very close to them now.

No one said a single word; the tension in the air was thick enough to be cut with a knife. And when he arrived in full, the Konoha Association got their first glimpse of Naruto for over three-hundred years.

They were surprised by how little he changed.

All of them had at least aged somewhat, but other than the Arrancar changes, there wasn't much change in Naruto's appearance. Of course he had the mask fragments, and his eyes were permanently red now, but other than that he looked like the same exact sixteen year old that had died all those years ago.

Kushina's eyes began to water, while all of Naruto's former friends began to gape at the Arrancar in front of them. Appearance wise he was similar, but his demeanor and the way he carried himself were so different.

When they looked at him, it was like looking into an abyss. He carried himself with such a mark of malice and death that it was practically washing off of him in waves.

"N-Naruto. It's you..." Minato coughed out. He didn't really know what else to say. Hinata burst into tears, while several of Naruto's other former friends just stood there with their mouths open.

"Me? Well, yeah... guess it is me!" Naruto said after the long silence ended. He noticed Hinata shuffle up to where his father was, and a red-headed woman that Naruto didn't recognize.

"Naruto... your mother and I have been searching for you for such a long time. And... you're a Hollow..." Minato said awkwardly.

"So, that's my mother? Whatever, I'm still gonna kill her..."

"Wow, everyone's here..." Naruto whistled. Besides his parents, there was Ero-sennin, Tsunade-baa-chan, Shikamaru, Hinata, Neji... the works. It was a glorious reunion.

"Naruto... do you realize what you're doing? What you have done?" Minato asked.

"Yeah... I've invaded the Soul Society, killed countless Shinigami, and have now invaded the Royal Palace. I've been wanting to do this for three centuries now; of course I know what I'm doing!"

The way he said those things with such non-chalance made them flinch.

"But... why?"

"Why? That's the question, isn't it All of you... that's why. I hate all of you so so much, and you guys..." he pointed towards the back, to where Naruto's former friends were standing.

"I saw it all... and heard it all..." he stated dangerously.

Naruto's friends looked at him, confused.

"Perhaps it didn't occur to you at the time..." he said dangerously, as he paced around them all like a predator scouting out its prey. "But I was there when I died, in Konoha. As a Plus. It was a very short time I endured as a Plus, because I became a Hollow right after that. Does anyone want to guess why?" he asked rhetorically. He had them all in the palms of his hands.

No one dared say anything.

"Well, when I was an innocent little Plus, I thought all of you were my friends. But then, I happened to hear all that slander from those I considered precious to me. And to top it all off, I saw with my own eyes what that old fuckhead did to my dead body, how he mass-produced a load of living weapons, and you all did nothing to stop it! Do you remember that now, huh?!" he asked angrily. His former friends were staring at him with shock. He had been there to witness all of that?

"I became a Hollow and channeled all of my hatred towards the village of Konoha. When the Shinigami got in my way of destroying Konoha, they became hated targets as well. But luckily, I have destroyed Konoha already, and am right on track with the second goal: destroying Soul Society, and all of you..." he pointed to them, before he laughed madly.

"Naruto-kun!" a normally shy, feminine voice spoke up surprisingly loudly.

Naruto turned around, putting his back to all of them.

"Naruto-kun, look at me!" Hinata scolded, tears welling up in her eyes.

The Arrancar turned back around, regarding the girl that had a crush on him all these years.


"So you're saying... you turned into a Hollow because of the way Konoha treated your honor?"

"You could say that, yes..." Naruto pointed out. His voice was becoming much quieter, and the rest of the Konoha Association was beginning to wonder what Hinata's plan was.

"Poor Naruto-kun... you have suffered so much..." Hinata cooed, her voice getting much quieter and softer.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, before a look of bewilderment spread itself upon his face.

"W-What? Do you have any idea who I am? What I've done!?" he told Hinata, his voice cracking significantly as he raised it in volume.

"She's trying to appeal to him using pity and emotion. Naruto's a Hollow; he doesn't understand these sorts of things, so he's getting very confused. He doesn't have any idea how to respond to this..." Minato said. Honestly, it was actually pretty dangerous what Hinata was doing, but Naruto seemed to be getting out of it. He had no idea what to do.

"I don't care. To me, you'll always be Naruto-kun! You may have done many horrible things, but on the inside... you're just lonely and sad. You never wanted to become a Hollow..." If it were even possible, Hinata's voice managed to get even softer.

The other members of the Konoha Association were on edge, but they seemed to be in support of what Hinata was doing, as Naruto's reiatsu reached an all-time low, and he slumped to his knees.

It was incredible; Hinata was disabling him with just her words.

Naruto punched the ground in frustration.

"Make it stop! Please! Don't say anything more!"

To the surprise of everyone present, Hinata took a step forward.

She went up to the fallen Arrancar, and knelt down before him. She was beginning to cross the line, but the rest of the Konoha Association were too mesmerized to stop her.

"It's alright... Naruto-kun. You don't have to be sad anymore. All of the things you did... you can never put those things behind you, but you'll always have someone that cares about you. If there's any place for you to start over... then I would call Soul Society the perfect place."

"B-But... I'm still a Hollow."

At this point, Hinata did the most surprising thing of all.

She hugged him.

It all happened at once, it seemed like. Naruto was on his knees, looking at the ground in despair, before Hinata just went up and hugged him directly out of nowhere.

Naruto screamed; he didn't know how to respond, but Hinata shushed him with her words, cooing at him gently as he settled into her embrace. Minato was stunned. They were all stunned. Naruto was completely disabled.

Hinata smiled, the look in her lavender eyes a look of endearment. Her arms were fully wrapped around Naruto, and as she held him, she felt something wet douse the fabric of her robe.

"Is he... crying?" Minato asked himself.

"There, there, Naruto-kun. It's alright... you don't have to do those things anymore..." Hinata told him. Naruto sniffed, tears rushing down his face, before he nodded.

"Thank you... Hinata. I-I'm so... I'm so..." he trailed off, pulling his face from Hinata's chest.

"I'm so HAPPY!" he roared, locking eyes with Hinata. The look on his face was an absolute nightmare, and all of the tears that he had been crying before were gone. He was not crying.

Hinata stood there in shock, as Naruto extended his arm and thrust his powerful fist straight through her chest...

Yeah, I went there.

Translations and Other Features

Segunda Etapa: Ira: Second Stage: Anger

Kiroi Senko: Yellow Flash

Current Espada

1st: Naruto Uzumaki

2nd: Ulquiorra Cifer

3rd: Coyote Starrk

4th: Baraggan Louisenbairn (deceased)

5th: Tia Harribel

6th: Nnoitra Gilga

7th: Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez

8th: Zommari Rureaux (deceased)

9th: Szayel Aporro Granz (deceased)

10th: Yammy Llargo (deceased)

Konoha Association

Namikaze Minato: 5th Division Captain

Uzumaki Kushina: 3rd Division Captain

Jiraiya: 9th Division Captain

Hatake Kakashi: 5th Division Vice-Captain (deceased)

Rin: 3rd Division Vice-Captain (Captain level)

Tsunade: 4th Division Vice-Captain (Captain level)

Sarutobi Hiruzen: Visored

Hyuuga Hinata: 13th Division Vice-Captain (above Vice-Captain level)

Nara Shikamaru: 8th Division 3rd Seat (above Vice-Captain level)

Inuzuka Kiba: 7th Division 4th Seat (Vice-Captain level)

Hyuuga Neji: 6th Division 3rd Seat (above Vice-Captain level)

Yamanaka Ino: 10th Division 3rd Seat (Vice-Captain level)