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Chapter 66: Desastre

The remaining members of the Namikaze family stood there, looking sullen as the three blades set up from Akane's trap impaled their fallen son and brother. It had to be done, to prevent the destruction of the real world.

"It's over... It's finally over. We did it," Minato said. They had saved the real world from succumbing to Naruto's power. He should've felt happy in any other circumstance. So, why didn't he?

"Suerte Siete..."


That one thought of Minato's seemed to be shared by the other two members of his family, and they shared in his dejected bewilderment as they all heard Naruto's voice ring out.

Akane in particular looked the most surprised; she had seen her sure-fire kill swords impact his body. She fell to her knees, a hopeless look plastered across her face. She no longer had enough strength to fight, and could no longer use her Bankai with the amount of reiryoku she had left.

Minato saw how he had survived. The blades had not pierced through Naruto's body at all. Instead, they were pressing harmlessly against a orange reiryoku shield that was wrapped around Naruto's body. The Arrancar himself was unharmed.

"I guess you could call that a good plan. You timed it perfectly; I had no idea I was being lured here to this spot. Yet, the reason you failed to kill me is that you didn't understand that I can create barriers as well..."

Naruto wryly placed a claw on the back end of the first massive blade touching his shield, before he released the Suerte Siete. It conglomerated into small orbs, which then shot off like comets at the family, creating a hailstorm of reiatsu as they cratered the village square.

Minato grabbed the stunned Akane, moving them both out of the way of the wretched hail-fire. Kushina didn't need help getting out of the way; she was already at a safe distance

It was at that point that Minato realized why Naruto had dropped his shield. The Arrancar was moving the first blade up to his right conductor, and Minato thought back to when Naruto had sucked the reiryoku clean from his own sword.

As soon as Naruto touched the blade to his conductor, it went to work, sucking out the massive pool of reiryoku from the long blade. To be embued with the power to kill something like this, Akane must've put so much reiatsu into the blade. Now, their trap had proven to be their undoing, because Naruto now had access to that wealth of power.

When the conductor finished absorbing the reiryoku, Naruto locked his eyeless gaze upon all of them. Minato felt like a stone had been dropped into his stomach when he heard two loud noises, followed by two brief consecutive flashes of light.

Naruto's eighth and ninth tails had been lit with the orange glow on their tips, and were now awakened. The vortex on his stomach was now a pitch-black, not rotating at all.

"El Hueco Perfecto..." Naruto whispered.

The battlefield was silent. Minato was expecting a grand display of reiatsu from Naruto, followed by a powerful attack that they would be hard-pressed to avoid. That was how the other tails had progressed, and how the family had fought up to this point.

To his surprise, there was nothing. Minato couldn't even feel Naruto's suffocating reiatsu anymore. It was like it just ceased to exist.

Naruto wasn't smiling. Instead, he was casting his eyeless gaze upon all three of them, as if he were a predator deciding which prey he should go after first.

"Yes... I think I'll start with the biggest nuisance..." he said, locking eyes with Akane. Minato raised his sword up, his cloud Bankai at his side as always. He had no idea what Naruto was going to do, but they needed to be prepared.


Naruto didn't move. He didn't move one muscle; he was scarcely even breathing any more. That didn't mean that all was well on the battlefield, however.

Somewhere next to Minato, Akane screamed. The man looked down at her in alarm, not understanding what was going on. Her eyes were wide with pain and terror, her mouth open in a scream.

Minato's mind went numb when he saw a gaseous red energy flow out from Akane's mouth. It spread out in the air, but it was moving in the direction of Naruto, who remained completely still.

"No... wait a minute..." Minato thought, his mind working a mile a minute. The red reiryoku was coming from Akane, and from the looks of it, it was being sucked into Naruto's conductors.

Naruto was absorbing the reiryoku from Akane's body... without even touching her. Minato's mind tried to figure out a way to stop the process. He knelt down by his daughter's side, racking his brain for any Kidou that may be able to halt the process.

What was he thinking; there was no way to stop this.

"D-Daddy... m-make it stop!" Akane screamed. It pained Minato to see her in this much pain, but it was about to get worse. Red reiryoku was beginning to leak from every pore in her body. In addition to that, her eyes exploded into blood as reiryoku began to be drawn out from them as well, much to Minato and Kushina's horror.

"No! Not my Akane as well!" Kushina cried, tears streaming down her face. Minato couldn't blame her; she had almost lost all composure when she learned the news of Taiki's death. Seeing her second child die would no doubt break her.

Akane started convulsing when the last of her reiryoku had been drawn out, but that was only the first part of the attack. Her body was withered from the complete lack of reiryoku, and her eyes were bloody holes that were eerily similar to Naruto's own.

She raised an arm desperately, apparently trying anything to stop the pain. However, Minato panicked when he witnessed light-blue particles fly off from Akane's body, the flesh of her arm disappearing as the particles flowed toward Naruto's conductors.

The Primera did not move during the entire ordeal, and he seemed at peace as he absorbed everything from Akane's body. Minato knew what he was doing; he was absorbing her soul. It was her reishi, the very thing that made up her body.

The rest of her body structure collapsed, and in her final moments she stared up at her father, her face in a pleading gesture even as half her body withered away into reishi.

He knelt down before her, activating the only healing Kidou he knew, but it was useless. Akane reached out to touch him one last time, before her entire body withered away into the flow of reishi.

Naruto climbed to his feet as he absorbed Akane's souls, staring down at the dejected parents. He smiled his signature manic grin at them as he finished, panning his "eyes" over from the crying Kushina to the sullen Minato, who stared at him back.

"W-What did you do?" he croaked weakly. Naruto noted with glee that by killing both of his children, he seemed to take all the life and fight from both Minato and Kushina.

"Destrucción. My strongest technique, and the technique I learn once I activate all nine of my tails and awaken El Hueco Perfecto. It is also the basic Hollow technique in existence: stealing a soul..."

Naruto took a few short paces up to them.

"Absorbing reishi from the environment is an ability that every single Hollow possesses, but normally that only applies to the spirit particles from our environment. Any being with a sufficient reiatsu would easily resist being consumed in that manner..." Naruto paused.

"Normally, my own abilities allow me to draw reiryoku from things that make contact with me body or my conductors. However, once I activate El Hueco Perfecto, I can the ability to draw both reiryoku and reishi from any source without even touching the object. This of course includes a physical body..." he said, and he seemed to be mulling over the next part of his speech.

"It is a one-hit kill move. In this state, if I will it, I can absorb your soul itself no matter the strength of your reiatsu. Of course, with beings of high reiatsu such as yourselves, there is a two-minute cooldown period before I can use Destrucción again..."

Minato's stony expression seemed to realize something at that point, and the abomination before them chuckled lowly.

"I'm sure you realize. It has been over two minutes since I've started talking..."

Minato looked over, his eyes wide as Naruto halted once again. The feeling of dèjá-vu fell over him; it was the same prerequisite to when he sucked out Akane's soul.

Minato turned to his wife in concern, seeing her kneeled down at the place where Akane had disintegrated not too long ago. She was mumbling to herself, tears falling down from her red hair. Her head snapped up, and she glared at Naruto with barely restrained hatred.

"YOU MONSTER!" she roared, picking up the blue sword Akane gave her and charging. It was the only piece of her daughter that she had left; she would slay Naruto with it herself, no matter the cost.

Naruto smiled as she got close. The spiral on his stomach and his whirring conductors fell silent once again. Even the liquid reiatsu seemed to stop leaking from his orifices for just a moment.

It was exactly the same, and there was nothing anyone could do stop it. Before Kushina could lop Naruto's head off with her sword, she fell to the ground, coughing and sputtering.

Minato's heart went into panic mode. This was exactly the same as last time. First his daughter, and now his beloved wife. It was too much to take, even for him.

Red reiryoku starting gushing out from Kushina's mouth as she screamed. Her sword clattered to the ground uselessly, as the same red reiryoku started gushing out of every pore in her body as if it were sweat, and began to flow into the spikes upon Naruto's shoulders.

Once he had completely drained Kushina of all her reiryoku, he moved on to absorbing her reishi. Images of Akane's death flashed through Minato's mind as he rushed to rescue his wife, but her entire body was already beginning to disintegrate into spirit particles. By the time he got there, she was already halfway gone.

He picked up what remained of her body. tears streaming down his cheeks. She stared up at him as her body dissolved, smiling lightly at him.

"D-Don't make that f-face, M-Minato. You k-know we h-have to pass on e-eventually. It just l-looks like I'm gonna move on b-before you. Make s-sure you s-stop Naruto. F-For all of our s-sakes..." she whispered.

"B-But, Kushina..." Minato croaked. "I l-love you! We've spent more than three centuries together! I... can't even imagine living my life without you!" Minato blubbered, and Kushina placed a dissolving hand on his face.

"A-And I love you too... B-But, I want you to l-live on, and be h-happy! Don't b-blame yourself! A-Akane and Taiki may be dead, all of our f-friends may be dead, and I w-will be j-joining them soon..." she trailed off, breathing heavily now.

"B-But you will f-find a n-new p-purpose! D-Defeat Naruto and p-pick up the p-pieces left b-behind! I k-know you can do it! You h-have never f-failed before!" Kushina weakly told her beloved husband. Tears were falling down her withered face at this point, as beautiful blue reishi were flying through the air.

Minato regarded her with a tearful smile, which Kushina returned as cheerfully as she could.

"Y-Yeah..." he said softly, as her body drifted away into nothing more than reishi.

He couldn't find it in his heart to tell her the truth.

He couldn't find it in his heart to tell her that he had just two minutes to live.

He also knew that he was probably the last Shinigami now. There was nothing to rebuild.

"Are you finished now?" Naruto asked, absorbing the last stream of blue reishi into his conductors. "You understand now that you're the last one left, dad! Everyone else is dead!"

Minato dried his eyes, climbing to his feet while he regarded the spot where his dying wife lay just seconds ago. There was already nothing left to remember her by.

He slowly reached out, grabbing the blue sword that Kushina had dropped. He caressed the hilt of it softly, lifting it and testing its weight. He pointed it at Naruto.

"Yeah..." "Two minutes..."

"I could just maul you right now and get it over with, but where's the fun in that?! I'll take it slow and help you enjoy your final two minutes alive!" Naruto said, laughing. He held out his hand, creating an orange sword made entirely of reiryoku.

"Let's see if you can even keep up with me holding back this much!" he roared, charging Minato.

"He wants an even fight right before he kills me? What a waste of time. Still, I've got enough pride to go out fighting, so what the hell..."

Minato held out his blade, blocking the strike from Naruto as the two locked blades.

"One minute and forty-five seconds..."

Minato tried to counter, pushing Naruto off him and kicking the Arrancar in the stomach. He felt pain lash up through his leg; the Arrancar's Hierro was super strong in this state.

He struck back with as much ferocity as he could, but he was weak. Though, if there was the slightest inkling of a chance that he could defeat Naruto, he'd take it. Perhaps the Primera's stupidity would be his downfall.

He had to try.

He swung with reckless abandon, disregarding all forms of defense to press the attack. He knew that his body didn't matter at this point, not with under two minutes to live.

"One minute and twenty seconds..."

Naruto leaped back, charging up a Cero.

"Noveno Cero!"

When he released the beam, it soared out for miles on either side, lapping at both of the ruined village's borders as it soared through the air all the way past the ruined gates in the south.

Minato was calm though, and all he had to do is hold his sword out and cut straight through it. Akane's final gift was embued with the power to cut through Naruto's attacks. He could cut a Cero with this special sword.

"One minute..." he thought, looking at the display of the whirling vortex and humming shoulder spikes on Naruto's person. The Primera himself seemed to be keeping track of the time.

The powerful Cero raced by him harmlessly, and Minato crouched low and switched hands with his sword. Naruto fanned his awakened tails in front of him, thrusting three of them down in different places near where Minato stood. Those things were heavier than they looked.

Minato charged as much reiatsu into his sword as he could, holding it aloft as he prepared to stab Naruto.

"Thirty seconds..."

Naruto sidestepped it easily, using Sonido to get directly behind Minato. He used his own sword to try and sweep him underneath his feet and cut his legs off, but Minato leaped over that easily, holding his sword behind his back to block the next strike.

"Fifteen seconds..."

"Now!" Minato roared, putting all his reiatsu and strength into a final two-handed strike that would cut Naruto down. Naruto himself seemed surprised at the ferocity of the attack. It was even faster than he could react.

"Ten seconds! I can do this..." he thought to himself, and slashed down with his final shot. Naruto seemed shocked, and even allowed some fear to enter his features, before his posture relaxed.

"Just kidding..." he said, laughing all the way. When the sword impacted Naruto's torso, it failed to cut through. All of the reiryoku had been drained from the sword.

Minato's mind went numb.

"Of course it would be like this. He was faking it all the way. If he wanted to, he could've drawn the reiryoku from my sword before the fight even started. I'm an idiot..."

Minato was promptly kicked in the stomach, where he flew back ten feet and collapsed into the dirt. He never stood a chance; Naruto's power had been overwhelming from the beginning. That last spat was really nothing more than a symbolic battle.

"He just wanted to drag this out a little longer. For fun. And now there's no time for me..."

"Well, that was fun! You still couldn't do much, though, and all fun things must come to an end! It's been more than two minutes now; I'll treat you to the same death as your wife and daughter, dad!"

Minato saw the shadow of Naruto fall over him, the Primera Espada looking down at him and mocking him as he prepared to end his life.

"At least it will be finally over..." Minato thought. It was better this way; there was nothing left for him in this world.

The man felt a deep pain wrack him to the very core of his body. He opened his mouth to scream, and he saw his bright yellow reiryoku being forced from his system to be added to Naruto's collection.

It was strange. Despite the intense pain, the more prominent feeling of his body turning to reishi took over. He didn't know how to describe, but it was a deep, nagging feeling that took over after Naruto had finished taking all his reiryoku.

As his body disintegrated, the final thing that Minato was the fierce, unapologetic grin of the creature that Minato had once called son. He turned away in his final moment, before his soul was stolen and everything went black.

Thus, Namikaze Minato died.

Naruto was sitting upon the ruined Hokage tower when he realized that there were no humans in sight. This place had been long since abandoned, which meant there was no real purpose for him here anymore. He always knew that he would leave all traces of his connection to Konoha behind one day, and move on.

Right now, he could say that there was no one alive to tie him to Konoha anymore.

The Primera had remained in his Resurrección: Segunda Etapa even after the battle, though he supposed there was no reason. It felt more natural this way, though he could without a doubt return to his sealed state at any time.

Naruto stared at the sky. Although he couldn't see the portal, he could sense its connection to Soul Society and Hueco Mundo all throughout the fight with his family.

Now that some time had passed, he could no longer sense that same connection in the sky. It was pretty obvious that both of the other realms had been fully merged into the real world some time ago. Perhaps it had happened during the fight with his family, because Naruto couldn't pinpoint the exact moment when.

Soul Society and Hueco Mundo were no more, in more ways than one. There was no way for any Shinigami or Hollow to have survived the reformation of one realm, unless they managed to escape into the portal like he did before their world collapsed.

Considering no one knew what was going on, that was unlikely.

All three realms had reformed into one, but there would be no remnants of Soul Society or Hueco Mundo in the real world. All of the Shinigami were dead, all of the Hollow in Hueco Mundo were dead, and there was no carryover effect of anything else from either world. Of course, as long as humans existed, so would Hollows. They would no doubt appear again before long.

On the other hand, the Shinigami were well and truly wiped out.

Naruto jumped down from the balcony of the Hokage tower, touching down upon the streets of the village. It was time for him to leave this place for good, both physically and in his memories.

It was time for him to move on, and see what would happen without any Shinigami.

After all, he had the entire real world to explore...

So ends Amenaza!

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