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Scarlet Ambiguity – Answering the reviews


And so, Scarlet Ambiguity is over, but since I got so many absolutely amazing reviews, I decided to make this kinda-omake to answer my, dare I say it, fans?

God, just the thought of having fans makes me go all giddy! Hihi – ok, ignore the fangirl moment xD

Moving on…

So, starting with something a lot of you guys will want to know, and because I'm pretty sure most of you'll just read the first few lines and then close the page, I give you guys an official announcement!


Important: Dear fans, after these few following weeks in which I have exams, I'll start working on a sequel—length unknown—for SA!

Good news right?

I'll keep you guys posted about it, just add me in msn or facebook or sth…

Anyway, now that you guys are all going omg, let's fastforward to when you start posting the story, I'll be answering the lovely reviews I got—and now gimme a sec, I need to click the previous button on media player 'cause I wanna listen to Uprising by Muse again =P

Ok, sidenote apart, now come the shoutouts and answers to reviews, and I'll also be talking about the plot of the story a little 'cause one of my reviews got a little confused with the time-line in the last chapter…

Shoutouts to:

C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only, shai-duck,

Chantrea Moonbeam, gawashere,

Twisted Musalih, Nameless Blossom,

Taichi09, FuryanWarrior,

nakenochny, guilty innocence101,

nicthepunk, Sakura's Indecision,

Kaze and Kiba and DivineSunSHiNE.!



Answering the reviews:

To C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only, nah, Sasuke's self-denial doesn't start, it's more like it's becoming a lot more evident to everyone else that he's in self-denial haha as for Sakura, having her end up pregnant would be way too... done. I mean, nothing against her getting pregnant or anything, but the end up pregnant after a steamy tango between the sheets is way too overdone, so, nope, Sakura isn't gonna end up pregnant just like that.

Besides, c'mon people, Sakura's a talented medic, it's only logic that she'd be protected so she wouldn't end up pregnant, after all, what'd happen if she somehow got raped by an enemy? She's a high-ranked ninja, so she's protected to all and any scenarios.


To shai-duck, your words were very flattering, so, I bow in thanks!

When I read something, I like unexpected things, if you read something and you end up knowing how it's gonna end when you start the fun in reading disappears, so I try to make things interesting!

I'm glad you thought the ending was fitting, you're one of the few that didn't ask for a sequel, so I'm gonna ask your advice, I'm planning on writing a sequel, but is it something I should do?

Anyway, thanks for the awesome review, and as for Sasuke's deepest darkest secret, the way I see it, Sasuke's love for Sakura is something he'd want to erase from his being completely, considering his personality, since, the way he sees it, positive feeling and emotions like friendship and love bring weekness.


To Chantrea Moonbeam, I made an open ending 'cause that way it always leaves something up to the imagination of the reader, but I also know how it always leaves us wanting more—yeah, your unconscious mind is probably trying to find the genie in the lamp to have him make me write a sequel xD

By the way, and it feels like I keep saying this, I'm glad you like the way I write, I worked—and still do—really hard to make what I write as good as I possibly can!


To Taichi09, let me start with huge OMG I loved you review! It made me grin like an idiot… it still does every time I re-read it haha =D

The happily-ever-after ending is way overused, besides kids, who believes in everything-is-perfect things? Life's a bitch and nothing's perfect, and since that's something I believe in, I couldn't end SA with the classic fairy tale ending. I'm really happy you like my writing and thing I did a good job keeping their personalities true to the originals, it's a major ego boost! =P

Anyway, if you miss me, just add me on msn! My email's on my profile page!

By the way, Sasuke wasn't the one to leave, Sakura was the one who left!

Oh, and… no! I don't know about the pelicans from outer space! =O


To FuryanWarrior, and again, it makes me so immensely happy when you guys tell me how much you like what I write! =D

I am thinking of making a sequel, not right away, but I did leave the ending pretty open, so I'll make something, and really, ideas is something I absolutely don't lack xD


To nakenochny, nyahaha, I'm not telling you what happens next xD

Tee-hee, you'll just have to wait 'til I get around to writing it haha


To guilty innocence101, oh my dear Buddha, your review left me absolutely speechless and feeling all emotional and giddy and fluttery… I don't even know what to say without saying the same things over and over again, but even so, thank you, what you said really means a lot!

I do put a lot in my writing, I try to be the best I can be, and that you think so highly of it to the point of saying I could an author, well, that just left me feeling all mushy and… awed I guess, 'cause… well, I wouldn't mind writing a book—or several—someday, that way a lot more people could enjoy what I imagine and put into paper! (^.^)

That goes without saying, the most important thing to me, besides writing something decent, is for those who read it to enjoy it! I couldn't not reply to my reviewers!

Lastly, I feel really flattered that you liked the story so much you read it again and rated it so highly! Again, thank you!


To Sakura's Indecision, calling those chapters a lemon doesn't degrade, the work is used as a classifier, and most of my story fits in the category, so don't worry about it! =D

Yeah, the apocalypse is coming for Sasuke to let out his love for Sakura, but let's give him some credit, the mission in that brothel-like-club, the pain, the monster, then the naked tango, more pain, getting healed, falling asleep, dreamlike scenarios… I think I couldn't make it hahaha, so let's give him a break for saying whatever he feels on his dreams xD


To DivineSunSHiNE., oh man, your review totally made me laugh! In comes a dramamtic "NOOOO!" haha

But now seriously, and really, keep your shit together =O 'cause….

Well, 'cause…. I will be doing a sequel! =D

So, really, keep me on the radar! /(^3^)\

And lastly…


To Kaze and Kiba, my god, I don't even know where to start! Your reviews—4 in 1 day, man I was so freakin' happy—were all amazing!

I'll start with this, no, I absolutely don't mind you pointing out about the boots/shoes mishap, it just goes to show how into the story you were! I'm actually thankful you pointed it out, I'm gonna fix that as soon as I stop being stressed because of exams and shit, those little things get on my nerves too, so, thanks!

Yay to me, nobody died xD

Ok, don't mind the random randomness above… --"

Seriously though, I'm glad you liked my Sasuke, he's very challenging to write, but it's fun to make myself see the world from his point of view for a while =P

You know, I think I will have Sasuke stalking Sakura in the sequel hahaha, that'd be fun, especially if Suigetsu tags along without really knowing Sasuke's actually stalking someone… haha, I just got myself a nice mental image for a random scene—don't tell anyone though xD

As a sidenote, don't worry about the reading lemons thing, I'm not gonna judge anyone for reading something spicy—we're all adults here… well, I think, but anyway, there's nothing wrong with reading something that involves the naked tango! Hahaha

Anyway, I'll have to go check out your stories =P and I'll make sure to review too (^w^)

And now, the last part of this Authors' Note thingy, because one of my reviewers asked me to, here's a short resume of what happened in the last chapter… I know that sometimes timeskips can be confusing so I don't mind doing this! ^.^



The final chapter in less words:

Still in the mission timeline, we have Sasuke and Sakura sharing a tender moment of love, clinging to one another as tightly as possible. Upon reaching his climax, Sasuke reveals his deepest, darkest secret.

A little while later, we have Sasuke, more than half-asleep on the bed, ignoring his rational mind that told him it wasn's a dream, as Sakura leaves a light and biter kiss on his lips as she whisper that her love for him will never stop.

One of her tears falls on his cheek, and something inside of him breaks—even though he refuses to admit it even to himself.

When he wakes up, he wakes up alone, with everything in the room screaming that no one was there, the only proof it had been real was that he wasn't in his room.


In the future, we have Sasuke waking up in a jolt in his bed in a nice little port village, he gets up, not in a very good mood. The sun is rising, and as the scent of cherry blossoms is carried by the wind, he curses.

After that, he forces himself under the freezing cold water of the shower, not even bothering to take his clothes off until his body starts to numb—regardless of what he did, his thoughts kept being consumed by Sakura.

Shower over, it's revealed that Sasuke has come to hate routines as he walks through the village, cursing Sakura to hell. But then back 'cause hell would be too far away.

Lastly, we see him walking through the streets towards the port with Suigetsu. They slightly antagonize each other with words—from Sasuke—and insults—from Suigetsu—until Sasuke freezes upon seeing something at the port.

Suigetsu tries to get him out of his daze unsuccessfully.

The last thing we're given to know is that Sasuke's only coherent thought is fuck my life.



I'll end things here, for now 'cause if someone else reviews I'll most likely answer them here, but aanyway…

As for the sequel, the only thing I'll say is that, of course, there'll be no clichéd overused plots, you can count on it! =P