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Light's Last Gasp
Chapter Six: New Additions

Naruto could only gnash his teeth in annoyance as he endured the trials of his sensei. It had been almost a month since the crazed woman had moved in, and if he had thought things had been strange before...

First, she had almost laid claim to the master bedroom, his bedroom, but a quick set of threatening hisses from Murasaki and Sorairo had quickly made her re-think her sleeping arrangements...

It seemed the two hybrids liked the bed...

Then came the almost total domination of his kitchen, changing things from his ramen, and now meat, diet, to one almost totally of dango, though he was always good about hiding away his own little stashes of food.

His time in this village demanded nothing less.

Then came the training...or as she liked to call it, play time.

His taijutsu was something that was almost constantly being honed, as it, along with her snake based jutsu, seemed to be her favorite. Then came the chakra control exercises, something that was so utterly sadistic that had him truly wondering who was the true head of torture and interrogation division.

It had initially started with the leaf floating exercise, a simple enough thing where one held bits of vegetation to one's body using the chakra. From there it had grown to try to hold on entire branches something that was far more taxing is required more chakra over time, however it soon progressed to trying to hold on kunai while moving at high speeds thanks to said summons.

It had only gotten worse from there as she had made him learn how to stop incoming senbon using small micro-pulses of his chakra.

He had more than a few puncture marks to show he had a long way to go...

Truly though, this form of training had been helping him a great deal, although it led to his current, and most frustrating, training to date. She was trying to help him learn to use his new clones, however it seems for every step forward he actually made he took two steps back.

For instance when molding the chakra shell he was having no problems, however the elemental aspects of it were still eluding him.

The duo had poured over the scroll and to his knowledge he was doing everything correctly, for the water clone he was supposed to envision his chakra moving like water about him initially something that was a difficult task however after Anko had dunked him in the river half a dozen times he'd started to understand how the water would flow about him.

Funny how a fish running into your head would tend to do that.

Still, she wasn't the only one starting to get frustrated, he'd been at this for three days already and yet still there is absolutely no progress. The shell would form just fine but the second he started to draw water up into it the fluid would spasm erratically before exploding in a shower of droplets.

Finally the teen had enough, with a frustrated growl he tossed the scroll over his shoulder and made to stomp back to the house when a hand grabbed him by the back of his shirt and dragged him back to the training ground, "And where the fuck do you think you're goin'!"

"I've had enough of this shit! I'm not making any progress at all! The old man said I had an affinity for water, but nothing's happening! Can't we go back to taijutsu? That was something I was actually good at! Or maybe some other kind of ninjutsu? Why does it have to be the water clone! I suck at clones!"

"That's exactly what I'm trying to fix you little brat! But you can't even focus for three seconds! Take a page from your little friends, they don't seem to have any problem whatsoever watching you, just sitting there, staring, all damn day!"

"That's because they actually like me! You're just using me for your Jonin promotion!"

Anko could only stare at him through narrowed eyes, "Is that why you think I'm wasting my time here you little shit! I could have awaited the two fucking months in order to be able to pass my trials! I know this is hard I know it's frustrating, but don't take it out on me, it's not my fault." That made the blond flinch, he had a bad habit of snapping like this when his progress slowed to a halt, he knew it, she knew it, he just had to learn to control it... "Now walk me through it. Tell me what you think you might be doing wrong."

Naruto took a shaky breath to steady his nerves, and slowly began to go through it step-by-step. Anko listened patiently mentally reviewing the steps in our own head, from the sound of it everything was going perfectly, there is absolutely no reason why, especially with his chakra stores, that he wasn't producing at the very least one clone, "Well you're right,' that earned her strange look, 'you're not doing anything wrong. I think we might have to go see the old man."

That made the blond teen perk up considerably, while he knew that the old man had been watching him through his globe beyond that he hadn't had much interaction with the elderly leader, "You really think he'll be able to help us sensei?"

"Well, it certainly couldn't hurt."

For the Hokage it was business as usual, and that means paperwork, loads and loads of paperwork. He hadn't even had time to check in on Naruto's progress yet, although he knew that the duo had yet to take on any missions. He was being more than a little forgiving with them given the fact that they were only a two-man team. He knew that the blond have a lot more trouble with missions on when the time came, therefore is important to get him as much training as possible. However from what he'd been seeing Naruto still struggling with the clone jutsu.

For the life of him he couldn't understand it any better than Naruto's sensei. That was the very scroll that he himself had learned the Water Clone Jutsu from, the only time he'd seen anything like this before was when a ninja had tried to use a clone of the elements of the hadn't trained in, however Naruto's affinity for the element should have negated any trouble like that.

A part of him was wandering if his symbiont hadn't played a part in this...

That was something that was truly disturbing to the old fire shadow, he knew this creature was having a great impact on Naruto's physiology, however if it could go so deep as to influence even his basic affinities then just how much further would go?

Sarutobi felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle slightly as chakra filled the air, two hands were at war with them, the first happy to have any distraction that could get him out of his paperwork, the second because every few ever shunshin directly into his office. Quickly the elderly leader sorted his paperwork and steepled his fingers before his mouth to give the impression that he'd known there coming along.

The small puff of smoke cleared to show that the teen who had been on his mind most of the morning had appeared before his desk, slightly above the teen with a hand on his shoulder was his sensei, the two looking more than a little irked at having to be pulled away for this, "Hey Old Man! I think I got a little problem here."

"Yes, I did see you struggling, and much like your sensei it seems as though you're doing everything properly… I've been doing my best to figure out what could be going on, and truly the only thing I can think of is that your affinities have somehow changed… Naruto would you do me a favor and try the paper test once more?"

" Well yeah I don't see any problem with it, I mean it's just a little bit of chakra…"

" Now Naruto one thing you must learn is never to accept of this test quite so easily, it does give quite a bit of information away about your capabilities. If, for example, someone knew you had an affinity for water than they would know to use lightning against you, as that would be your natural weakness."

The teen just looked at him with slightly wide eyes for a moment before nodding vigorously, "Geez never thought of it like that. Thanks for warning me!"

"Think nothing of it my boy, now for the paper, and if I'm right it means you're… little friend has a larger influence on you than I could've ever imagined."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly in shock, though the previous revulsion that he once felt at the thought was strangely absent, it seems his proximity with the two girls were having a greater influence on him when he realized.

Even if Anko and Sarutobi knew better.

After a moment of rummaging in the desk the Hokage came back with the little stack of papers, Naruto quickly plucking one off of the top before shunting a small pulse of chakra into it.

For a second the paper just seemed to shudder, the three ninja watching it with some small trepidation, before them something was occurring that simply shouldn't be possible.

The paper had a strange mist forming as Naruto's fingers began to pale slightly, the boy let out a sharp hiss as he dropped the paper shaking his hand vigorously, "It-it's cold!" The two older ninja only look on in shock as the paper was steadily paling, small crystals of frost forming around the edges as a cold fog began to drift from it, slowly spreading across the floor. However before the elderly fire shadow could comment on it the piece of paper simply dissolved into vapors.

Sarutobi looked on with horror as the rising vapors steadily ate a hole in the side of his desk. The trio taking a sharp step back, more than a little weary of what could be coming from that bit of paper next, the Hokage stared blankly at the boy for several long moments before smirking slightly, "Well Naruto… you certainly are surprising one, aren't you?"

"I-I don't understand Old Man, I thought I had water, fire and air?"

"It seems, my boy, my suspicions were correct from what I can tell your water and air combined to create some form of a cold based affinity, as to the other I can only guess however perhaps it is something to do with how your blood is changed."

The youth could only stare the gaping hole in the desk for several long moments before his eyes drifted from his sensei back to his leader, he thought having the wind element was bad enough, there being only two people on the whole of the village to possess it. However it never once heard of anyone having an affinity for ice or at least some other form cold, perhaps it was snow… he had no way of knowing.

"Well brat, seems our clone training is come to an end, if the Hokage doesn't have a clue then that's something were going to have to try and train later. Anyway, your bodies up to snuff, well at least for a genin… however now you're in for some real trouble, because now I'm going to get you up to my level."

Naruto started to sweat.

Anko's grin turned feral, "Now that's the look… I've been waiting for…"

Naruto's at home life was something of a… precarious situation.

Firstly his new roommate, although now that he thought about it he supposed that he actually had three of them, were at his side almost constantly whenever he was home, however his new sensei had a number of rather unique habits.

Chiefly among them was her addiction to the odd little dumpling dish that, she at least, proclaimed was the greatest food on earth, he of course thought that she was completely insane, after all who could ever denounce the deliciousness that was ramen.

That thought made him pause slightly, he'd noticed it almost a week ago, he found himself using more and more complicated words, as though his vocabulary was steadily growing in ways that he couldn't understand, after all he hadn't been reading any more than he normally had.

Although it might have had something to do with the book he was using to teach Murasaki from.

Naruto shook his head slightly to clear it of the stray thought, that was another thing he caught himself doing time and again these days, his mind wandering onto these two strange women that seem so interested in him.

Though he quickly had to set boundaries when the duo had tried to shower with him one morning, it hadn't ended well, he was pretty sure only woman could make such a squeal, although he actually had never heard one of them make such a noise before.

He is pretty damn sure that Anko would never squeal…

Though he had heard her cackle quite a few times, usually when she was getting the bucket of water to...help him wake up in the morning.

Although he was pretty sure that the strangest habit his new sensei exhibited around him was her tendency to throw wooden skewers into walls, trees, and occasionally himself, in new and strange patterns, though the one she was fondest of was Hidden Leaf symbol.

He was still picking splinters out of his ass…

Both Murasaki and Sorairo were quick to come to his aid each time however, with a quick bark he had them backing off, he certainly didn't want them killing his new sensei…

Although it was more likely that those two would end up dead at her hand he supposed.

Once more he cursed himself, his mind drifting back to the two, it seemed no matter how much he tried he couldn't focuses days unless it had something to do with them. He was seriously starting to wonder just how deep this connection with the two went, and what it might be like once their hive had grown.

Although at the same time a part of him was truly looking forward to this, after all, he had always wanted a big family…

However, before he could truly start thinking about expansion, he had to get them to fully understand his language. However, this was something that was coming much, much faster than he had ever thought possible. It seemed that where Murasaki might learn one word Sorairo would learn the other, and then after a few moments of staring into one another's eyes, once more in silent communication, they would both have it down.

It had only taken them two weeks to get the basics of the language down, now he was simply working on trying to get them to understand the subtleties of it, namely things such as slang, and metaphors.

Although that was somewhat amusing, for him at least, as he himself didn't understand every little trick of his own language.

For example, now that Anko was of his life he had to learn a whole new side of the language, the female side. As quite often he had to hear her ranting about one of the men in the village thinking that she was an easy lay, something he didn't really understand. Although it obviously had something to do with sex that was still something that was years beyond him, at least he suspected years beyond them given the way that the villagers were.

Most especially the way that Sakura-chan had treated him…

That was another issue he was having, anytime his mind would drift to the pinkette his thoughts would then be flooded with a collage of images of his abuses at her hands. He knew it wasn't something that the duo were doing on purpose, at least he was hoping they weren't...

There he went again…

However, this was something he truly had to be careful of, there was already one man in the village missing a hand, he didn't want to think of what would happen should the two really cut loose on a revenge spree.

Anko, however, had thought that the whole situation was hilarious, apparently she had her own fair share of ass holes within the village make comments or try and take advantage of her, so hearing about one of them getting a taste of their own medicine had been a true treat for her.

In fact she had been so happy, she found herself actually hugging the purple haired… woman. Something that Murasaki found rather… odd to be sure. However after a stiff moment the woman had returned with a smile, it seemed even with this relative stranger there were more than happy to be social.

Since that incident in the Hokage's office Anko had been doing her best to trying get along, it seemed she truly felt sorry for the way that she had acted there, something he was quite thankful for, as he really didn't want to be looking over his shoulder constantly to see if they were trying to kill each other.

Although he could only imagine what was going to happen when those eggs hatched…

Speaking of, it seemed that the eggs finally reached, what he supposed, was a normal size. At least they were the size of the one that he pulled from the scroll. He was already starting to get flashes from Murasaki about the strange spiderlike creatures clamping onto more people not unlike what happened with Mizuki.

He was always quick to send pictures back, showing the eggs either still intact or at the most the little creatures being on animals, something she didn't seem to mind.

"Naruto-kun…" the teen stiffened slightly as the set of hands slithered around his midsection, a hot puff of breath dancing over the back of his neck, making a shiver dance of the blonds spine.

This was what was really taking time for him to get used to, the proximity, the closeness, intimacy, these are all things new and alien to him. Although he wouldn't trade them for the world.

"Murasaki-chan…" he was quick to send a small pulse of images to her, trying to convey a question, what it was that she needed, as it was still rather early in the evening for any of them to go to bed, despite how tired he may have been.

"Naruto-kun…hungry, want eat?"

That was another thing, it seemed as though she wasn't wanting to cuddle, watch him, or be near the eggs she was hungry.

He turned his head slightly to give the purple haired woman a small smile, "Yes Murasaki-chan, I would like to eat, thank you for asking." The hybrid woman gave him a beaming grin before her arms squeeze tighter around his middle and started pulling him out of the room. He was quick to try and slow her down, digging his heels of the carpet. "Now Murasaki, what did I tell you about dragging people…"

The woman seemed to deflate slightly as she let her arms unwind from, her ruby eyes downcast as she looked somewhat sheepish, "Don't..."

"Sometimes is okay, just not all the time. Where's Sorairo?"

Quickly a flood of images filled his mind, showing the two of them watching Naruto earlier while he trained, then showing the blue haired woman running through the forest once more, seemingly intent to try and take down a deer this time rather than the typical tiger, for some reason they'd been avoiding them for the last couple weeks, as though they had something bigger planned for them.

The stream of pictures seem to catch up with real-time however, showing the guardian dragging a carcass back to the house already, and being met by Anko who was quick to stop the girl from dragging it into the kitchen like with their other kills.

Naruto smiled and gave a curt nod to the Queen before taking her hand gently and his leading her out of the room.

Seems he had a bit more work to do before they sit down to a nice meal.

Anko had to admit that she'd certainly stayed in worse places in her time, in fact the company was rather nice to have once she had gotten used to it, she quickly understood why Naruto liked having the other two around, coming home to a house that wasn't empty every day was actually something she had never had the chance to appreciate herself, having lost her parents of a young age.

After that she had thrust herself in the training, intent on becoming a strong as possible so that others may not lose their parents like she had, the two having been killed in a mission outside of the village, something that was apparently considered a black-op as she had never found out the true details behind their deaths.

Still the two were quite odd, always seeming to cling to the blond as though he were some form of lifeline, that or maybe they were just that grabby…

Although it happened to her once in a while as well, she'd be sitting on the couch reading a book or watching TV when one of them would simply seemed to appear next to her, the large, cruelly bladed tail wrapping around her midsection to pull her closer, the oddly soft, yet incredibly tough chitinous arms wrapping around her shoulders to ensure that she couldn't get away. The woman utterly content to bask in the closeness.

Was a bit unnerving.…

Still, it seemed that so long as she didn't try and obviously hurt Naruto, at least in a malicious way, the two didn't take much exception to her, sometimes even completely ignoring her presence, usually when one of the two was trying to vie for Naruto's attentions.

Though she could hardly blame them, apparently the boy was supposed to be their King, although how that was actually going to work was a bit beyond her, as far as she could tell the only one that truly listen to anyone there was Sorairo, and she only specifically listen to Murasaki, and Murasaki that would be the one to listen to any of Naruto suggestions, although sometimes they were just that, suggestions.

Shaking her head slightly she decided to put the thoughts out of her head, she had to deal with him most of the day anyway , why have him invade her downtime. Although living under the same roof it was certainly hard to ignore the trio.

Although she had to admit it was nice having three meals every day, even if it wasn't dango…

Still, she was quite unnerved at the potential as to what these things could do, she had seen the eggs, only once, as the two… creatures had gotten incredibly defensive when they felt her getting too close to them. Though understandable she supposed, after all if they were the only two left, then the small clutch of eggs was potentially the only hope of continuing the race, as strange or horrific as it may have been.

She had to admit, the idea of having something punch its way out of your chest after having been laid there by one of these…creatures was truly horrifying to her.

And she worked in the torture division…

She had just stopped the blue haired one from dragging in another dead body, the blood was a serious pain in the ass to get out of the tile, and quickly, as though summoned by her thoughts, the blond and her fellow purple haired woman appeared at the back door and quickly started dressing what appeared to be a dear, any hope of salvaging the hide was long gone.

Long, cruel lacerations ran down its flanks from where apparently Sorairo had made attempts to grab it and apparently had been tossed off by the mad animal's apparent flight, however one clean puncture mark at the beasts back a bit wider than her hand showed where the bladed tail had pierced it, neatly bisecting the heart, if she had to guess.

"Well brat I'll say one thing for the beasts, they know how to hunt!"

Naruto seemed to bristle slightly, his two girls stiffening as well, "Sensei what have I told you about calling them that…"

The special jonin gave a slight shrug, "Hey, anything that can take a deer with his bare hands gets upgraded to the 'beast' category. How do you think Gai got his nickname?"

Naruto had no clue who this 'Gai' was, however he had a feeling he never wanted to fight him. "Still, I'd prefer it if you didn't call them that, they are learning, they haven't hurt anyone in quite some time, they're even speaking better every day. So please try, I would really appreciate it if you could all get along."

That made Anko arch an eyebrow, he'd been trying for quite some time to get them on better terms, ever since that disastrous first encounter in the office, and she really had been making great strides, however it seemed most of the time her little jabs, her attempts to joke were taken completely at their face value, something she was really having trouble wrapping her brain around…

Had the boy never heard of teasing? Sarcasm?

"Ok kid, you really need to lighten up...I'm messing with you, do you get that?"

Naruto gave something of a half shrug, one hand working with surprising efficiency at slicing sections of meat from the deer...with his bare hands...

Claws seemed to be a bit sharper than she thought, she'd have to adjust his taijutsu accordingly...

Still, despite how grizzly the task actually was he was setting about it with an almost disturbing ease, as though it was something he had been doing a thousand times. "Naruto, why isn't this grossing you out?"

The boy just arched an eyebrow at her before thumbing the girl next to him, Sorairo just cocked her head slightly before giving a rather serene smile, not seeming to care in the slightest that she was covered in gore. "Trust me sensei, with what I've seen from their memories...I don't think the sight of someone being bisected would even make me flinch."

The to-be-jonin gave the teen a slight nod, she had seen the effects of this strange form of communication firsthand, the three were about to relay a whole day's worth of experience in the same amount of time it would take someone else to tell you what they had for lunch, really, their potential was rather frightening, and this was only three with such an ability, what would happen should this 'family' grow? The ability to link their minds like that war perfect for espionage, for learning jutsu and leading assaults.

More so, the ones that were 'human' could use chakra by the way they were clinging to surfaces in the forests, so wouldn't that mean that they could learn ninjutsu all the faster? And with their linking minds would genjutsu effect them at all? Or worse, could it actually effect all of them at once?

Shrugging she put it out of her mind, just one more thing to be addressed in training. For now they had to finish getting this meat sorted before it was ruined, then finally get a bit of dango...

Hmm...venison dango, would that even work?

It had been another week for the fledgling student and teacher duo, one fill with more frustrations that an outsider may realize.

Chiefly among those problems was Naruto's struggles with his new affinities, no matter how much they dug in the library, no matter how hard they tried to draw on these unique elements, it seemed to be utterly futile.

first Anko had gone to see one of the few in the village she knew that possessed the wind affinity, a jonin by the name of Asuma. They were a bit surprised to learn that he was actually the son of the Hokage, apparently he had been out of the village since the death of his sister, needing some time away from memories, and took the opportunity to train with the twelve court guards that served the Fire Lord, having only returned about a week before the final exams.

Problem was the man didn't have any real idea as to how to help. With water you had to flow, and with wind you had to feel a degree of freedom. Where water would take form, wind fought it tooth and nail, only allowing itself to be sharpened and directed, it was one reason that there were no wind clones.

But the concept of combining water and wind? Order and chaos? No, he couldn't be of much use...

Then had come the new...additions...to the family.

Naruto had finally learned why the girls hadn't been killing any of the tigers these past days, seems that some of them had given birth recently...and they didn't want to...deplete the population.

No, instead they had waited for the cubs to at least be of a certain age, then had snatched a few of them from their parents.

Five to be precise...

Naruto had only found out about what had happened that evening when they did their 'normal' exchange of the day's events. Far too late for him to have stopped them. Two days later the teen was awoken by a thoroughly excited Murasaki bouncing on the bed, quickly causing the genin to leap from the warm cocoon with a blade in hand, searching for an attacker.

Only to have Murasaki push a strange snake like creature into arms, one a bit longer than his arm.

It took him several long moments of staring at the creature for his sleep addled brain to process what it was that he was really looking at.

Another of the monsters from their shared memories, the ones that would come from the hosts, the smaller babies that would grow into the proper warriors and drones in a very short time. "Mu-Murasaki?"


The blond gave the violet haired girl a strange look, but her expression didn't change from the grin she bore. After several long moments of shock on his part he started to see where she was coming from. From the few books he had managed to show her she had quickly associated their household with the various families, even the basics book he had been teaching the duo from had a premise of family to it, teaching you how to read words like 'mother' and 'father'.

However, that did lead to her quickly making associations for them all. Murasaki was of course 'Momma' and now it seems that he had become the 'Daddy' though he had no idea how she saw Sorairo or Anko. Much to Naruto's surprise the little creature in his hands wasn't flailing about or trying to escape like he had seen in many of the memories, but instead it seems to be...mewing? Purring?

Oh...right...tiger cubs...seems like they were already starting to take on the traits of their hosts...

"Um...Murasaki...not that I really mind, but could you be careful about calling me that around Anko-sensei..."

She cocked her head at that, "Why Naruto? You father! Family get big!"

He smiled as he placed a hand on her shoulder, the 'newborn' slithering down his arm and curling around her neck, earning a giggle from the 'woman' "Yes Murasaki, our family is growing, I just hope that Anko's ready for what this could mean..."

It had been years since this had last happened to her...

She thought she had outgrown it...

Her eye twitch...


It was Naruto's turn to twitch.

"You're now the proud father of five...kids?"


"And...what...now you can't train? You have to be a dad?"

Naruto just quirked an eyebrow, "Sensei...I know I haven't told you much about what's happening with me, but I thought that Ibiki-sensei had given you the files on what I had told him..."

"Yes, but these...things, they're not like the ones from your memories."

Naruto gave the jonin a small, nervous smile as he scratched his head, "Well...yes...Murasaki and Sorairo are special...but you need to understand something sensei, their kind very a great deal depending on what the host is."

Anko just gave him another odd look, "So, what, if they come out of a puppy then they'll be cute little fuzzy things?"

That made him laugh aloud, "Seriously? No...but they would likely be faster, and the jaws would probably be different..."

"And these...new additions...what did they come from?"

He gave her another wide grin, "Tigers!"

The young woman could only pale slightly, if the ones that came out of people made things like those two...who were faster, stronger, and possessed those claws, that tail, and probably the same blood like Naruto, not to mention that mental link...what would ones that came out of those monsters from the forest be like? "And...they're safe...right.."

He just waved her off, "As safe as Murasaki."

Anko could only shake her head, this was the same girl that had cut off a hand in the marketplace...and who would hunt so freely in the forest of death, to the point that they had the gall to take five cubs from the tigers?

Oh dear...

"They'll only need a few days to finish maturing from what I understand, then maybe we can all start training together!"

Naruto's grin was infectious...however, for his sensei she could only feel a small chill run up her spine...from birth to full grown in only five days? And now he wanted to train with them?

Looks like she had a few favors to call in...she could only hope Tsume still remembered that favor she owed her...