Off to the Castle

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Alice stood off to the side while Ace quickly set up the tent; it had taken a few minutes before Alice was calm enough for Ace to pry away from her. Her breathing had calmed down slightly, she could see her breath since it had cooled significantly and quickly, tears continued streak down her cheeks. She couldn't control them anymore.

"Alice?" Ace poked his head out of the tent; she quickly walked over placing her hand in his out stretched one. She ducked her head as she entered looking over to see one bed area made up with two sleeping bags.

"Ace I'm really not in the mood for your antics tonight" Alice sighed as he dragged her down to sit next to him, he removed his coat.

"It's very cold out Alice" He wrapped his coat around her shoulders then pulled back the covers and slipped under holding them up for Alice to join.

"Thanks." She was shocked by his kindness

"So why are you crying?" He leaned in close, looking innocently into her eyes.

"Oh it's nothing" Alice wiped at her face, sniffling slightly; she tried to forget about Blood.

"Well if that's the case then" He gave a sly smile, he leaned over, Alice clamped her eyes shut scared she was going to be forced to kiss another man, instead she felt Ace wrap his arms around her waist and his head pressed against her chest.

"I love that sound" Ace sighed as Alice opened her eyes slowly; she lifted her hand to rest against his head, sifting through Ace's hair while he listened contently to her heart beat. Alice felt comforted by Ace's sweet actions; slowly she was able to drift to sleep


Alice felt someone breathing on her neck; it woke her up from her slumber. She flinched when the sun reached her eyes "It must be afternoon" She mumbled, turning to find Ace still had his arms around her, his nose nuzzled in her neck "Ace"

"Yes Alice" he mumbled sleepily.

"Let go please" Now that she had calmed down from the night before she felt the familiar twinge of irritation

"Awe you didn't seem to mind it last night" He whined before his eyes got dark "Which was great by the way, best night of my life, let's do it again sometime" He whispered seductively in her ear. Alice felt her face heat up before she pushed Ace off of her storming out of the tent "Wait Alice" Ace called out "My jacket!"

Alice didn't listen to him she headed straight back to the Clock Tower "Julius I'm back!" Alice called out walking up stairs to his office. He sat at his desk hunched over a clock. He looked up momentarily "Where have you been?"

"I was at the Hatter's Mansion" Julius looked shocked.

"I thought you and Blood weren't on speaking terms"

Alice's face heated up thinking of the bath "We're not, and I'm even angrier at him now!" She yelled accidentally. Julius flinched at first but then scrutinized Alice's current appearance "Isn't that Ace's jacket?"

Alice quickly pulled it off "Yes" she replied, Julius waited for more of an explanation but when she didn't offer one he mentally shrugged it off "After you've cleaned up would you mind making me some coffee?" His gaze returned to his work.

"Sure" Alice left his office, she took a quick bath and changed, then went into the kitchen and put on the stove boiling the water and pouring out the coffee "Here you go" Alice said as she re-entered his office.

"Thank you" Alice sat in the seat next to Julius watching his rhythmic movements "So would you like to tell me what happened at the Hatters that angered you further?"

Alice smiled, glad that he didn't expect her to tell him but he seemed genuinely concerned for her, so she proceeded to explain how she was dragged over there and Blood continued to goad her and make unwanted advances.

Julius was fuming inside especially when he recalled how the arrogant hatter had come to his tower demanding he hand Alice over. "It's nice to be back though. I don't think I'll be having anymore sleep over weekends for a while" Julius couldn't help but smile down at the girl "Although I probably should return Ace's jacket knowing him he'll be lost for days trying to find me" she sighed, not wanting to see the Knight again but the guilt would be too much for the girl.

Julius returned to the clock before him "I suppose" he murmured feeling jealousy swell at the pit of his stomach, "Would you like me to pick up anything in town?" Alice asked

"Hmm I could use some more hardware parts" He grabbed a scrap of paper and wrote down the exact pieces and sizes he would need and handed it to Alice who swung Ace's jacket over her shoulder and waved good bye to Julius.

"I suppose I don't have to return it directly to him" Alice mused aloud heading down the path to town "I'll just drop it off with one of the maids and get out before Ace or Peter see me... or god forbid both" Alice quickened her pace thinking of the things Ace would say to make Peter believe he and Alice had done more than just sleep in his tent.

She reached town in record time, purchasing the clock parts first then as she was walking out of the store about to head for the castle she heard a familiar voice yelling "ALICE MY LOVE!" before she could even brace herself for the impact Peter through his arms around her throwing them both against the ground as he rambled on "How are you my lovely Dove!"

"Get off of me Peter" Alice pushed her hand in his face trying to move it away from her "And don't call me your dove!"

"Ow why must you shove?" Alice felt a tick in the side of her head Why must he rhyme so much! She glared at him

She squirmed underneath of him pulling herself out of his grasp to sit, rubbing her sore back "What has happened to you Alice! Were you hurt!"

"Yeah by you!" She yelled, Peter jolted back looking confused "But I-"

"'Love me' I know" Alice looked for Ace's jacket and Julius's clock parts, the brown bag they had been in was ripped open and all the parts scattered across the ground "Great"

"It's true though" Peter tried to convince her but she was ignoring him by then attempting to gather up all the little pieces, dropping them into her apron pockets "Let me help you Alice!" he reached out to take hold of the parts in her hand

"Its fine Peter" She tugged away

"No I insist! I shall assist" He tugged on her wrist, successfully making her drop the pieces again; she tried not to yell at him. "Sorry" he mumbled, turning away from her to pick up different parts, his ears dropping all the way down

Alice looked away from him as well swiping up the fallen pieces again, she spotted one a little ways off, she reached forward and the same time Peter did, his hand landed on hers. She looked at him, he was blushing his hand captured hers he leaned in eyes starting to close.

Heat flared across Alice's face knowing what he intended to do D-don't blush! She mentally scolded herself, her hand holding parts tightened as she swung it around to hit Peter square in the chin. "Pervert" she yelled, depositing the last of the clock bits in her pocket and picking up Ace's coat, before storming off towards the castle.

"Wait!" Peter staggered to his feet a few seconds later chasing after Alice "I'm sorry" Alice just ignored him, staring at the road ahead "Ah Alice does this mean you forgive me?"


"We're going to the Castle! You must forgive me for that scene back there!" He smiled brightly

"Of course not! It just happened and I'm still mad!" She couldn't pinpoint why exactly she was so mad since he hadn't managed to get his lips on her but still she was pissed "I have business there" Alice shifted the coat in her arms.

"Why do you have the psychotic Knight's Jacket?" Alice remained silent, Peter's jealousy flared "I'll hit him over the head with a racket" he mumbled

"There goes the infernal rhyming!" Alice yelled "Here if you really love me then return this to Ace for me" So long as I don't have to see him and get rid of Peter in the process this could work out nicely for me

"No" Peter said plainly

Alice twitched with shock "Why not?"

"Because" Peter crossed his arms childishly "You were mean, apologize please"

Alice couldn't believe he was asking her to do that "Fine I'm sorry" Alice tossed him the coat and began to walk away "Freeze" Peter called, she did.

"I want more than I'm sorry" He said, Alice felt a chill roll down her spin

"W-what more do you want?"

"Spend the day with me to make it up!" He beamed losing any sort of dangerous aura

"But I have to get these back to Julius" She tried to make up an excuse

"Don't worry we are in no hurry" He linked his arm through hers and dragged her back to the tower to drop off the parts; Julius wasn't in his office at the moment so Alice couldn't rely on him to save her.

"Really Peter I think he might need me"

Peter's eyes darkened Wrong thing to say Alice groaned "To bad I need you more!" He declared, once again Alice felt a blush creep up her cheeks as Peter swooped down and picked her up much like he had the first time he kidnapped her and bounded off to the castle.

"Peter put me down right now!"

"No you'll just hit me" He whined in response Alice hit his back instead and began to flailing her legs. He grunted when she made impact "Alice" He slipped her down, she glared up at him "Why can't you just accept me"

The sad look in his eyes wasn't enough to win her over, he mulled over his options then transformed into his rabbit self a bright blush covered her face "Come here cutie" She opened her arms up to carry Peter the rest of the way, he sighed and cuddled in close to her as she grabbed Ace's Jacket.

They reached the castle and Alice opened the gate, working her way through the maze "Sir Peter!" A faceless Heart Soldier ran up to the two of them.

"Hello again" Alice smiled at him, he heated up in the face happy Alice remembered him with out having to see the number 5 stitched into his uniform

"Hello Miss Alice" Peter glared him down, hopping out of Alice's arms grabbing his clock which changed into a gun "Get away"

Alice gasped, her perfect image of a innocent rabbit ruined by seeing him holding a gun "Peter don't" She grabbed him by the ears the way she had seen Ace do, his arms went limp, his face neutral "Now what did you need him for?"

"Ah the Queen wants to see him" Alice's face paled Vivaldi... and Blood

"Here" She handed him over to the soldier who took hold of him hesitantly "Peter" Alice looked him dead in the eyes Such a cute little bunny "If you hurt this man then I won't spend the day with you ever again"

"But Alice we've never even done that once! You're supposed to be apologizing to me!" He cried out, even though he remained in his immobile state.

"Come find me after you meet with Vivaldi" She instructed "I'll be sitting at..." she looked around.

"There is a lovely gazebo over there" The soldier pointed down the path on his left

"Then find me there. But if the sun starts to go down I'm leaving" She warned, tears welled up in Peter's eyes "Oh Alice!" The solider waved goodbye and headed off to Vivaldi's court. Alice walked to the gazebo groaning as she realized she still had Ace's Jacket "Why didn't I just ask him to take it with him."

She plopped down on the bench a cool breeze whistled through making her shiver she pulled Ace's Jacket across her lap trying to keep her legs warm. "I hope he doesn't take long." She mused "And why am I even going along with this!"

She glared at the wooden pillar that was closest to her a single rose had grown out of the bush wall to stretch out towards the gazebo Alice reached out to touch it pricking her finger on a thorn accidentally.

"I hate those things" Alice jumped, Ace stood at the door way of the gazebo, his eyes stared at the rose with hatred before he turned his gaze towards her finger which was bleeding slightly. He walked over took her hand in his and kissed the scratch. All the while his eyes borrowed into Alice's, she heated up. "Oh you found my Jacket!" he exclaimed, that innocent lost look coming over his face again "Thank you Alice" He pecked her on the cheek before pulling his coat back on.

"Uh Ace!" She yelped, he pulled back to smile at her.

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