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Chapter 9 – Having fun


''That went good, before i mean. When we came. It would be crap when they would find out'' he whispered in my ear. Yeah, he got that right.

''Paul, you should really consider that i have better hearing. Now, both of you, talk'' Matt said and we turned our head in his direction. He leaned against the wall, smirking at us.

''Ugh...Matt!'' i whined and let my head drop.


''C'mon, speak. I dont have all day'' Matt said. I shot him a death glare. '' Oh dont go there'' he said. I so wished i could use my Alpha power on him but i dont know how and i wasn't about to yell at him for something we did.

''what is this about?'' Sam asked. He was still offical alpha as i understood, Paul gonna take over tomorrow. But they tell pack today.

''Well, Paul here told Bella that they got lucky cus they didn't get caught by us. I wonder what it was?'' Matt said, looking towards us. All eyes were on us now. Damn! I thought. And i knew Paul had same thought.

''Umm...well...uh..it's nothing. Really'' i muttered.

''yeah, right. C'mon, im sure it's not that bad'' Matt said.

''im sure you think it is'' Paul said slowly. I breathed deeply in and blurted it out.

''We were in our land, boy came with a gun, girl was there too and i phased back but stayed invisible and we led them home, they promised not to tell anyone, we went to store and boy recognized my voice and we lied to them that we weren't who they looking for and came here'' i said fast and in one breath. I think their eyes were about to jump out of their faces.

''YOU DID WHAT? GUN? BELLA!'' Matt yelled and Sam yelled same thing but tthere was ending PAUL! It was kinda funny but it wasn't the moment for laughing.

''it wasn't that bad Matt, i promise. No one will find out'' i tried to reassure him.

''why didn't you just knock them out, took them to treeline and you could of pretend that you find em there?'' Seth asked. Next second me and Paul just burst out laughing like crazy. We looked at everybody faces, they looked us like we were nuts which made us laugh even more. After 2 minutes i tried to pull myself together. But it seemed like Paul wasn't planning on it soon, he kept laughing. I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing but i still shook.

''Seth, Paul said exactly the same thing'' i said to them my voice shook as i laughed a little.

''Oh, so why didn't you?'' Seth asked again. I took deep breaths to stop myself from laughing.

''Cus they were too little, you dont except me to hit a child, do you?'' i asked him, looking into his eyes.

''Guess not'' he said and looked down. i smiled and turned to Matt.

''See? It's not that bad'' i told him, and i saw him thinking about it.i waited. About that time Paul had stopped laughing. I was growing impatient.

''Well?'' i asked.

''Okay, if it's okay and if you think that it will stay secret than i trust you after all you are..'' he said but i cut him of cus i knew what he was gonna say.

''Great!'' i kinda yelled so no one heard Matt anymore. Everybody looked at me. ''So, i think we should listen Paul and Sam now'' i said. Everyone looked at Sam and Paul.

''Um...yeah..anyway...as you know Paul have this Alpha power. We dont know how..it should be Jacob as you all know but we dont know what happened. So, tomorrow Paul is gonna take over'' Sam said and i heard some gasps and groans.

''Do you understand what you are gonna do? He's gonna kill us and enjoy it too'' Seth said. I giggled and Paul chuckled.

''Oh, cmon, im not that bad'' Paul said.

''Yeah, right'' Embry mumbled. I giggled again and kissed Paul. He wanted to deepen kiss but before he could...

''Get a room you guys'' Jake whined, i smiled against Paul's lips and pulled back.

''Oh, and Sam is gonna be my Beta. Sorry Jared'' Paul chuckled. I laughed when i saw Jared's face.

''Aw man, how can you do this to me bro. First time in my life i could of boss Sam around, man. I cant belive this'' he said and we all laughed. I looked at Seth, he was looking down and looked like he thinks hard about something. I giggled at his face. He looked up and smiled. I smiled back. We sat there about 20 minutes and talked about some pack stuff.

''So, i think its time for my patrol'' Paul whispered to my ear.

''Really? Cant you skip?'' i asked with smiled on my face.

''Sorry, baby. I cant'' he said.

''That's okay. Im gonna hang with Seth now anyways'' i said and stood up. Paul stood up too and grabbed my hand and turned me around. I smiled. I kissed him long time until our air run out.

''Bye'' i whispered. Paul kissed my neck.

''Bye honey'' he whispered and left.

''Bella! We need to talk'' Matt told me, i frowned.

''Um...'kay'' i said and i followed him out in the woods. ''So, what's up?'' i asked him once we were out of everyone's sight.

''I think i know why Paul has alpha power now'' he said. I frowned again.

''How?'' i asked.

''You'' he simply answered. Me? What the fuck?

''Me? What about me?'' i asked him.

''Well, like i said, you are the most powered alpha out there. I repeat, the most powered alpha. You can Alpha anyone. Well...i guess i never told you that before...but anyway, you cant Alpha your imprint. He doesnt have same power as you but you dont need to alpha him but like anyone else you can, your his soul mate, he has his pack Alpha power now.'' he said. My eyes were wide and my mouth was hanging open little bit.

''Me? Now i want it even less. I cant do that. That's too much for me. I cant'' i said. I was truly nervous now. I cant just alpha anyone around, i dont want that.

''Trust me, its not that bad, i belive that you can do it'' he said.

''Thanks, Matt''

''Lets head back'' he nodded towards house. I nodded and followed him. I will not think about this today. When we got back, Seth was waiting for me. I smiled and went to him.

''So, what we gonna do today?'' he asked. I had an idea.

''We are going to a place and have fun'' i smiled.

''What place?'' he asked me suspiciusly.

''You'll see'' i answered and we climbed in my truck. I drove to forks and turned on a road, which lead to Cullens. I pulled my truck in front of their house and climbed out.

''Bella, no. Not the Cullens. Please, it stinks here and Paul is gonna be so mad'' he pleaded. I was already pulling him toward the house. I knew the Cullens would'nt mind.

''Oh, stop whinin', Seth. Please, i promise you gonna have fun'' i said to him as i knowcked to the door. 1 second later; Edward stood infront of me.

''Bella'' he said, rather surprised.

''Hey, Edward. Can me and Seth hang with you guys today?'' i asked.

''Umm...sure thing'' he said and let us in.

''Oh yeah! Take that Jazz! I won again! Woo-hoo!'' we heard Emmett yell from other room. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Emmett. I pulled Seth with me into living room where Jazz, Emmett, Alice and Rose were. Seth was stiff like rock. I shook him and laughed at him. He gave me a smile and squeezed my hand.

''Where's Carlisle and Esme?'' i asked.

''Oh, umm, they're hunting'' Edward answered to me and went to sit on the couch. I nodded and went to sit on the couch, pulling Seth with me.

''What's this?'' Emmett asked.

''Oh, he's Seth. He's wolf too'' i said.

''I know, i smelled. I gotta say, you smell awfully'' Emmett teased.

''You dont smell so good yourself leech'' Seth said. I know what he felt. It can smell them too, i guess im just used to it.

Emmett grinned. Oh i know that face. If someone, like Seth, fun and energetic. Emmett found himself parter in crime. I made me laugh. Seth looked at me like i was mad. I just shook my head and pointed to Emmett. He was looking at Seth and grinning like a mad man. He was on his knees and had hands put up like he was praying. Seth looked confused. I laughed harder.

''Can lee-i mean vampires go crazy?'' Seth asked and eyed carefully Emmett. I was still laughing at Emmett.

''Nope, he's about to ask you something in 3...2...1'' Alice answered.

''Will you be my partner in crime?'' Emmett asked excited. Seth looked confused.

''What thats supposed to mean?'' he asked.

''It means, he wants someone he can do pranks with'' Edward said.

''Oh, um...i dont know'' Seth answered.

''Oh cmon Seth. It cant hurt you'' i said. He shrugged.

''I dont know, the smell it pretty awful. It hurts'' he joked. I giggled.

''Pleeeeeeease?'' Emmett pleaded. He was such a baby sometimes.

''Umm...i guess'' Seth shrugged.

''YES!'' Emmett boomed. I rolled my eyes at him and watched around. Alice was designing new clothes that she saw in the future. Jazz was reading a book about war, i rolled my eyes. Emmett and Seth were now playing videos games. Rose was just thinking. Edward was reading some book called Twilight and laughed uncontrollably. I chuckled at him. It was soo quiet here actully. Except Edward, Seth and Emmett. I smiled at Seth and Emmett. They were like best friends now.

''So, everybody, what we gonna do today?'' I yelled. Everybody looked at me. I shrugged. ''Well, any suggestions?'' i asked.

''Baseball?'' Jazz suggested.

''Soccer!'' Emmett boomed.

''Waterballoon fight?'' Rose thought. Haha, that could be fun.

''Dress up?'' Alice, ofcourse. I shook my head with almost vampire speed. What i've noticed that i have almost vampire speed as human. And my skin is hotter than wolves. It's harder to stay invisible. I was almost glowing in the sun, literally. But not like Edward or others, they sparkle. I havent told anyone tho. Sometimes i think i hear pack when im in human form. I pushed my thought back of my head.

''Mud fight?'' Edward said. I laughed, that should be fun too. Imagine Edward play mud fight. He's always so clean.

''Soccer?'' Seth suggested.

''I guess soccer it is then'' i said and we headed outside. Boys and even Rose and Alice played. I didnt, i dont like soccer that much. I sat on the grass and watched their game. It made me smile. Seth got along with them so well. I made it rain and sonn their was dirt all over the place. I smiled my evil laugh. I took my hand full of dirt and sneaked behing Edward and dropped it on his head.

''Im so sorry Edward, i didn't look'' i played innocent.

''Oh you gonna pay for that'' he smirked. I screamed and ran. I was fast, since this wierd speed i had. I heard when edward came and flinched away. I was laughing. Took dirt and threw it in his face. I laughed uncontrollably now. Soon everyone joined us. Emmett and Seth were working together. Soon Edward caught me. He threw me over his shoulder and started to take me to mud pool that we did. And he put me down there. I started screaming. Seth was thinking i was being hurt, ofcourse.

''Let go of her!'' he yelled, angry. Edward let go and i stood up, my back was all muddy. Seth was shakeing.

''Seth, calm down. It's okay. Im okay. He was just but me in a mud im fain'' I hugged him. He hugged me back and sighed.

''Im sorry Bella. I just thougth he's hurting you'' he whispered.

''It's okay'' i said as i pulled back. He sighed and relaxed. But then Emmett, ofcourse, threw Seth with mud pie. He turned around and they started chaseing eachother again. I laughed at them. Edward dropped mud in my head. I turned around. I cought him and took him to mud pool.

''Bella, no'' he said.

''Say your sorry'' i said.


''Say it'' i said.

''Im sorry'' he whispered.

''Say it. Out loud. Say it'' i teased. I had to kepp my laughter in.

''Im sorry!'' he yelled but i still trew him in mud pool. I started laughing. ''Now we're even'' i said.

''Fine'' he said. Mud fight ended about 10 minutes later. We all looked awful. We took shower and got some new clothes. I wore Rose's clothes and Seth wore Emmett's. They were almost same height.

''You gotta come back, Seffy'' emmett cryed. I started laughing.

''Seffy? Seth is that nickname for you Seth?'' i asked between laugh.

''He keeps calling me that stupid name'' he sighed.

''Please, Seffy'' Emmett begged. Yup, deffinetly found his partner in crime.

''I'll bring him, Emmett, i will'' i said smileing.

''Good'' he said and sat on couch.

''Bye Seffy and Bella!'' Emmett yelled.

''Bye Emmie'' Seth teased.

''No, it sounds like baby name'' emmett cried.

''Good'' Seth said and went to my truck. I hugged them all and me and Seth drove towards La Push. We pulled infront of Sam's house and went in. I was instantly pulled in hug. Paul. I hugged him back and kissed him.

''You smell like bloodsuckers'' he said.

''Uh...yeah, you see, me and Seth went to Cullen's to hang out. I hope your not mad'' I made my puppy eyes dogs at him.

''No, not the eyes, please'' he begged. I still made puppy dog eyes. ''Okay, okay. Im not mad'' he gave up, ''but we gonna talk about it later'' he said. I kissed him and he pulled me out of the house.

''Cmon, dinner is waiting for you'' he said.

''You cooked?'' i was shocked.

''Oh, god, no. I dont wanna kill you'' he chuckled and we went to his place. I giggled.

''Im sure you arent that abd cook''

''Im sure that if you smelled my cooking you would ran, screaming'' he joked. I giggled again and hugged him. We ate our dinner and he took me home. I went to my room and opened my window. Soon, Edward came through it.

''good, you are finally here'' i said and hugged him. He hugged me back.

''So, what you wanna do?'' he asked.

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