Hey guys! My new obsession is Percy Jackson, but that doesn't mean I'm finished with Seddie yet. I know I should be updating iTreehouse, but this idea has been eating at my brain.

Ok, so I loooooove Nico di Angelo, even though he's only twelve. He's my favorite character, and for some reason, interests me. It never says in the series that he has ever had a crush on anybody (of course I'd be like him too if I was stuck in the Lotus Hotel and Casino for seventy years), so I decided that I'd throw a girl into his life.

Enough of my rambling. On with the show (er, story)!

Disclaimer: Do I look like Rick Riordan to you? Yeah, didn't think so.........

Chapter One

My Backpack Grows a Monster

(Noel's POV)

"Kat! Where's the straightener?!" I screamed to my sister in the room across the hall. She didn't answer (of course), so I marched straight through her door, being deafened by the heavy metal pouring from a boom box in the corner.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Katherine asked snobbily.

"Ever heard of 'some people actually sleep at this time of day'? That noise is hideous."

"It's NOT noise. It's expressive music....."

"Whatever. Where's the straightener?"

Kat pointed to a pile of clothes in the middle of her fuzzy, pink carpet. I padded over to the pile, cautiously picking it up to reveal the magic mechanism that made my hair representable. I lifted it up, carrying it back to my room.

After flat-ironing my hair and dusting some light makeup on my face, I munched on a bowl of Wheaties mindlessly. Slinging my backpack over my shoulder, I trudged out the door towards the school.

"Hey baby! How's it doin'?" A creepy old man cat-calls. I look back to see him following me and speed up. He does too. I start into a jog. So does he. I break into a full run,bounding across the street and ducking into a dark alleyway. I suck in valuable oxygen. I hated asthma.

I turned around to find the alley a dead end with a huge wall with some letters on it. Squinting, I struggle to decipher the words. The cursive lettering was murder to my dyslexia. To me, it looked like Mroa'sc Eped Npa Izapz. The wall didn't keep my attention for long. My backpack began to grow heavier, and started to..............squirm??? I dropped it like a hot potato, backing up. A lanky figure emerged from the front zipper pocket, green smoke billowing out. I whimpered, backpedaling away from it. It grew to about ten feet tall, with a tattoo on his arm: JB Loves Babycakes. This definitely was not a normal.

"Hello, Noel Peterson," the giant bellowed.

"H-hello," I waved nervously.

"Mmm...............you look good enough to eat................."

"I hope you're kidding."

"Oh, no my dear! Demigod flesh is quite delectable."

"Wait. Demigod?" But I never got my answer, because the giant stomped forward, trying to pick me up. I panicked, grabbing the nearest weapon, an empty glass pop bottle. I broke off the end, threatening to attack the giant. He merely laughed.

"You think you can defeat me with that, little one? I think not."

He came closer, about to lift me off the ground when a dark, shadowy figure pushed me out of the way. I yelled out in pain, feeling my wrist shatter against the concrete. Tears blurring my vision, I tried to see who had pushed me.

"Hey ugly! Over here," the shadow yelled. It was a voice lightly deep and rough. The giant turned towards the mysterious figure, screaming in rage. The person pulled out a sword made of some sort of black metal, faking left, then jumping up to stab him through his head. The giant cried out in pain, stumbling and landing on the boy. He struggled to pull himself out, then limped to me, picking me up.

"Wait! Who are you?! What are you doing?!"

"Nico di Angelo. Saving you," he said while running through traffic as fast as he could.

"What WAS that?"

"A Laistrygonian giant."

"Giants aren't real! Are they?"

"Yes, they are."

"Where are you taking me?"

"Will you stop asking questions?" I blushed. I knew I could be a motor mouth,but this guy hadn't known that. He must've thought I was pretty annoying.

That's when I realized where we were heading: the forest. Heading straight for a tree at full speed. Wait. What?!

"What are you doing?!?!"

"Just hold on tight!"

I squeezed my eyes shut, expecting to smack into the tree. Instead,I suddenly felt a rush of wind around me. I opened my eyes, screaming at the sight. We were surrounded by darkness and blaring noise, sort of like my sister's heavy metal. Nico clamped his hand over my mouth.

"Be quiet, will ya? The noise in here is already enough."

We had gone through the tree.


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