"Kyle you stupid jew, just shut your Whore mouth!" Cartman yelled at the boy dressed in orange with the green hat. Stan and Kenny were walking in front of the angry friends, who had been fighting with each other since they met.

That was a long time ago, now they were all 16 and ready for anything life threw at them, which had always been a lot. Threats of world wars, guinea pigs, future people, Satan.... You name it, they've met it, fought it, and gotten grounded for it.

"Shut up fat ass!" Kyle yelled at Cartman, who had lost all of his baby fat. He was indeed, big boned, as he always claimed to be. Now he was on the football team at school, and the biggest bully in the school. Kyle was smart, and cute. He had his curly orange hair cut nicely. He was skinny, not very much muscle.

Stan had short black hair, it poked out from under his hat, and he had his hands in his jacket pockets. He had a nice build to him, not to much muscle, just the right amount. He played on the school's hockey team.

Kenny, he still wore his orange jacket, his hood was up around strangers and people he didn't trust, which meant, it was pretty much up all the time except when it was just him and his friends. At school he still spoke through his jacket as well, always muffled...

"mmr mmmh." Kenny looked at the two, and they looked at him, they both understood that he had said shut up.

"Yeah you two, its getting old..." Stan sighed, and Kyle walked beside his good friend, and Cartman sighed and bitched all the way to the school.

South Park High; it was small, but then again, there weren't to many kids, and everyone had grown up together, so a new face was very rare, and when there was one, it was already spread over the entire school that someone new, a girl.

"I wonder what she looks like..." Kyle pondered, the four best friends were sitting in the back corner of their first period class room. They were huddled together, conversing. They had already heard the news, but they had no clue as to what she looked like, or her name even. No one did.

"Now settle your asses down class!" Mr Garrison, their teacher for many years, could get away with swearing at them, now that everyone was older and in high school. "I SAID SETTLE DOWN!"

There was silence, as everyone turned to look at him.

"Mr Garrison, is she hot or not, just tell us!" Cartman shouted, and all the guys laughed, and the girls looked disgusted, yet excited at the fact there was a new girl.

"Cartman, don't make me slap you silly!" Mr Garrison yelled at him. "Come in, Tera!"

In stepped a girl, she had long brown hair, and a baby blue hat on her head. Her hair fell in waves down her back to her hips, and her jacket was button up and black. It reached her knee's, and then it showed her blue jeans, and her black boots. She had a baby blue scarf wrapped around her neck, and it covered her mouth. She looked up at the class with her sapphire eyes.

"Hi, my name is Tera Thorton... its nice to meet you all." She spoke through her scarf, but it all came out as a muffled words to everyone, a language they liked to call Kenny speak, and he was the one who understood it all, his friends catching only parts, but they pieced it together easily.

"I'm sorry Tera, but you're going to have to sit in the back by those little turds." Garrioson pointed at the four best friends, who were all staring at her, like the rest of the boys in the class, with open mouths, and blank eyes. She was beautiful, and what they didn't know, but she was sure they were imagining, was that she did have a perfect body underneath her coat. She walked to the back of the room, pushing her bag around herself so it wouldn't bump anyones desk, and she sat down in the desk next to Kenny's, and she looked at them, and pulled her scarf down away from her mouth.

"Hi, don't mind me. If you want to have boy talk, go ahead." She told them, smiling. She then looked away and saw all eyes on her, and she blinked.

"Uh..." Kyle blushed a bright red as he stared at her, he sat in front of Kenny, beside Stan, who sat in front of Cartman. Stan was staring at her, a blank look on his face still, and Cartman was eyeing her up.

Kenny looked at her, and she turned her head, and their eyes met. She smiled at the blonde boy, and she waved her hand at him a bit. He nodded his head, and gave a small wave back.

"Can I ask your name?" She muffled from behind her scarf, this time, Kenny was the only one who understood, because she muffled in a hush tone.

"Kenny McCormick... " He told her, and she smiled.

"It's nice to meet you Kenny... I hope we can be friends." She blushed a bit and smiled again, he could tell by her eyes.

"M-me too..." Kenny said, nodding his head again.

But of course, no one understood them, they were talking in lowered voices int their muffled Kenny language.

"So... What size are your titties?" Cartman asked from the other side of Kenny, and Tera looked at him, narrowing her eyes, and she raised a hand up and gave him the finger.

"Fuck off you pig. You're never going to know." She told him, and the class went silent, then they all burst out laughing, and pointing at the shocked Cartman. Kenny looked at his friend, and laughed as well. Kyle was on the ground, and Stan sat in his seat, covering his mouth to calm himself, but he was still chuckling.

"Fuckin' bitch!" Cartman glared at her, and he looked at Kenny. "And you shut up you douche bag!"

"Takes one to know one, fat ass." Kenny muffled. "Why don't you go finish masturbating in the john, so we can start class."

"God damnit Kenny, Shut up!" Cartman got up and stormed out. Everyone continued laughing, and when the class calmed down, Mr Garrison started teaching, and Stan and Kyle turned to look at Kenny and Tera, and she smiled at them.

"Thank you for taking his ego down a notch." Kyle laughed, and sighed happily. "He is such an ass."

"No problem, happy to help." Tera muffled.

"You can hang out with us anytime... I'm Stan." Stan smiled at her, and leaned back in his chair a bit.

"And I'm Kyle." He grinned at her happily, and she smiled back at him, and he blushed a bit.

"Well its nice to meet all of you." She told them after pulling her scarf away from her mouth so they could understand her.

"Do you mind us asking, why move to South Park?" Stan asked, and Tera blinked, looking scared. They all watched her face get white, and they started to panic. "A-are you ok?"

"I-I'm fine...." she said, her hands shaking, "I-I just don't want to talk about it... I'm sorry..."

"It's ok, you don't have to apologize to us..." Kyle told her, and they watched her start to calm down. "You don't have to tell us either, so don't worry..."

"Th-thank you... but... I will tell you, at lunch, ok?" She smiled at them shakily, and they nodded.

Classes went by without a hitch after that. Cartman had come back after a period of bitching in the halls, but her had seemed to not want to hang around Tera, who was hanging around his friends, so he chose to talk to Token and Craig, his buddies on the football team.

Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Tera were all hanging out at the back of the school. There were tables outside, and no one ever hung out there because it was to fucking cold. Stan was leaning against the school, and Kyle was sitting on a bench. Both Kenny and Tera were sitting on the table top, and she sighed, and unwrapped her scarf from around her neck, there was a bruise on her neck, it was dark, and huge. The boys stared at it in shock.

"My parents and I were driving home from Boston Pizza, we used to live close to new York, and they're a bunch of assholes there, when it comes to driving... well... on our way, we were driving across a bridge, and some ass cut us off, and it freaked my dad out, he swerved and we hit the railing, and crashed through it. The impact on that killed my parents, but the car went over, and into the river.... I was lucky to get out..." She looked up at her new friends who stared at her. Kenny, who knew what it was like to die, put his arm around her and hugged her closed one handedly. She looked up at him, and smiled. "So... I moved here to live with my cousin, She lives by herself, and I have no other family."

"Thank god you survived..." Kyle said, staring at her, she looked pale still and she was a little shakey. She smiled at them.

"Thank you... but... sometimes I wish it was me instead of my parents..." she said in a small voice, and she got off the table, and looked at the three friends. "So... what do you guys do around here for fun?"

"Well some times something stupid comes along and we solve the problem... or at least... we try...." Stan explained, and sighed a bit. He looked at his friends who nodded. "It's just what happens..."

"Sounds shitty." She said, and they all nodded. She shoved her hands into her pockets, and she thought about it, "hmm... how about a party?"

"Uh, I think... Clyde is having one tonight..." Kyle thought about it, and he looked at his friends who all nodded. "Should be cool..."

"I can get my dad to boot for us if we give him money." Stan smiled at his friends who all clapped, and they smiled.

"Here, I'll give you money for it now," Kyle said, pulling his wallet out.

"Me too..." Tera smiled, and pulled her wallet out.

""Here..." Kenny pulled his wallet out and tossed Stan $30. He had a part time job after school, so he could happily do stuff now, and not get called poor by Cartman.

Kyle and Tera had both handed Stan their money too, who said he would get them each what they wanted.

"Well, Stand and I have third period gym, what about you Tera?"

"I have an empty period." Tera smiled at them. "What about you Kenny?"

"Same." Kenny muffled, and both of them smiled at each other. Stand and Kyle both bid them good bye, and the two of them went inside. They sat in front of Kenny's locker, on the ground. Tera had her back up against the lockers like him, and she pulled her scarf down more to make it easier to talk. Kenny looked at her, and studied the large bruise on her neck.

"Looks like it hurts..." Kenny commented, his voice still muffled by his jacket. "Is that your only bruise...?"

"No... I have a few on my arms and legs, and some cuts... but it's cool..." She looked at him, and she blinked. "Do you wear your hood like that all the time?"

"no... When I'm alone... or just with the guys, I take it off..." Kenny looked at her, and she was staring at him. "When I'm around people I trust..."

"Do you not trust me?" she asked him, and he blinked and blushed, he went to say something but she smiled and stopped him, by holding up a hand. "It's ok, we did just meet, so I don't blame you.I just hope that when we become better friends you can trust me enough to take your hood off..."

"... Thank you..." Kenny stared at her, still blushing. He had a feeling he could trust her, but she was right, they had just met, but still, that trusting feeling lingered.

After school, Tera, Kyle and Kenny were all sitting in the schools ice rink, on the cold wooden benches, watching hockey practice, it was half way over, and when Stan was finished they were all going to head over to his house, to ask Stan's dad about the alcohol.

"I love hockey, it's so badass." Tera commented as they sat there, huddled together to keep warm. It was colder in the arena than it was outside.

"It's an ok game.." Kyle said, shrugging. "I like basket ball more."

"I hate playing sports.." Kenny commented, and Tera giggled, and looked at them.

"so diverse you all are... so, what happened to that asshole, Cartman? Where did he go?" Tera asked, looking around. She hadn't seen him all day.

"Well, he doesn't like you very much, because you hated him right off the bat... none of the girls like him, really..." Kyle explained, "But it's cool, I hate that fat ass. He was a dick for asking you such a question."

"Fucking pig..." Kenny commented, and Tera smiled at the two of them. They were such sweet guys, Stan too. She didn't understand why none of them had girlfriends.

"HEADS UP!" Stand called, and the three of them threw themselves backwards, falling on their backs, to avoid getting hit in the head by a puck. They sat up, and Tera grabbed the puck from the top of the stands, and Kyle looked down at the team.

"Watch where you shoot those things! You could have Killed Kenny, or Tera, OR ME!" Kyle shouted, and the hockey team laughed, but Stan didn't. He was the one who shot it, and it went that was by accident.

"Sorry!" Stand shouted, and Tera hopped down the rows of benches, and tossed th puck onto the ice over the plexi glass. "Are you ok, Tera?"

"I'm fine. I used to play hockey, so I'm used to pucks flying at my head..." Tera smiled at stan, and the hockey team all seemed to stop and stare, but a few of them ran into boards because they had been skating at the time. "If you ever need someone to help you guys out, I was team captain."

"sure, we should play a game on the pond some time." Stan said, smiling, and the hockey team all nodded their heads. Tera giggled and nodded her head aswell.

"Sounds great actually," She looked t Kenny and Kyle, "You two should play too!"

"Yeah, for sure!" Kyle said, smiling excitedly.

"Of course..." Kenny smiled behind his hood, and Tera smiled back at them, and went back up to sit with them. They continued to watch the practice, and when it was over, they waited for Stan to change, before they left for his house.