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The sound of dripping water could be heard, echoing through the wide building...

"Make it stop..." Mysteria muttered. Her head ached with pain that originated at one point, she could feel the swelling happening...

The dripping continued, and she heard the scurrying foot steps of rats or mice near by... She groaned in both disgust and pain. The dripping continued, and her eyes snapped open, she was annoyed and angry now.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" she yelled, and there were loud squeaks and scurrying, she had scared the rats off. She noticed the room was upside down, and she looked up, and saw the dirty floor above her... or below her in this case... she looked up for real this time, and saw she was hanging by her feet and ankles from rope, and a large industrial chain. "... this is new..." she said, and lifted her hands to her face. Her wrists were tied with those annoying zip ties... they were chaffed and bleeding as well, "Lovely..."

"... try not to be so sarcastic... this seems like such a lovely situation..." she heard the Human Kite croak from near by, and she wiggled herself around, to turn to face him.

"Kyle..." she said, he had been hit in the forehead, and he was tied to a chair... there must have been a shortage of chains, in this ware house.. "You okay...?"

"Not kyle... human kite..." He said, but his hood was pulled back and his hair was sticky with blood, his eye was swollen. "You okay...?"

"I'm fine... feeling a bit light headed..." She said, and sighed, "Where is that fat sonnva bitch...?"

"I don't know..." The Human Kite groaned, and tried to move, but gave up, and sunk against the chair, it was clear his ropes weren't really necessary. "Ah... Tera..!" His one good eye widened, and Mysteria felt her hair get yanked roughly, and she groaned.

"Hmph, shut up, you stupid ugly jew..." The coon hissed, and yanked Mysteria's hair again, and smiled at her. "How cocky do you feel now, you stupid bitch? How about I break that pretty nose of yours...?"

"... how about you scoop out my eyes first, so I don't have to look up your dirty gross ass nose...?" Mysteria said sarcastically, and the coon slapped her across the face, leaving deep buts on her cheek from his claws.

"What was that, skank...?" The coon hissed, and held her head by her hair again, "Looks like you got a cut..." He said, and licked the dripping blood from her cut.

"Leave her alone, fat ass!" The human Kite shouted, "You wouldn't be able to do this too us if you hadn't strung her up and tied me down! Fight like a fucking man you pussy!"

"Shut up..." Something evil and dark appeared in The Coon's eyes, and he clocked Human Kite so hard, that the chair fell back, and smashed into the ground. Human Kite groaned in pain, and Mysteria could see more blood. The Coon stood over him, grinning sadistically, and she moved. She lunged upwards, and grabbed the chain. She thanked her mother under her breath, for putting her in gymnastics, and she pulled herself, and the ropes unhoked from the chain, and she dropped down to the ground.

"What do you think your doing...?" The coon asked her, as she tried to wiggle out of her bindings, and he came over and grabbed her neck. His claws drew blood again, and she glared at him, before she slammed her feet into his sternum, and sent him flying into a near by pole. She sat up, panting, her hair sticking to her face because of her blood and sweat. She spotted one of the Coon's claws on the ground and she grabbed it, and used it to cut the ropes free, before she scrambled over to Human Kite.

"Hey...! you okay?" She asked, seriously concerned. She touched his cheeks, his lip was busted, and there were a few cuts on his cheek from the claws the Coon wore. She cursed, and was about to cut his ropes free, when she felt her hair get pulled, and then her head slammed into the ground. She looked up at the coon, and his eyes seemed blood red with anger.

"I'm going to kill you... after I have some fun..." He said, and used his claws to rip the front of her costume, she cried out, and went to break his nose with her wrist, but he grabbed it, and put his thumb claw to the main vein, visible through her pale milky skin.

"Hmph, you're not worth the trouble... I should just kill you now, bitch." He grabbed her face, and forced a kiss on her, that made her want to throw up. He had shoved his tongue in her mouth, and it disgusted her to her very core... he then pulled back, and slit her wrists with his claws.

He got up, and walked away, thinking he was done. This sick bastard wanted her to die a slow death from blood loss... She turned her head to look at Human Kite, who was staring in horror at her, as her blood splattered the ground. She turned over, and gripped her dirty cape, trying to stop the bleeding now but her hands weren't strong enough to apply pressure...

"Hey fat ass!" She heard some one yell, and she looked up, she saw Mysterion... he had swooped in, and kicked the Coon down to the ground, and pulled out a gun, pointing it at him. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"... K-kenny..." Mysteria said in a small voice, and Toolshed appeared through the door, and spotted Human kite. He ran to his friend, and when Human Kite spotted him, he shook his head violently.

"NO! HELP HER! SHE'S DYING! STAN!" The human kites looked back at her, but she had collapsed in a pool of her own blood.

"Oh God..." Toolshed looked at her, horrified... it looked like a horrible scene from saw.. and he ran to her, "NO! TERA!"

"what...?" Mysterion looked up, and saw Tera, pale as snow, if not paler... the life looked like it just drained out of her, and stained the front of her ripped clothing, and cape. He was horrified, and he dropped the gun in his hand.

"Ha... lets see how she likes it in hell with her folks!" Cartman said, and Mysterion looked down at him in rage, and licked him hard in the face. The Coon didn't say another word after that...

"TERA!" He ripped his hood and mask off, and ran over to Toolshed and Mysteria, he dropped down next to her, and touched her face, "... No... no... how...?" he looked at her wrists, and choked. He felt for her heart beat, a breath, a pulse... nothing...

"No... oh god... no..." Kyle sputtered, as Stan helped him free, and over to her limp lifeless body. "no... That bastard... "

"No..." Mysterion muttered, and they were all silent.

They were driving back to town, still silent... Kenny had her body in his arms, her hair still stuck to her face from dried blood... Stan was driving, Kyle was huddled against the window, the cool glass iced his wounds, but he was already cold inside, like the rest of them. They had The Coon in the trunk, bound and gagged, but unconscious. They were taking him to the police department, so they could have him arrested, and so they could take Tera's body, and have her put to rest. Kenny was the coldest of them all, his face was full of sadness and grief.

"... If... if only I didn't... didn't leave her..." He said, and tears fell from his eyes, down onto Tera's face. "... if only I didn't leave her..."

"It wasn't your fault..." Kyle muttered, and sat up, "... That sick bastard... did this..."

"... if only we didn't try to be hero's..." Stan said, and they looked at him, "She wouldn't have been pulled into this..."

They were silent after that, and they stopped at the police station. Kenny left Tera laying in the back seat, his cape on her body to cover her up, and they grabbed The Coon, and dragged him inside.

"You bpys... did you get into a stupid game again?" The chief asked, shaking his head. "What is this world coming too...?"

"... He killed our friend... she's in the car..." Kyle said.

"... He murdered her in cold blood..." Kenny seethed darkly, and the chief's cigar fell out of his mouth. They took him out to the car to show him Tera's body, and the Chief opened the door, and looked in.

"... What murdered friend...?" He asked, "There's a lot of blood in here... but no body... What were you kids up too...?" The chief asked, "Don't bring us into your wild fights! We'll arrest that Cartman for doing a number on you guys, but don't fake murder!"

"... WHAT?" They all looked inside the car, and it was true, Tera's body was gone... "T-TERA?"

"... Where am I...?" Tera asked, she was floating in a large white space, it seemed never ending. "Feel's like purgatory..." she looked around, and moved her body. It felt like floating in water; it was so surreal. She didn't know which way was up, and which was down...

"Hey..." A blonde kid called to her. He was dressed in an all white suit, but his tie, it was bright orange. His big blue eyes looked at her, and he floated over to her. "What's your name...?"

"... I'm Tera..." She said, and looked at the boy curiously, "What's yours...?"

"... You're naked, y'know..." He said, and she looked down, and blushed a bright red as she tried to cover herself up. The kid chuckled cutely, and put a hand on her bare stomach, and she was covered in a white dress. "There, better huh?"

"... yes... Thanks..." she said, still embarrassed. "Ah... so... your name...?"

"... Do you like to play ball...?" The kid asked, and Tera was taken aback. She thought about it, and then nodded her head. A bright orange ball appeared in the boys hand, and he flew back from her a little ways, and tossed the ball to her. she caught it, and looked at it. "So how did you end up here?"

"... Some guy slit my wrists..." She said bluntly, forgetting she was talking to a kid. She looked up at him, and tossed the ball back. "... You...?"

"... I got shot in the face by some robber..." The kid shrugged. "He tried to hurt my family."

"Shot in the face...?" Tera asked, and the ball was tossed back to her. She caught it, before it hit her face, and lowered it. "... How old are you...?"

"... six..." The kid said, holding up his hand, and she felt cold. Some guy shot a six year old... in the face...? "You...?"

"Almost 17... but I guess not anymore..." She said, and looked at the boy, "So sixteen..."

"That's a shame... did you have a boyfriend...?" The kid asked, and Tera smiled a bit. This kid was pretty cheeky and smart.

"I did..." She said, and looked down at the ball, before she tossed the ball back to the kid, and he caught it. "His name was Kenny..."

"Oh...?" The kid asked, and smiled. "I've seen him here before... He likes to play ball too." The kid spun the ball with his fingers, before he let it drop below into the abyss. "... But he never stays long..." The kid looked up at her, "You've been here before too..."

"I have...?" Tera asked, and she blinked, "When...?"

"Not to long ago... When your parents died... You died too." the kid said,

"What...? No I didn't, I survived!" She said, shaking her head, "I was alive...!"

"Yeah I know, because you're not supposed to die..." The kid flew closer again, "Not many people show up here, That Kenny kid shows up the most, but that's cause his soul is blessed, like yours..." The kid smiled. "except he ended up in hell for a bit... but he learned his lesson."

"... blessed..." She looked down into the never ending white, and could no longer see the ball anymore.

"Do you want to go back soon...?" The kid asked, and Tera looked up at him.

"Yeah, that would be nice..." Tera said, and the kid smiled, and pulled her hand. She leaned down, and he kissed her cheek. She blushed a bit, and looked at him.

"She'll take you home." The boy pointed at a little girl, white short curly red hair in bows, and a pretty white dress like Tera's. Tera froze up, it was a younger version of herself... The girl took her hand, and pulled Tera away.

"Wait... what's your name?" Tera asked, looking at the boy once more.

"... You already know my name." He said, and smiled, before the young Tera yanked on her arm, and threw her down into the abyss.

The boys were shocked, and taken inside. They were lectured for faking a murder, and Kyle was processed for assault. When they left, it was 5am, and they got in the car, all stunned. She wasn't in there... but... she was dead...

"... go to her house...!" Kenny shouted, and pushed him out of the way, and sped off to her home. when they got there, they dashed to the front door, and burst inside.

"Tera...! TERA!" Kenny shouted, as he bolted to her room. Kyle apologized to her aunt for barging in, and him and Stan joined Kenny up at Tera's room.

Kenny was standing in the door way, and Stand and Kyle both looked in. They saw Tera, laying in her bed, her wounds gone, in her pj's. She was hugging her pillow, and looked like she was having a nightmare.

Kenny ran over to her bed, and jumped on top of her. He hugged her tightly, and she groaned, and her eyes fluttered open.

"What... what's going on...?" She asked, and looked at Kenny, who was hugging her so tightly it hurt, but his face was buried in her neck, and tears started to soak her skin and shirt. "... Kenny...?"

"... You... you died..." Kyle said, as him and Stan walked in the room. "... how...?"

"... My... My soul is blessed..." She said, and Kenny pulled his head back, and looked at her, his eyes red, and tears staining his cheeks. he was clearly shocked by her words.

Tera ended up at Kenny's apartment with him. They were sitting on his couch, watching the news on the only channel he got. It showed the Cartman was arrested for assault, and she looked over at Kenny, who was tracing the small white scars on her wrists, with his fingers.

"... I'm glad you're okay..." Kenny said, and he looked at her. "... who would've thought... you're kinda like me..."

"... yeah..." she said, and looked at him. "... that boy there... that's you..."

"... oh? Yeah he's kind of a brat... I guess that made me a brat..." He laughed, and Tera smiled warmly at him. "... but seriously... when... I saw you just... laying there I..."

"Kenny don't think about it, I'm still here." she told him, and she gripped his hands in hers. "... I love you..."

"...I love you too..." Kenny said, and smiled, before he kissed her softly.

"You should get some sleep..." Tera said, blushing a bit, and Kenny hugged her, and lay down on the couch. "Kenny...!"

"You have to sleep next to me... I feel like I'm dreaming..." Kenny said, and hugged her tightly, running his fingers through her hair. "Don't leave me... just sleep here..."

"... Okay..." she said, and rested her head on his chest. "I won't leave you..."

"Good..." Kenny said softly, and closed her eyes, before he passed out.

Now, this is not over. I will continue writing this story until I'm absolutely out of idea's. I hoped you liked this chapter, and that I didn't dissapoint.