'This message is for Lois Lane alone, if any one else tries to watch it, bugger off: Lois receiving this means that I have regenerated again, a new face, body, everything. So if some stranger hugs you and calls you Miss Lane it's most likely me, if not I suggest you run.'

This little bit of film let me see his face first (and now it seems like the last) time in so many years.

(me, just another companion lost along the way)

And before everything could sink in (regeneration, new face, holy chocolate stars batman) I was being hugged to death by a total stranger with little to no eyebrows.

"Ummm....hello doctor?"

I did my best to hug him back, it had been forever after all, and prayed that this was really him under this new skin.

"Miss Lane, it's been too long, you look simply smashing."

All my doubts melted away the moment that smile hit me and doctor came flooding out of him.

"Too long is right, doc. (I overcome the urge to call him, Bob) And you look, well...different."

I've done more hand holding with the doctor then any man before (his fits mine perfectly) and he already has my hands in his.

(as if he's keeping me all to himself)

"I know it's weird, Lois, but it's still very much me inside."

I was accepting this brand new face before me, knowing that deep down he had millions of faces but there was only one doctor (crazy doesn't begin to describe him), when I took his hand tightly in mine.

"Trust me I wouldn't have let you hug me so damn long if I didn't believe it was you."