`` Only the Moon Knows—A Fanfic

Prologue: Friends Beyond the Bounds of Reality…

"We were friends once…friends beyond the bounds of reality…your friend and mine, please stop her!"

The blonde girl stared up at her in shock and…was it fear? Who knew? The spirit had seen so much fear, so much death, in her life and beyond, that fear no longer even seemed like an emotion. It was simply there, part of her, clinging to her tortured soul.

A sentence choked out of the girl's lips. "Wh—what does a ghost want with me?"

"Please, don't destroy the forest!" Pleading now, eyes wide, the spirit begged. "Don't do it again!" She felt her strength ebbing; there was no longer any reason to cling to this world. She didn't even know why she was here, who this girl was. Perhaps…she had met her before? Not that it mattered now. Now, it was too late. But perhaps…the girl could keep it from happening again. Content, the spirit slowly faded into darkness.

A/N: I hope you like it! Sorry the first chapter is reeeeally short, but there'll be more soon!