It has almost been a year since I was flushed away and yet it only feels like a week. Don't get me wrong, I love it here. It just that I can't get over my past pain and that is something I have been hiding for quite a while now. My little sister Juliet was bought first by a rich looking guy. He looked like royalty or a noble, I couldn't really tell but it hurt to hear that I was not going to see her again.

Well I am going to tell Rita since she has noticed me hiding something from her. I know she will never love me anyway since she is in love with some guy named Bruce Hawkins. I am not going to let that hurt my friendship with Rita, but he is the jealous type. Well let's see what happens now.

Normal POV

A beautiful young rat was sneaking about The Toad's lair. She was around 20 years of age and she was stealing a bright blue gem. The gem had a rare gift to show you the past, present and future. She knew The Toad's scheme before she lost it to him on purpose. She was not going to let that idiot hurt her long lost brother.

"Soon Rodders, we will be together. You'll see big brother, I won't disappoint you." Juliet said to herself

She took the gem and ran off into the night. Silently praying that her brother was still alive.

Rita was waiting for Roddy to tell her what was bothering him. She had a feeling it had to do with what Bruce said to him in front of her. She still wasn't talking to him because of it. She can't believe Bruce would treat her like a prize and stoop so low to insult Roddy. She wasn't going to let Bruce tear apart a friendship so grand. He finally shows up to Rita looking as if he didn't sleep again.

"What's wrong Roddy? Is it because of what Bruce said? You just haven't been yourself, Rodders, and I'm worried sick." She said causing him to smile a bit

"You remember how I told I had a family. Well, I only have a little sister now and we were separated at a very young age. I think she is alive but I may be wrong. I hate not knowing, Rita! It's hurt to not know what happened to her." He replied completely breaking down in front of her

"It's going to be ok Roddy. You know you're my first mate, and I should have not let my guard down with Bruce. He won't bother us anymore because I am not going to talk to that incompetent fool." She replied hugging him close

"Hello, I'm looking for Roddy St. James. Have you seen him, I'm his little sister." A young blond rat asked

"Juliet, is that you?" Roddy asked shocked

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