"Ow," Daniel said as he banged his head on one of the boxes in the moving truck. He wedged himself between two rather large boxes in order to avoid getting hurt again. He began to think about how he was moving to Pallet Town. He frowned as he remembered that he was suppose to begin his journey as a pokemon trainer in the Johto Region before his mother gave him the news. They were going to move to the a tiny town in the Kanto Region. Daniel was now in the truck so that he could get away from his parents. He had left all of his friends behind at New Bark Town. It just wasn't fair. He already had it all planned out. Daniel was supposed to become a great trainer back home, but now he was about to get stuck in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

The truck stopped abruptly and Daniel was flung, yet again, towards one of the boxes. Lucky for him, there was a large, SOLID piano softening his fall. Daniel got up grumbling and walked towards the door of the truck. It opened up and the light blinded Daniel. After getting used to the light, he stepped out of the truck and into his worst nightmare. Pallet Town.

Daniel groaned as his mother pulled up into the driveway. She got out of the car smiling.

"So, do you like it?" she asked Daniel, walking towards him. Daniel did not reply back walked into the house, letting the mover pokemon cart the furniture in.

"I know that you are mad," said his mother, following Daniel towards his empty room. There was still no answer.

"Tell you what," she said. "Go down to the lab nearby, there might be someone to see you." Daniel's mother winked and flashed a knowing smile.

"Fine," Daniel said grudgingly. He left the house and walked towards the large building that lay on top of a rather small hill. He reached the top slightly out of breath and walked through the automatic door. Inside he saw a few scientists at work. Not knowing where to go, Daniel just walked towards the oldest one there.

"You must be Daniel," the scientist said, shaking Daniel's hand. "My name is Professor Oak. Your mother told me that you would be showing up sooner or later. Come on."

The professor signaled for Daniel to follow him to another room. In it was a large machine that held one pokeball. Realization struck Daniel as he looked at them. His mother wanted him to start his journey here in the Kanto Region.

"Pick one," Professor Oak encouraged, pointing towards the pokeball. Daniel grabbed one of them and out came a ponyta. Daniel frowned.

"A ponyta," Daniel said, his happiness quickly creeping away. Daniel returned the pokemon and turned towards Professor Oak. "Is this the only pokemon that you have?"

"I am afraid- wait, there might be another one." Professor Oak began to ravage through drawers looking for something. He came back up holding a pokeball. "I complete forgot about this guy. No one ever wanted him."

He handed Daniel the pokeball and said, "Maybe you can be the one that finally chooses him." Daniel held out his hand and threw the pokeball into the air. The pokemon that came out of the ball was... a Teddiursa.

The Teddiursa innocently looked towards Daniel, stuffing a honey-soaked paw into it's mouth.

"He's... perfect!" Daniel exclaimed. He grabbed the Teddiursa and hugged it, getting honey all over his shirt. "I am naming you Hansel!"

"Good, good," Professor Oak said. "Now I would like you to do me a favor. Please take this pokedex." Oak handed Daniel 5 pokeballs, a pokedex, and a town map. "I want you to go out and catch as many pokemon as possible in order to fill this up. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes professor," Daniel smiled.

He was ready for his adventure into the world of pokemon.