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Skipper didn't even realise what was going on. All he knew was that one moment he was hearing Marlene call his name desperately and the other something pulled his wing and dragged him back to the pavement, all in a split second. Only when a motorbike's wheel passed just inches away from his eyes did he realise what had just happened. Marlene had... saved him? He turned around and there she was, staring wide-eyed at him.

"Are you OK?" she asked, panting. Dragging him back in just a second hadn't been easy considering he wasn't that light.

"Yes..." he got lost in her eyes. "You saved me."

"It was nothing" she said, feeling a bit uncomfortable under Skipper's deep glare. "Umm... shall we get going?"

"OK..." he said, his gaze still on her. He snapped out of it to cross the street, but as soon as they were in front of the gates, his eyes went back to her. Tell her... a voice in his mind spoke. Tell her now!


"Yes?" she asked, wondering why he insisted on looking at her.

"Uh..." Come on... "Thanks for saving me."

"As I told you before, it was nothing."

They just stared for a while.

"We should enter before anybody sees us."

Skipper just nodded. As they walked inside the zoo, he was trying to gather the courage to tell her. He hoped the otter didn't notice the battle that was going on inside him.

Tell her now!

What if she doesn't love me back? I'll look like an idiot and ruin our friendship.

Well, you'll never know unless you tell her.

I don't know if I want to risk that.

Isn't she worth it?

No! I mean yes! I mean... I don't know!

You should, considering you're in love with her...

Yes, but I have little experience in this! How do I tell her?

Just say the three words.

It's not that easy.

Stop thinking about it and say it!

"Well... see you later, Skipper." They had already arrived at her habitat and he hadn't realised it.

"Yeah, I guess so..."

As she jumped over the brick wall, he felt something inside him push him and called, "Marlene!"

She poked her head from behind the wall. "Yeah?"

He took a deep breath. He could feel those three words on his tongue, struggling to get out, but his inexperience stopped them.

"Uhh... you fought well." And before she could say a word, he had slid on his belly back to the HQ. Marlene stared at the spot in which he'd been standing a second ago.

"Thanks" she whispered.

"Are you talking to de sky spirits? Because dey are at the sky, not on the ground, you know."

The otter turned her head and saw Julien in his throne, looking at her.

"Why are you looking at de king like dat?"

"Like what?"

"Like de look you have on your face. You're scaring de royal king."

Marlene blinked, wondering what look she could have on her face. Then she just shook her head and went back to her cave, leaving Julien a bit confused.

Skipper, who was watching the scene from the water in his habitat, smiled. This was why he loved Marlene. Eww... That thought sounded strange on his mind. It was as if someone was playing romantic music right next to his ear.

Romantic music. A light seemed to turn on in his brain, and he smiled to himself as he thought of a plan to tell Marlene his true feelings.

Marlene was up on the roof of her cave, looking at the moon and thinking. She couldn't sleep. Today's events where running through her mind, and there was too much to ponder. First, the fact that Dr. Blowhole really existed, which implied that the penguins had never lied. Even more unbelievable, that Julien had never lied and he had acted as a double agent and saved the penguins. So not like him. But then, she also wondered what Skipper really wanted to tell her. She was sure that he'd lied when he tried to talk to her. And the way he had stared at her... it wasn't like him, at all.

She was so submerged in her thoughts that she didn't notice the steps coming to her cave, stopping for a moment, then climbing up and walking next to her. It wasn't until he spoke that she noticed him.

"Can't sleep?"

Marlene jumped and looked at the penguin.

"Did I scare you?"

"No, no, it's OK..." She was thinking of something to say until she noticed what he had with him. "Isn't that Antonio's guitar?" she said.

"Yes, it is."

"How did you get him to lend it to you?"

"That's... classified."

Marlene rolled her eyes as she knew that "classified" meant that there had been some punching and threatening involved, but she didn't pursue the matter.

"And what do you want it for anyway?"

"I just wanted to learn how to play it, and Antonio was kind enough to teach me a song. Do you want to hear it?"

Marlene got the sensation that this was why he had come here.

"Umm... sure."

Skipper smiled and began playing.

Acostumbrado (Accustomed)

Equivocado (Wrong)

No veo el cielo (I can't see the sky)

Está nublado (It's cloudy)

Marlene was surprised he was singing in Spanish, and she wondered if he knew what he was saying. However, he surely knew how to play. And he sang surprisingly well.

Apareciste sin que te buscara nadie, no esperaba (You appeared without anyone looking for you, I wasn't expecting) Encontrarte ahí (To find you there)

Tal vez tu risa no tenía sombras, no tenía cara (Maybe your laughter didn't have any shadows, it didn't have a face)

Fue todo lo que vi (It was all I saw)

Me prestaste un beso, me prestaste calma (You lent me a kiss, you lent me calmness)

Me prestaste todo lo que me faltaba (You lent me everything I didn't have)

Na na na na na na

Na na na na

This surprised Marlene even more, and the way in which he looked at her, as if he knew what he was saying...

Tenés la receta justa para hacerme sonreír (You have the right recipe to make me laugh)

Y todo el tiempo (And all the time)

Sabés lo que me asusta (You know what scares me)

Sabés lo que me gusta estar con vos (You know how much I like to be with you)

Me robaste el cuerpo, me robaste el alma (You stole my body, you stole my soul)

Ya es tuya la voz con la que antes cantaba (It's yours, the voice with which I used to sing)

Na na na na na na

Na na na na

Na na na na na na

Na na na na

Me quitas el sueño, me quitas el habla (You take away my sleep, you take away my speech)

Pero si estoy con vos no necesito nada (But if I'm with you I don't need anything)

Na na na na na na

Na na na na

No necesito nada (I don't need anything)

Na na na na na na

Na na na na

No necesito nada...

He continued singing that, growing gradually quieter, until the song was over.

"Skipper, all the things that song says... do you understand them?"

"I do."

"Then... why did you choose it?"

"Because I mean it, Marlene, all of it." He looked at her with an expression she'd never seen on him before. "I love you."

The otter was just speechless. Yes, she'd been wondering about his behaviour today, but she'd never imagined that was what was behind it!

And yet it seemed to make sense. Not only that, but she felt it was right. In a way, it was as if she'd always known she would end up with him.

"And I love you too" she found herself answering.

Skipper just smiled. None of them said anything, they just leaned in and kissed. It was soft, tender, and sweet, and nothing like any of them would have ever imagined. After a while, Marlene pulled back and chuckled.

"I thought you believed love to be a waste of time" she said, though jokingly.

"Well, I have to eat my own words now" he answered.

"That's great. It's good to swallow your pride every once in a while, you know. It makes you more humble."

Skipper laughed.

"I guess so."

Marlene laughed too. Then she put her head on his shoulder and looked at the moon.

"Didn't Antonio teach you more songs? I'd love to listen to you play again."

"No, he didn't. But that can be fixed if you want to."

"Considering what that jerk did to me, I'll let you do to him whatever it is that you're planning."

"Good. Although I would have done it even if you hadn't let me."

Marlene smiled and closed her eyes. Skipper put an arm around her and allowed the love in the atmosphere to get into his mind. It was an alien presence, but he knew he could get used to it. And Marlene was definitely worth it.

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