Duncan Evans didn't get jealous. Never had he once gotten jealous over a girl.

At least, he used to be able to say that. Now? Not so much.

Maybe the saying was true; all guys wanted what they couldn't have. Because, a few days ago, if you had asked Duncan if he'd ever even thought about dating Courtney Callahan, he would of laughed in your face. To him, she was nothing more than a bit of entertainment in his dull school life. And to her, the Juvenile Delinquent was the most infuriating person in the entire world; sent from the underworld to torture her for some mistake she must of made in the past sixteen years.

But, a lot can change in four days, as the two now know.

And this, is where our story begins.

"I swear, Bridgette, he just loves making my life a living hell." Courtney ranted into her cell phone, while walking home from school that Thursday afternoon. It was the middle of May, and Bridgette, -Courtney's best friend- was home sick with the flu. Now, the brunette's original intention had been to check up on the blond surfer chick to see how she was. But then, Bridgette had asked, "How was school?" and just like a trigger, it set Courtney off into rant mode.

"Court, I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you made it sound," the blond paused to cough a few times before speaking again. "you know how you have that habit of blowing things way out of proportion."

"He told the Teacher I had drugs in my backpack! DRUGS! My Science Teacher searched my bag, Bridgette! In front of the entire class! And when he didn't find anything, Duncan just shrugged and said; Guess I was wrong. I'm only looking out for Princess' health." She mimicked his tone of voice perfectly.

"But you didn't get in trouble or anything, right?"

"Well, no, but do you know how embarrassed I was?!" Courtney shouted into the phone, and caused Bridgette to wince at the volume.

"I know you're upset, but you just have to calm down. Go home and do some yoga or something." The blond advised, and sneezed once.

"Sorry, Bridge. I know I'm talking your ear off. I'm almost home anyway, I'll call you tomorrow." Bridgette murmured a quick goodbye, and the former CIT shut her phone.

"Princess!" Oh god, no.

Spinning around to face the street, Courtney was suddenly hit with three water balloons. Duncan rode passed her house on his bike, laughing the whole way.

"Ugh! Duncan!" She screeched as he made a U-turn and stopped side her.

"Mm, nice bra, Darling. Red, Lacey, Nice. I approve." Glancing down at her soaked tank top, she shrieked and rushed inside, ready to go back out and gouge out the boy's eyes with a knife.

He was lucky all the stake knives were currently being ran through the dishwasher.

Riding toward his home a few blocks away from Courtney's, Duncan smirked to himself.

Damn, that girl just made it so easy. The simplest things would tick her off, though it made the game he was playing that much more fun.

Hell, the mocha skinned female should of counted herself lucky that Duncan had felt a tad bit merciful that day, and not filled the balloons with orange hair dye like he'd planned. She would of been orange for weeks.

After the drug search, and the water balloons, the teal eyed boy vaguely wondered if he should make it three in a row. Maybe he could-

Before he could start brainstorming some ideas, his cell buzzed in his shorts pocket. So pulling onto the sidewalk, the Bad Boy stuck his phone to his ear. "Wassup?"

"Hey, Dude! You'll never guess what's happening!" Geoff launched into a story before Duncan was even given a chance to think about what the Party Boy was talking about.

"We're getting a transfer student tomorrow!" He finished, after a too long explanation that had been putting the mowhawk wearing teenager to sleep.

"A new student? That's it?" Duncan asked incredulously.

"Man, think of the possibilities. It could be a hot, Swedish, babe!" That lit off a spark of interest inside Duncan's head.

"Do you know if it's a chick or a dude?"

"Nah. I just got the text from DJ, he's the one who told me about the new student. He got a phone call from Carter, who got a e-mail from Emily, who heard a rumor from Joe, who talked to a Teacher who-"

"Okay, okay, I get it! You don't know." Duncan finally cut off his blabbing friend, who chuckled in response.

"Well, he or she is gonna be in our home room tomorrow morning. Guess we'll find out then."


"Oh, I gotta run, Man. I'm planning a kick ass party for tomorrow night. You in?" He could practically see the cowboy hat wearing guy's ecstatic smile.

"You know I'm in. Nine o-clock?"

"Yeah. Later, D."

"See ya, Geoff."

Hanging up his cell and stuffing it back into his pocket, thoughts of the girl he had just throw water balloons at were forgotten. And getting back on his bike, Duncan smirked.

I hope it's a Swedish chick.

AN: I'm actually excited about starting this story. But don't worry, I'm still gonna update Her Mask, as well. I just decided to do this as a little side project for when I'm not writing HM. So, tell me what'cha thought!