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Courtney sucked in a breath, determined to keep her wits about her. Her Mother had always admitted the girl would be a very talented actress, -however her Parents found acting almost as unpractical as being a Rock Star- so putting that skill to good use, the brunette forced another smile.

"I see, so you're Matt's sister."

The blond nodded her head, smiling back, though hers looked like more of sly, Cheshire Cat smile. "You and your boyfriend have caused my brother a great deal of trouble."

"We cause him-" The former CIT bit her tongue, mid snap, and reeled in her anger with some effort. "I apologize."

Carly chuckled, much to the brunette's displeasure. "It would of been so much easier if you guys just stayed away. Why did you come looking for Matthew?"

"Isn't that obvious?" The teenage girl tried to keep her tone light and casual, as if talking about a movie she saw on TV. "We have to get him put in jail, before he harms someone else."

"Why do you have to be the ones to do it? What about the Police?"

"Don't you think they would of caught him by now, if they were even remotely reliable?" Courtney mentally winced, picturing the dirty look she would of got from Duncan's mother for that comment.

She shrugged her shoulders in reply, before pushing her hair back from her face. "I think it's incredibly stupid, and naivé of you, to think you two could catch my brother."

The dark eyed girl ignored her statement,"Why would you help him? And what's your part in all this, anyways?"

"Because he's my little brother, Courtney. I'll help him however I can, like a good big sister would. And as for my part in this, well," She leaned over to the desk beside her, that was littered with books, till her fingers clutched around something sleek and black, that was hidden from view.

"If you had a younger sibling, you'd want to help protect him or her, at all costs. Right?" Carly asked innocently, as Courtney froze in the presence of the gun the blond held, now pointed to her forehead.

Duncan, now is the time when you burst through the door and save the day!

The rain was making it harder to see, as water kept dripping into his eyes, so heavy that it felt like someone was standing over him, pouring buckets on only him.

"I'm a moron." Duncan mumbled to himself, kicking at an empty pop can on the side of the road, as he trekked down the street, hands in his pockets. His legs wouldn't allow him to run any longer, even though the adrenaline still pulsed through his veins. "A moron for ever falling in love with her. She's more trouble than she's worth." Despite his words, he knew, if given the chance, he wouldn't of done anything different. Except, he most likely would of strangled Mathew Thomas to death the first day he met him.

House coming into view, he breathed a short sigh of relief and rushed up the long, paved driveway until he reached a big black gate. Why did every mansion have to have a gate?

Pursing his lips, and deciding it was too wet to climb it, he jabbed his finger into the intercom, that buzzed, but no one picked up.

"I doubt anyone will answer."

Spinning on his heel with a gasp of surprise, the new gun he'd picked up the night before, while Courtney had been asleep, felt very heavy in his pocket.

"I didn't think finding you would be so easy." The Punk grunted out, and Matt grinned in response.

"Ditto." He chirped, pushing his soaked blond bangs from his eyes. "My sis did say you were running around the streets, so I should of guessed you were coming here."

Pulling the gun from his back pocket, he pointed it at the blond, who frowned.

"That's right, Matt. I beat you at your own game. Either you come with me quietly or I put a hole through your stomach like you did mine." A his veins were filled with so much adrenaline, he felt almost invincible. But then, his opponent's word's sunk in. "You're...sis? ...Carly?"

Matthew smirked in response.

"Fuck." Duncan hissed, shooting a glance at the house from the corner of his eye.

"That's right, Duncan. You really can't win, here. Now, about coming quietly..."

"Bet this feels like one of those cop shows, huh? Where the bad guy pulls a gun on the cop, then the back up arrives and takes the bad guy down? Except I doubt you'll have any backup." Carly babbled on, but Courtney wasn't listening, her eyes were focused in the gun, staring pointedly at the trigger, heart pounding so loud it hurt her ears. She really was all alone. Duncan wasn't going to burst through the door like last time...

It might not have any bullets in it, but do I really wanna take that chance? The girl thought, testing her luck by shifting over a little, and Carly's finger tightened on the trigger.

"Going to try and run, are you? That's probably not a very good idea." Courtney held her breath and took a quick step to the side, and the gun fired off, bullet skimming her hair as it passed and shattered the window behind her. There was no doubt now, of whether or not the gun had bullets in it.

"Lucky." Carly smiled, seeming to be thoroughly enjoying this.

The brunette female closed her eyes and took three deep breaths. The bullet had been too close for comfort. Hearing the rain pour against the ground, she wondered how Duncan was, but only for an instant, as an idea struck her.

"I never... I never wanted this to happen!" She cried suddenly, falling to her knees, and pretending to blink back tears. "I didn't want to get tangled up in this mess. I don't want to die..." Courtney whispered, hiccuping, and letting tears flow freely.

The model blond took a couple steps closer, and towered over her, but looked almost a little sympathetic. "You poor girl. You know, out of all the ladies Matthew has show an interest in, you were definitely the prettiest. So for that reason, I'll show you a little mercy. I'll make this very quick, you won't feel a thing, alri-"

Before the young woman could finish her sentence, she was caught off guard by a large shard of glass being jabbed into her leg. Courtney was pleased with herself as the woman wailed in pain, before she tumbled over onto the wooden table, striking her head against it, and sending her tea cup sliding off and also shattering on the tile below. The teenager hoped she'd stuck the glass in the blonde's leg hard enough to keep her there for a couple minutes.

Steal the gun, or run? Her mind buzzed, and figuring taking the gun was too risky considering the limited amount of time she'd have, she ran up the first set of stairs she could find. The front door hadn't been an option, considering the big gate she'd had to get through. Carly would shoot her before she made it over the gate. Besides, with a house this huge, she should be able to find a room to hide in, no problem.

Flinging open doors as she ran, then shutting them loudly when the room was too small, or didn't provide a good enough hiding spot, she came across what looked like the staircase that led to the attic. No, that would be the first place she'd check. Come on, think!

Passing another hallway that had a long window on the end, that gave a nice view of the front gate, and drive way, she noticed two figures standing before it. Squinting through the darkness, she saw a glimpse of Duncan's bright green hair as he started retreating down the driveway with a man the girl had a bad feeling was Matthew.

Ready to slam her fists against the glass and call to him, she realized she couldn't. It would give away her currently very open location, to Carly, who Courtney prayed was still downstairs.

She blew out a soft breath, and whispered a quick, "Please, don't do anything stupid, Duncan." before continuing her search for a hiding place, where she wouldn't be found.