WELL HAI THAR! =D You thought the story was finished, right? WELL YOU WERE-CORRECT! The story is finished! This is the lost(deleted) Hirowaki chapter that originally was chapter...3? Yeah, I think it was 3. Anywho, I liked this chapter and was sad I had to take it out, but it was no longer part of the plot. Originally, Usagi was DEAD. As a doornail. Which was never alive to begin with so that saying is stupid, but you get my meaning, right? =P But then suddenly, I changed the whole direction of the story and he wasn't actually dead and then this chapter was no longer needed and I replaced it with the current chapter 3...blahblahblah. You get my point.

SO, ENJOY THIS EXTRA, NON-PLOT RELATED CHAPTER. I just thought it was a waste, having it sit here in my laptop, not being read...

Nowaki opened the door and stepped into the dark bedroom. The curtains over the windows were drawn tight and the only light came from the digital clock by the bed. He walked over and sat carefully on the edge.

"Are you awake?" He spoke softly, just in case the answer was no.

"…yeah…" Hiro's voice was quiet and raspy.

"Do you want something to eat? It's almost lunch time."

Nowaki felt Hiro shift and roll over. "…no. I'm not hungry."

"Hiro-san…" Nowaki turned to look at him. In the dim light from the clock Hiro's face was visible, staring towards the ceiling.

"…I just…I can't believe it. Akihiko…" Hiro's voice broke and he shut his eyes tightly. "Up until yesterday, I was still denying it…denying reality…but now…now I…"

Nowaki reached out to stroke his lover's hair. "I know, Hiro-san. I know. You loved him…"

"No!" Hiro sat up suddenly, startling Nowaki. "That's not it! I mean…well, for a long time, I did love him. But not anymore…at least, not in that way. He's my best friend." He hugged his knees to his chest. "Still, it feels…like there's a hole. A big, gaping hole, straight through my heart."

Nowaki could feel his heart breaking along with Hiro's. the man he loved was in pain and there was nothing he could do to take that pain away. He leaned over and pulled Hiro in close. "It's okay, Hiro-san. I understand."

Hiro's shoulders shook as his tears soaked into Nowaki's shirt. "Akihiko…"

They stayed that way for a long time.

LOL how OOC is Hiro-san? Well, it's supposed to be a sappy emotional piece, so being slightly OOC is what works! And I'm sure even Hiro-san can act like this when someone close to him dies! SO THERE! /shot/ (DUUUUUUDE, this was written MONTHS AGO. Like, you don't even know, this was so long ago. I don't even remember exactly when LMAO) Well, now I'm done with this story. Like, completely done this time. No more random "lost chapters." xD As always, thanks for reading and please review! HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! (or whatever day of the week you happen to read this)

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