Who knew that life could be so fearful,

So lovely,

So horrid,

So beautiful,

So frightening,

So amazing?

Who knew that life could be so trusting,

So cozy, with the right one by your side?

Who knew that life could be so dark,

So cold,

So lonely,

So depressing, with evil on your mind?

Who knew that life could be so crazy,

So insane,

So maddening, with a Hatter as a friend?

As a March Hare as your friend?

Who knew that life could be so cryptic,

So frustrating,

So alarming, with a Cheshire as a friend?

Most of all,

Who knew that life could be so adventurous,

So bold,

So colorful,

So mysterious,

Living in Wonderland,

Living in Underland?

I must admit: At first, this was just suppose to be a random poem, not at all about Alice in Wonderland. But then I realized it would be, could be, made into a poem for Underland. So when it says, the "right one by your side", that wasn't about anyone in particular. It was just random. You can dream, fantasize, think, analyze, whatever about what that phrase means; it could be true. Just know that I don't what it represents myself. Most of the poem is in Alice's pov, but when it says "evil on your mind", that's in the Red Queen's pov. I hope you guys like it! This is not based off the origional "Alice in Wonderland" but the movie made in 2010 by Tim Burton. I mostly love his movies, but have only seen a few. I LOVE his version of Alice in Wonderland. His wife did an amazing part as the Red Queen.

P.S. about my other stories, sorry I haven't updated in a while, I think it's mostly been off my mind. Writer's Block has entered the building and made me forget. Sorry!