Bella has just moved to Forks, Washington, after her mother has remarried. She lives with her dad, Charlie Swan - who is the Chief of Police in the town. Bella expects her stay at this seemingly boring town, to be what else - boring. But, her life is turned upside down when she enters the high school grounds, and meets an odd family of four - the Cullen Siblings. And, she also meets one loner who takes a possessive liking to her - Edward Masen. Everyone says that Edward Masen is the bad boy - the rebel - of the town. But, Bella can't escape Edward when he begins to get very... "touchy-feely" towards the human girl. Even with the warnings of the Cullen Siblings, it's not enough to rescue Bella from the possessive lone... vampire? Join in on this new twist of Stephanie Meyer's story Twilight and see what will lie ahead for Bella and this dark, new and smexy vampire...

Rated "M" for suggestive - NOT "into detail" - adult themes; Dark/Possesive-ward. (A/U and OOC. [And BTW: This Edward - MY Edward - will have one more power added to his mind- reading ability. XD])

(And anyone uncomfortable with a Dark/Possesive/Perverted type of Edward, I suggest that you don't read this - at all! XD This Edward will seriously be different from SM's Edward Cullen.)

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Darkness of Twilight


Who could've possibly know how my life would take such a dramatic turn?

I had came to the rainiest place on Earth - Forks, Washington - and that's when my life had taken the twist of its ride. Meeting new friends - the Cullens and Edward Masen - had changed my perspective of the mythical world. Not only had I gained new friends and enemies alike, I had also gained the ability to love such a creature - one who can control his bloodlust towards me and other humans.

Edward Masen wasn't a monster like everyone had thought of him; he was a tortured soul, lost in the world without one concept that could complete him. He only wanted - no, needed - a mate. He wanted that special someone that would stay by his side forever, and one who could love him irrevocably for who he is. No one could really get close enough without being drank dry from those razor sharp "fangs" of his; and most of the time, none really came to his "standards" of his perfect mate.

That is until I came into the picture.

From the very first day we've met in that Biology classroom, and to when he confronted me behind the school, I had became his officially. He told me that my scent - a floral aroma of freesia, strawberries and lavender all wrapped up into one - was overbearing to his nostrils; my scent had practically drove him to his brink. That's when he began following me around, his hands touching anything they can grasp, and his nose never once leaving my albino skinned neck. His always pitch black eyes both sent shivers of fear and pleasure throughout my body. Those thin and pale lips were so cold yet so perfect when he would kiss my skin possessively, as if making sure that he was making his territory - his claim - clear to other vampires that I belonged to him, and no one else, and that if anyone ever dares to take me away from him, that they'll have to deal with his high temper.

One of the Cullen Siblings - Alice to be exact - has tried numerous times to drag me away from Edward, and usually, that ended badly because Edward would be furious at Alice, saying that I was his and she had no right to "steal one's property". You would think that I would be angered at the fact that I, Isabella Marie Swan, would be claimed as someone's property; that I would go on a hell bent tantrum for being called such a thing. Ah, but you are incorrect; I found it very... sexy, that Edward would claim me as his property, that he was so protective of me and that he wouldn't let anyone steal me away from him.

As I had stated earlier, I had fallen in love with Edward Masen, for underneath his vulgar demeanor towards most women before me, he was but a possessive, tortured lost creature who was looking for love, and he had found the answer when I came to this town that I thought I would hate. There was no way that I could find any trace of me being disgusted or terrified of Edward for what he is, and how he had also fallen in love with me.

I mused all of this to myself while I was staring up at Edward Masen himself, not even shrieking in fright, not cringing in fear, not moving away for self protection - from my Edward's lovely ruby red orbs that were staring down lovingly at me. He looked positively powerful and like a movie vampire that was depicted as pale, immortal, inhumanly beautiful and hypnotic that were wrapped around his bloody irises. He had told me at one point in his life that instead of following the Cullen Family ways when he was transformed into what he is to this day, he decided to go for the more "masculine" approach unlike how they only hunted animals, and only hunted on humans from Seattle and/or from other towns in either of the states of the US.

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