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This story is a compilation of one-shots focusing on Kimberly and Skull. I really liked the interaction between the two and there are so few stories about them, so I decided to combine a bunch of one-shots that have piled up in my head into one story. I'll try to update often, but for starters here is the first story.

His eyes watched the swan dancing before him. Technically she called it step-aerobics, but the way her body twirled and swayed reminded him more of a dance. Her long legs hit each step with the right amount of force, each toe in synchrony with the music. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail, but a few strands broke free and bounced about her face. The pink stockings accentuated every muscle in her leg. The backline of her leotard swooped down to the center of her back. He enjoyed watching when her face turned from him displaying her toned back. Her arms swooped up above her head then down by her hips, then swirled around her waist. Her movements were perfect. She herself was an incarnate of perfection.

The music ended along with the movements. The teenage boy sighed; he could watch her dance forever. The girl clapped her hands and turned to face the crowd standing sloppily behind her. Her smile congratulated the lot of them with encouraging thoughts of their performance. The guy watching snorted as he thought of how the bunch looked like chickens pecking for grain when compared to the pink crane standing in front.

She dismissed the group and turned to face the table where her friends usually waited for her to accompany them. Her eyes fell down to the communicator that had been programmed to give the time. The hour agreed with her notions that they should have already arrived. Concern took hold of her which soon passed knowing she would have been notified if any of them were in danger. She glanced around the youth center to find teens, most of which she knew by name, performing many activities, but not one face belonged to her closest friends. Her eyes narrowed and she groaned when her vision caught the young boy whose eyes always seemed to be fixed on her. She concluded by the goofy smile that he had been watching her dance again.

She fought with the idea of leaving on her own. Unless she climbed the railing, which would have been way to obvious, there was no other chance of steering away from him. The boy turned around in his seat, his body positioned at the right angle so that he would meet her when she passed by. If ever there was a time for an attack to divert the boy's attention, now would be the opportune moment.

At last two of her best friends walked through the door before she had the misfortune of having to speak to the scrawny punk whose lips parted with words meant for her. The burly boys, one dressed in red slacks and a red and blue flannel shirt and the other in black jeans and a multicolored dress shirt that buttoned down the middle, made their way over to the pink princess.

The tiny boy let out a small sigh and turned his attention back to the milkshake smothered in whipped cream that sat on the table in front of him. He wondered how the sweet concoction had yet to wind up on neither him nor his best friend who sat stuffing his face with a hoagie in the chair next to him.

She waltzed by him without having to give him the slightest glance.

"Give it up, Skull, she's not interested in you," the larger of the two spoke in between chewing.

Specks of masticated food flew from his mouth and landed on Skull's cheek. Skull wiped away the saturated crumbs and blew into the green straw. The milkshake bubbled, nearly splattering the cream on its owner.

She headed for the exit with the guys. The one clad in black said something that made her laugh. Her giggle pierced another arrow into Skull's heart.

"I know, Bulk," Skull said with another sigh. "I know she won't go for me, but I just wish she would just look at me." Skull placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward. "You know, actually look at me without hatred."

"Yeah well she thinks she's too good for you," Bulk stated.

"And why not? A queen has no business talking to a worm."

"She's no better than us," Bulk retorted. "What 'cause she's pretty and can dance and you can't. And she's strong while you're not. And she's—" Bulk ceased his words when he realized they only caused Skull pain.

"Exactly. She's perfect," Skull stated.

Skull groaned and kicked the table. The shake tilted and filled the boy's lap. Bulk laughed while Skull picked up a few napkins and began wiping away the liquid. Fortunately it was only vanilla and less likely to stain his pants. Ernie muttered about having to clean up yet another mess from his two best costumers, the only probable reason many believed the owner still allowed them to continue to eat in the building.

Skull stood up and happened to look behind him. There on the activity floor sat a white purse with pink polka dots and a white fuzzy trim. Had it belonged to anyone else he would have found it to be gaudy, yet the design matched Kimberly's personality with perfection. He twiddled his fingers for a few seconds as he pondered the options. He bit his lip as he went to retrieve the item.

"Where you going?" Bulk called after his friend.

"Have to run an errand, be right back," Skull called back.

Bulk shook his head when he noticed what object Skull clutched between his fingers. "He never learns," Bulk mumbled before taking another bite of his sandwich.

Just before he could step outside the purse's owner flew back inside, coming mere inches from smacking Skull in the face with the door.

"Skull, what are you—that's my purse!" Kimberly snapped grasping the shoulder strap.

"I know," Skull replied.

"You were trying to steal my purse!" Kimberly shouted. "That's low, even for you."

Jason and Zack peered around the doorway to catch the last few words. They decided to stay out of the squabble unless Kimberly required their assistance.

Skull attempted to clarify, "I wasn't stealing—"

"I thought you'd have better—"

"You're welcome!" Skull snapped and tossed the purse at Kimberly's face. "Next time I'll leave it there for someone to pick up and take." The boy turned and sulked away, grumbling under his breath. At that moment Kimberly realized her mistake. She placed the purse over her shoulder and gave the signal to her friends that she would join them momentarily.

"Skull, wait up!" Kimberly called.

Said male turned to meet the face of the one he so longed for.

"Look, I'm really, really sorry for what I said," Kimberly spoke trying not to make eye-contact.

"I may not be the best man, but I'm not a thief," Skull replied.

Kimberly nodded. "I understand. Gosh, I'm so, so sorry." She placed her hand upon his arm. "Can you ever forgive me?"

Skull's eyes met with Kimberly's. She was smiling. Smiling at him. For the first time since he could remember she was looking at him with something other than contempt. The heat from Skull's heart evaporated. There was no way he could remain angry at her when she asked for something he could for once grant her.

Skull nodded. "You're forgiven."

"Thanks," said Kimberly. She lifted her purse and nodded to him. "Thanks for everything."

"No, problem, Kimbo."

Kimberly giggled and thanked him again before returning to the other two. Skull watched her leave wondering if he would ever have a chance with her. Yet it remained that she was perfection. One good deed could not undo a lifetime of malicious acts, but it was a start. Perhaps if the outcome was as rewarding as what he just witnessed he could make an effort to perform more in the future. Perhaps he could never be perfect, but he could become a better person. One smile from the angel in pink unknowingly became the start of those selfless acts.