AN: My first story in a long time. Basically a series of little drabbles based on various musicals. So far on the list, after Little Shop of Horrors, is Grease, Phantom of the Opera, Avenue Q, Wicked, RENT, and Sweeny Todd. Yes, these are short (especially Mushnik's) but please, bear with me. If anybodt wants to see a longer one-shot of a certain drabble, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy!

Note One: A Sadist's Idea of Love (Orin)

Inspiration: Kiss With A Fist-Florence and the Machine

Orin was not what you'd call "traditional". He yelled at any and all authority figures during his childhood, spoke swear words before saying "Mama" and "Daddy", and never sought out a romantic relationship. Well, at least by normal standards. No, love for Orin was any woman dressed cheaply and could take a punch.

But, he dreamed. He dreamed of a woman who would not only take his punches, but throw a few of her own. He dreamed he'd pick up his mystery girl for a nice dinner, then, as his laughing gas high would wear off, he'd get aggressive. He'd through punch after punch until his girl would reach for a jar to break over his head. Their fight would bring new meaning to the term "Lover's Quarrel".

He had such high hopes for Audrey, the girl he had met at The Gutter. But, she turned out to be as sweet as cotton candy, despite her low-cut dresses and spiked heels. He pulled his motorcycle out in front of her apartment. He took a halfhearted puff of his nitrous oxide inhaler and stared at Audrey's door, waiting for her approach. "It's not what I wanted…but it's better then none."

Note 2: One More Night… (Audrey)

Inspiration: The Last Night-Skillet

"I'm telling you Audrey, you aren't safe with him!" Audrey dismissed Mr. Mushnik's call as she rushed out of the shop. If she was late for a date one more time, Orin would add another bruise to the colonies of purple splotches on her body.

She nearly collided with Seymour as he closed the door, marking the end of the day. "Oh! A-Audrey! I, uh, I didn't see ya there!" Seymour stuttered through his embarrassed grin. She tried to smile back. "Oh, it's okay Seymour. I'm fine." she replied.

Suddenly Orin's headlights came into view. Audrey's face dropped in fear. "Uh, G'night Seymour. Mista' Mushnik." she tried to squirm through the door. "Audrey." Seymour caught her wrist and looked at her so seriously she almost gasped. "Promise me this will be the last date with Orin." She tried to smile for her co-worker. "I-I'll try Seymour. I really will." Still a little unsatisfied, he let go and Audrey rushed out the door.

It was one of those rare nights Orin would act like a normal boyfriend. A gentleman, even. He kissed Audrey softly, then buckled her helmet on for her. She couldn't bear to leave him… This man, with no family or friends… nothing but his job.

And her.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, thinking silently, "One more night, just one more night." But as sure as the motorcycle was speeding through Downtown, Audrey would still be with him come tomorrow.

Note 3: Would You Run Away With Me? (Seymour)

Inspiration: Check Yes Juliet-We The Kings

Seymour watched happily as Audrey, unaware of his gaze, made a birthday arrangement for a client. Everything was going well for him now. He had the girl of his dreams, fame and fortune, and even Twoie was being uncharacteristically quiet these days. Sure, there was the thoughts about Orin and Mr. Mushnik's untimely demises, but he pushed those thoughts out of his mind. This was time to focus on the good things.

"Who's that for?" he began. "Missus Rigby, down on Fosta' street." Audrey answered, not looking up from the flowers. "Oh, nice." Seymour wondered how to approach the subject. He needed to know if Audrey loved him for him…or for the fame.

He decided to be blunt. "Audrey?" He waited for her to look up. "I-If we ever got enough money, wha…would you run away with me?" She beamed up at him. "In a heartbeat, Seymour."

Note 4: The Moon Knows (Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon)

Inspiration: Northern Downpour-Panic At The Disco

No one noticed the trio of friends standing in the shadows of the alleyway between Mushnik's Skid Row Florists and Audrey's little apartment. They alone watched Seymour talking with his strange plant, and Audrey trying to avoid a scene with her psycho dentist boyfriend.

"Mm, mm, mm. What's gonna happen now?" Chiffon asked her two friends, while easing herself onto a trash can. "I just hope Audrey and that little botanical genius get together. That dentist ain't nothing but trouble." Crystal remarked, with noises of agreement from Chiffon.

Ronnette, who was leaning against the mouth of the alley, was quietly staring at the moon. "Well, no one know the whole story." she stated after a while. "'Cept us." Crystal interjected. "No, not even us. We might know more then most, but not everything." Ronnette countered. Her friends murmured amongst themselves, taking in this new opinion. Ronnette continued to stare at the night sky.

"Sounds to me like Ronnette makes the most sense outta all of us. No one knows the whole story." "No one but the moon." Ronnette added almost inaudibly. Her friends came to stand at her flank. "No one but the moon." Crystal and Chiffon repeated solemnly.

Note 5: Someone For Everyone (Mr. Mushnik)

Inspiration: Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback

Mr. Mushnik stared at his two misfit employees making goo-goo eyes at each other. The world never ceased to amaze him. He was a firm believer in soul mates and it seemed two soul mates had just found each other. In his shop, no less!

He shook his head in disbelief, as he closed up shop and walked to his house next door.

He was assaulted with the scents of baking bread and warm soup. His wife stepped out of the kitchen. She spotted her husband and beamed. "Welcome home!" she exclaimed. He smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Yes, there's someone for everyone.