What Happens Next

A/N: This idea hit me while watching a show. I'm not going to say which show yet because it could give away what I want to do with this story. But in the mean time, I hope you enjoy it as much as I hope I'm going to enjoy writing, well typing, this story. Please tell me what you think afterwards.

Summary: When Emmett and Rosalie decide they are ready for the next step in their relationship, what will happen? Can they overcome all the troubles? EmXR AH

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, Stephenie Meyer or her characters that she had beautifully created.

Prologue: This is my Story

I lifted my head up to look at the angel that I had had my head on. His broad chest, the muscles that rippled with the simplest twitch, the always present smile and the dimples that went with it. This man was an angel and the best part, he's my angel. He told me no matter what, I would always be his and he would always be mine. We had a plan to go to college and after college, officially start our life together.

I looked at the ring that fit my finger perfectly and wondered what my parents would think. What would my brother think? Mom and dad will probably flip when they found out that I was engaged, but Jasper would understand. I mean he knew Emmett and I were in love, just like he was head over heels in love with Alice. I was wondering when they would actually do a little PDA at school. Bella says that they don't need to because just watching them look at each other is like they are having their own private moment and that she always feels the need to look away. I laughed when I first heard this but soon realized, she was right.

Bella and Edward are probably the cutest couple ever, though they probably would still be crushing on each other secretly if it wasn't for Alice's meddling. You see Alice and Edward are brother and sister although they look nothing alike. The only thing they share is their pale skin, but in Forks, Washington, who doesn't have pale skin?

And me? Well I'm Rosalie Hale. Long, blonde hair that waves gently down my back. Sparkling, blue eyes that can be as hard as steel when need be. To some, I'm a bitch but that's only because I know what they truly are and I don't want to be involved in that. To some, I'm the queen although I wish they would stop following me around. To some, I'm a friend or a shopping buddy. To some, I'm a sister whether it is biologically or not. And to one, I'm their angel and he wouldn't trade me for anything.

This is my story.