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Summary: When Emmett and Rosalie decide they are ready for the next step in their relationship, what will happen? Can they overcome all the troubles? EmXR AH

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Chapter Five: Five Months

Between the two month period and three month period, I had bad morning sickness. It was awful. Surprisingly though no one at school thought it was that though. I asked Esme if she knew something that could help with it. She said eating a lot of nuts helped her. So I made Emmett take me to the store to buy a can of mixed nuts. And Esme was right. I only got sick now when I ate carrots. I didn't know what it was about them but I guess the baby didn't like it.

Now though I've got a baby bump. I have a baby bump and if I wore loose clothes people would question me and if I wore my normal clothes people would question me. It was a lose-lose situation. I let Alice buy me some shirts that would still be cute and look nice.

Emmett liked the bump though. He said it gave him another reason to touch me. I rolled my eyes while Bella and Alice 'awed' at how cute Emmett was being. Edward and Jasper laughed at how Emmett was becoming a girl. I about bit their heads off for that.

Today was actually sunny so Alice brought out the picnic blanket we kept in her locker for days like this. We laid out the blanket and all sat down on it. Emmett sat behind me so I could lean against him. And like always his hands made their way toward my stomach.

Alice looked at us. "So what are you hoping it is?" She asked.

"Boy" "Girl" We said at the same time. Bella looked at Alice while I turned to look at Emmett.

"You want a girl?" I asked confused sure he would've wanted a boy.

"Well yeah I mean I always wanted to have another girl in my life that looks just like you. Plus I can get Alice to buy her shirts that say 'Daddy's little girl'" He said grinning at the thought. "And what about you and the boy? Don't you want another shopping buddy?"

I glanced at Alice seeing that she wasn't paying attention. "I go shopping too much sometimes." I whispered and right on cue, Emmett's booming laugh appeared.

"I love you Rosie." His smile was absolutely stunning.

"I love you Emmett." I returned and pecked his lips.

Like always, Jessica and Lauren come to ruin our moment. "So Rosalie. Is it true? Are you really prego?" Jessica asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes I am now could you please leave so we can spend our lunch in private?" I gestured to my friends and I seeing as we never liked those two. Lauren flipped out her phone and started texting immediately. They walked off together telling the whole school.

"I really don't like them." Bella said glaring at them. We all started laughing which caused Bella to blush.


Emmett and I sat in the waiting room. I was here for the monthly check up that we had been going to like good little parents. I had asked our doctor, Dr. Persona, if we could listen to the heartbeat today and she said that that would be a great experience for us. To say I was excited was an understatement. Alice wanted to come along but I wanted it to just be Emmett and me for this.

"Rosalie Hale?" The nurse called out and we stood together walking back toward the room. "You know the drill and Dr. Persona should be here in a bit." She said looking at her clipboard the whole time. She shut the door and walked away.

By the time I was situated and ready for Dr. Persona, she had walked in and was preparing everything. "So Rosalie, everything feeling alright?" She asked getting the gel out and ready to squeeze it. I lifted up my shirt so she could put it on my stomach.

"Yes." I said shyly. Emmett sat beside me holding my hand.

"Good. Are you ready to hear your baby's heartbeat?" She asked smiling at me.

"I've been waiting all day for it." I said grinning back. The gel was cold as always but I just wanted to see the baby and hear its heartbeat.

"There's the head." She started to point out all the parts. "Two hands, two feet. Everything looks perfectly normal. Maybe you're next visit we will be able to determine the sex of your baby. Now as for the heartbeat." She said and I waited. Suddenly you could hear a rhythmic da-dump throughout the room. My smile grew and I turned to Emmett to see his eyes watering.

"That's our baby. That's my baby." He mumbled to himself. My grin grew even bigger if that was even possible. Emmett brought my hand to his lips and placed a kiss on it.

"Alright-y then. Rosalie, Emmett, I'll see you next month. Don't forget to stop and make your next appointment with the receptionist." Dr. Persona said before leaving.

We got back out to the waiting area and made the appointment for next month. "Here you go deary. Your pictures." The receptionist gave me the pictures from earlier and I knew Alice would be begging me to see them once I saw her tomorrow.

"Thank you." I said and then Emmett and I walked out.


"So how did the appointment go?" My dad asked as we walked into the house. My mom had gone away on a long-term 'business trip' but we all knew she went to go stay with our parents. She couldn't stand looking at me anymore. It hurt at first but Emmett told me that she didn't deserve to look at me anyways. Dad and Emmett got along much better without my mom here.

"It was amazing Dad! We got to hear the heartbeat." I said walking up to him and hugging him. I kissed his cheek then walked to the living room to sit down.

"Oh did you like hearing it?" He asked probably remembering when he heard Jasper and mine hearts beat.

"Liked it? I loved it. Emmett even teared up." I said kissing Emmett's cheek who had come to sit beside me.

"There was something in my eye." He mumbled.

My dad laughed. "Sure there was Emmett. Is everyone else coming over tonight?" He asked. Alice loved coming over after appointments, mostly because she wanted to look at the pictures. She would drag Bella along and Edward would come too.

"You know Alice is going to and that means she's going to bring Bella who will bring Edward so why do you bother asking?" Emmett asked him.

"Just making sure." He said then disappeared into the kitchen to cheek on dinner.

Just then the door busted open and something short with black hair came flying through it. "Show me the pictures, Rosalie Lillian Hale." I rolled my eyes and took them out of my purse that I had conveniently set beside the couch.

"Thanks for knocking." I said handing her the pictures.

"Didn't have to, Jasper opened the door for me. After all he was over at my house until we headed here." She said taking the pictures over to the chair.

Bella and Edward came in behind Jasper but Bella hearing the bit about knocking, knocked on the wall. I smiled at her and she grinned back. Jasper picked up the remote and put the basketball game on. Bella and Alice looked at the picture while the boys talked to the T.V. like it would respond.

"Aw c'mon ref! That was a foul!" Emmett shouted at the T.V. I sighed wondering if our baby would be a sports fanatic like Emmett. I sure hope not. Just five more months 'til I meet you baby. Five more months.