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It was raining. Each drop of water coming harder than before, and if it weren't for the umbrella the girl held in her hands, she would have been drenched to the bone. But, even despite the rain, she just stood there, holding the umbrella, as if waiting for something to happen. As if expecting something different to happen today…something… anything.

"Oh, what the…" the girl only manage to shake her head in annoyance as her mind wondered off on her. "Like anything could change," she murmured, as she began her walk again. "This rain isn't going to stop that horde of perverts from bothering me every morning…not even Daddy, or Nabiki…no matter how many times they talk to that jerk…they just won't stop..." She sighed. Really, what was she expecting for the rain to change? Rain didn't bring change, maybe floods, but never change…sincerely, would a drop of water make any difference?

Deciding it was best to continue on home, the girl walked a little faster than before. Just then she came to an abrupt stop, as faint screams of panic caught her ears. Feelings of panic and fear dared to cross through Akane Tendo's mind as she forced herself to see the change that which the rain had brought her...


Jump. Strike. Jump. Strike. Run. Maybe a kick or two.

No matter what the young redhead girl did, the giant beast still kept going at her, throwing punches that crushed the stone or metal that stood before it, causing panic and chaos to break loose around them.

Damn! Out of all the places! Why here! Why in a fuckin' crowded street, damnit! The girl thought, jumping again, as she evaded the punch. The redhead responded to the beast's own attack by sending a solid kick on the creature's horned head. It crumbled to the ground, before its large white wings took him to the air, where he was met by the redhead, and engage into a punching match in the sky. Seeing that the girl wasn't giving on, the creature made a sudden turn, and slammed the girl with its strange green tail.

"Ark!" The blow sent the redhead crashing into the cold and wet pavement, as blood made its way out of her mouth. Spitting the metallic tasting liquid out, the redhead glanced wearily at the people in the area, all screaming and shaking in fear. A few, a little daring than others, stood still watching the fight, while the bolder ones took out their cameras and started to film the fight. The girl snorted at the scene; idiots, the lot of them.

What a bunch of morons…she looked up, the creature was flying still preparing for the girl to meet him up in the air once more. That asshole doesn't stop…and this others are too stupid to run…I got to finish this fast! And I have ta finish it now! Taking a deep breath, the girl jumped once more, once again meeting the giant beast in the air, tackling it with her small, petite body, which took the creature by surprise. Both fell to the ground, the girl holding unto the creature's horns so it could land, headfirst, into the floor. The plan worked, and the beast gave a cry of pain as its face crashed against the ground, meanwhile the girl did a back flip as soon as the head hit the pavement, before kicking the beast on the back. Another cry of pain was heard, as the girl did another back flip, and landed away from the monster, breathing harder.

"Damn it, you moron! What da hell ya startin' a fight here for! You're gonna hurt someone, damn it!" the redhead yelled, fists clenching, as she spit a bit of blood out of her mouth. "Pantyhose, I'm warning ya! Leave me the heck 'lone!" As if by magic, the giant creature or Pantyhose, as the young girl had called it, raised itself up, a bright red aura around it. It turned to look at her and cried out.

In a blind fury, the Pantyhose beast flew towards the small girl, as the latter got into a defensive stance. A series of punches came from the monster before her, but the girl stood her ground, despite the pain visible on her face. …ya…little…ass…Pantyhose…Taking another hit, the girl finally found an opening in her foe's attack, and quickly punched the Pantyhose creature, catching it by surprise. But, the surprise wasn't enough to distract the green tail, which once more caught the girl unexpected. The hit of the tail got the redhead hard, sending her crashing against a nearby fence, breaking it without mercy, as yelps of surprise and fear circled the two.

"…ow…" the girl growled, staring back at the monster, who jumped to punch her again, but this time, the small redhead was ready. She received the Pantyhose's punch with a kick to the face, something that forced the creature to stop its attack. The girl jumped, and kicked the monster on the head, making it slam against the remains of the broken fence. "PANTYHOSE!" she cried out, as the Pantyhose beast suddenly turned around and tried to strike her with its tail again, missing by a few inches. "Get the hell outta here!" the girl went on, as the creature decided to renew its attack on the small redhead. "I gotta." She dodged a punch to the head, that broke concrete behind her. "Nothin' to do." She jumped out of the way of an uppercut. "With that letch anymore! NOT EVER AGAIN!" As the redhead screamed out those words, her fists and arms began to glow in a reddish tint, as she dodged another punch. "HI NI YAKAREMASU!" Before the Pantyhose beast could even blink, fire engulfed the girl's hands, and she began to send dangerous and fast speed punches towards her giant foe, none which it could evade. (1) The redhead continued with her attack, until the flames diminished, before giving the dazed creature a roundhouse kick, sending it towards the gray skies above.


The small crowd that had formed during the fight watched in awe as the cry of the Pantyhose creature was heard, before some turned their attention towards the redhead girl. She slowly began to lower to her knees, her arms holding her up, as the raindrops hit her. The girl slightly flinched as the drops of water hit her unhealed bruises, but she paid it no mind. Looking up at the sky, the girl muttered something along the lines of 'asshole' and 'why does he bother me?' before looking back at the ground. Every fiber of her body hurt like hell, and the gawking crowd behind her cared so little. Not that she cared…but, would it be too much to ask for someone to get her to the doctor's office or maybe to a hospital?

She was breathing harder now, her lungs barely catching air. Damn that pops, she thought bitterly, the pain coming harder than before. He knows how fuckin' irritating Pantyhose can get…why he leave me 'lone when I need him? …at least he bothers with bandages…unlike the gawking crew back there…She flinched. Yep, something was definitely broken, too bad she never took notice of pain during her fight with that Pantyhose, maybe it would have saved her trouble. Oh…she was getting dizzy…never a good sign. At least the rain had stopped…

"Are you okay?" Jerking up, and flinching, the redhead girl turned her head to face another girl, one with long bluish, almost black hair, holding an umbrella over both of them. "Are you alright?" Her voice…so sweet…so…kind…worried…pretty. Oh…the redhead was getting really dizzy now, she could barely tell the difference now. She could feel strong arms around her, as she was pulled to her feet, and unto something soft, feeling the rain hitting her for some reason, before it finally stopped. …stupid…Pantyhose…It didn't take long for darkness to finally claim her.


Akane glanced back at the burden on her back; the small redhead girl slept soundly despite the bruises and blood that decorated her body, and sincerely that didn't make Akane feel any better.

She had been shocked, although surprised was the most appropriate term with the circumstances as they were, when she saw this petite redhead girl going in an all out brawl against a giant ox with wings and a tail. At first, Akane had been tempted to go and aid the girl, but upon seeing the brutish strength of the creature, her temptation died pretty quickly. What amazed her to no end, however, was the fact that the girl could really take damage and still keep on going. Oh, but the surprise hadn't ended there. When the girl's arms and hands began to catch on fire, despite the rain, then Akane's shock became evident. The blows that the girl had given the monster had been painful, to say the least, and by finishing it off by sending the creature to the other side of Japan…well, let's just say Akane began to grow afraid. Just a little bit.

The girl glanced back at her sleeping companion, and then, ran. She may have been afraid of these petite redhead for a second, but she sincerely wasn't going to let her die or something worse. Akane ran as fast as her feet could take her to the only place she knew the girl would be safe at; Dr. Tofu's clinic.


Pain. Darkness. Ouch. That hurt. But…then, the pain was gone…only to return again, this time less…painful? Yeah…that was the word…but, why? She usually didn't feel this well after a fight with Pantyhose…

"So, is she going to be okay, Dr. Tofu?"

Tofu? A doctor…with the name of food? Okay…must be one of those dreams again…

"Oh, she is relatively fine, Akane-chan, nothing to worry about…a bit bruised but she'll be just fine. Although, all the other bruises I found on her, now that does worry me."

Great…the soy snack is running a diagnostic…but…what's the soy doctor talking to…? Akane-chan? Who's that?...Argh! Open your eyes, already!

"Other than that, however, she's just fine...oh! I think she's waking up!"

Blue eyes blinked at the strange white ceiling, before two faces came into their line of vision. One was of a tall man with dark brown hair in a ponytail and glasses, the other was a girl with long blue hair, almost black, wearing a pretty dress with flowers. Both looked down at her, each with a certain relief in their faces. "…ho?"

"Ah, you're awake!" the girl cried, clasping her hands together in front of her as she let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness!"

"See, Akane-chan, what did I tell you? She's a pretty strong girl, and healthy too...actually I haven't seen a patient this strong since a long time ago," the tall man said, smiling at the girl, or Akane-chan as he had called her.

As this conversation was taking place, the redhead sat up. "…where am I?" she asked, looking around in mild confusion. This definitely didn't look like a street, nothing wet either, no crowd of gawking people, no gray sky…in fact, this looked more like a doctor's office…wait a minute.

"You are in my clinic," the man answered, looking her up and down. "Little Akane here brought you…you certainly were in a rough shape, young lady." At that, the redhead snorted.

"Ya would be too if you fought a flying asshole," came the reply, making the man blink, before he glanced at Akane next to him.

"Well, I found it hard to believe too...but it really was a flying ox, Dr. Tofu…" The man, Dr. Tofu, blinked once more, and then, smiled, as if understanding.

"I suppose I have to ask then…why were you fighting a flying ox?" The redhead looked at the ground, arms across her chest.

"Does it really matter, Doc?" Dr. Tofu was pensive for a moment.

"No, I suppose not…but, you were pretty bruised, young lady…Akane-chan was able…recount a little of your feud with…ah, the flying asshole as you so honestly put it," the doctor was still smiling as he said it, making Akane smile shyly at the redhead. The redhead blushed slightly, but returned a small smile. Man…that Akane girl was really pretty… "Now…young lady-"

"Name's Ranma, Doc," the redhead interrupted, turning her attention to the man before her, as her cheeks lost their reddish tint. Dr. Tofu only nodded before going on.

"Ranma, you had a lot of bruises when I checked you…some older than others…do this fights happen often?" he asked, a hint of worry hidden in his voice. Akane, too, looked concern, making Ranma blush even harder. Damn…but…but this girl was so pretty….and she brought her here, too.

"Naw…not really…only if he figures out where me an' Pops are at…which happens…at least once a month or twice a week…"

"Oh." That answer didn't exactly please Tofu too much, and Ranma could tell. She had to look for an escape, and fast, though. If her Pop went out looking for her, he'll probably stay overnight at a zoo. Again.

"Look, I'm fine and all that…just throw the bill and I'll pay ya," Ranma jumped out of the examination table, seemingly unaffected by the pain and bruises.

"But, you can't just go like that!" Akane protested, worry etching in her face. "You're hurt!"

"Doesn't matter," came the sad response. "I can take pain," she turned to Dr. Tofu, who was still analyzing her with critical eyes. "Heya…doc…just the bill, I'll pay ya real fast, too…" Dr. Tofu only blinked, and smiled.

"Ah, that won't be necessary Ranma…Akane asked me to help you as a favor." Blinking, Ranma turned to look at the pretty blue haired girl, who was still worried. She…she helped me out? "I would suggest, however, that you avoid fights…especially with flying ox's for the time being, at least until your bruises heal."

"Ah…ye-yeah…" the redhead said, playing a bit with her pig tail, before bowing towards Akane, catching the girl by surprise. "Sorry 'bout this…didn't mean to give ya a burden…" The taller girl only shook her head, and smiled.

"Don't worry about it, in fact, I should be the one worried about you…are..are you really sure you are going to be okay?" She received a thumbs up from the smaller girl, who was making her way out.

"Hey, no worries 'kane…I'm good." Turning to Dr. Tofu, she nodded and smiled. "Thanks Doc, I'll make sure to stop by some time to thank ya properly and all, bye!" Before long, the smaller girl disappeared, leaving behind both doctor and girl, Akane wondering if the girl would really be alright.

To say Akane was mad was an understatement. Really now…and who wouldn't be, especially now that she had been told by her father that she, or her sisters, would be engaged to…to some stranger! Really nothing to get mad about...seriously.

"I can't believe he's doing this!" Akane cried out, her eyes facing the floor of her bedroom. "How can he expect us to marry some...some boy we haven't even met! What if he is a pervert!"

"Really, little sister…that's all you ever think about? Perverts?" asked another voice, making Akane turn to look back at her older sister, Nabiki Tendo, dressed in her finest kimono, which she could have sworn looked exactly like the one she had lost two months ago.

"Well, that's what they are! All of them!"

"Akane, Akane," Nabiki tusked, winking at her. "He's not some stranger from the neighborhood little sister, this guy has been in China! Who knows how this guy acts, anyway?"

"Yeah, yeah…whatever…"

"Come on, sis, Ranma may not be too bad," Nabiki said, taking a seat in Akane's bed.

"…yeah, sure…" the younger Tendo responded, a bit unenthusiastic.

To be fair when Akane had heard the name 'Ranma', her mind almost went on overboard as she recalled last week's occurrence; that redhead girl and that flying ox, and had almost been tempted to hit her father for engaging her or her sisters to a girl, but when she had been told this Ranma was a boy, her mind was back to normal. But, heck! What were the chances? Two Ranmas in the same place, really was some sort of weird coincidence…after all, Ranma, that redhead, had been a girl…right?

Silly Akane, of course she was! Akane thought, as she followed Nabiki down the stairs, where both Soun Tendo, her father, and Kasumi Tendo, the oldest of the Tendo sisters, waited for them. Daddy would be a bit too foolish to engage us to a girl…but, why am I even worrying about that anyway! Daddy just gave us all a death sentence with this stupid engagement! Arrgh! I HATE BOYS!

No one missed the look of anger that crossed through Akane's face, but they wisely decided not to comment on it. But, despite the silence, it was soon broken by a loud knocking coming from the front door.

"Ah! My old friend has finally arrived!" Soun cried, tears in his eyes, as he made his way towards the door, followed closely behind by Nabiki, who was crying out that Ranma must be coming. Kasumi and Akane only glanced at each other once, before they silently followed Soun and Nabiki.

They were rather surprised to see both Soun and Nabiki running back, behind them, a giant panda. Both Kasumi and Akane blinked, as Soun stood in front of them, shock in his face. "Is this your friend, daddy?" the middle Tendo sister asked, clutching her father's arm, as the latter shook his head fast. "Sure, pandas come to visit all the time!" Nabiki replied, sarcastically, as everyone watched the animal in amazement.

"Yo, Pops! Ya scarin' them shitless!" came a voice behind the panda, making everyone blink. The panda only sighed, and growled over his shoulder, as a young redhead girl made her appearance.

Akane's eyes widen as she recognized the figure standing before them. No…way…that's…Her father's loud cry of happiness stopped her thoughts, and before she knew it, Soun enveloped Ranma in a large bear hug.

"It is so good to see you, son..."

It didn't take long for Soun to realize something was wrong with this 'boy', and he only could stare at the 'boy's chest, only for Nabiki to point out his error.

"He's a girl."

Needless to say, Akane was rather surprised when her father fainted right there.

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