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-Washington Irving

-Chapter Seven-


-Into Mom's Hands-

Akane and her friends almost didn't catch the woman as she fell down, the surprise visible on their faces as they did so.

"What happened to her?" Yuka cried, as she and Sayuri both helped Akane settle the woman on the grass, while Nabiki walked over towards them.

"Must have been all of the excitement," she commented, glancing at the fight between both Ranma and the flying ox that was Pantyhose Taro. "But…why of all the people in the world, did he kidnap her?"

"I don't know…maybe he was just being an ass," Akane commented, as she looked at the woman, whose breathing was slow and calm, as if nothing had happened.

"An ass that grabbed some unknown woman just to give Ranma a crash course in pain." Nabiki said, already thinking about the situation, as she watched Ranma and the ox fight. The fight itself was still very even, but from the looks of things the petite redhead would be getting more damage than she could take at the end. "Ah, Kuno-baby is at it again," the older Tendo said, pointing a finger as the kendoist was getting up.

"Oh no! That idiot!" Akane cried, as she stood up; Kuno was already rushing towards Ranma, who had managed to stun the ox with that technique of hers. The young woman remembered the first time she had seen the redhead and Taro and how she had left the ox stunned before kicking him into the sky. Now, Kuno was going to mess things up. There was a collective groan from the students standing nearby, when Kuno hit the creature in the head and started flirting with Ranma soon after; no one was really surprised when Taro got up again and was about to attack Kuno, only for Ranma to save him at the last minute.

"…the idiot hits the dust, again," Nabiki commented dryly, shaking her head.

They all watched in simple amazement as Kuno got up from the ground again, and rushed towards the fight, bokken held high, foolishly shouting, "Do not fear, damsel! For I, Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furi-OFF!" Nabiki, and most of the spectators flinched, as Kuno was hit by the enormous green tail of the flying ox, and sent almost straight where he had been knocked to before.

That's going to hurt like hell in the morning, the middle Tendo daughter thought, shaking her head. She watched as the fight went on, with Ranma trying in vain to control the huge creatures by the horns, only for the ox to try to back slam her, while the redhead was still on top of him.

"RANMA!" Akane cried, as the redhead jumped off the large monster, as he slammed his back on the floor, almost breaking the concrete in the process. Then, it happened.

While still in the floor, Pantyhose Taro grabbed unto Ranma's leg, sending her still airborne form into the ground. Then, a sound, almost like…Akane's eyes widen as she noticed Ranma grab unto her left arm, already spotting the odd bent angle it was in. "Damn!" Nabiki cried nearby, also noticing the broken arm, while the rest of the students began to panic.

Then, the flying ox stood up, a malicious grin on his face.

Ranma glared back at Pantyhose Taro as he grinned back at her, glancing at her broken arm, before facing her clear, blue eyes with a look of triumph. Pantyhose Taro had won, not directly, but even Ranma acknowledged that with all her strength and speed wouldn't be enough, her female body was still going to be too frail, too weak to finish off the giant ox. She was hurt, tired, and Taro knew it. The only reason he was gloating at her now was because he knew he had won.

Damn it all…Ranma thought, as she glanced at her arm, dangling uselessly by her side. She turned to look at Pantyhose Taro, who was still gloating at her, cracking his knuckles, as if thinking about what he should do next. Behind them, the students began to panic, already seeing that the redhead girl was not going to win, unless—

"URGH! B-Beast!" came a cry from one Tatewaki Kuno, as he stood up, weakly, glaring at the flying ox, as he continued to look at the redhead girl. Not that he was the only one, everyone else was more worried about the giant ox about to beat a small teenage girl into a bloody pulp. "YOU!" Kuno cried again, raising his bokken slowly at the beast, catching both Taro and Ranma's attention.

The ox only huffed in annoyance at the kendoist, while Ranma only glared at the latter…then, her eyes widen, as she noticed the bokken. An idea hit her, and before anyone knew what was happening, Ranma made a daring jump towards Taro's head, slamming her foot hard on the ox's face. Pantyhose Taro growled in pain and anger, as Ranma snatched Kuno's bokken from out of his hands, and did a fast stroke using her uninjured arm. It was as heavy as she had thought, but enough to do the job. Taro glared at her, before running towards her full force, his arm raised up, ready to punch her, but Ranma was faster. She jumped on top of the ox's leg, and before Taro could react, hit him hard straight on the head. The flying ox cried out in pain, as the bokken hit him, nothing like that kendoist's stroke, this one was delivered with a vengeance.

"Moooorrraaa!" Taro yelled grabbing his head, only to be met by a hard kick from Ranma straight on his stomach, followed by a hard and crushing blow on his head once more, breaking the bokken and finally knocking the giant beast out. Everyone, Kuno included, looked at the fallen beast, as Ranma collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily.



It didn't take long before Nabiki took charge of the situation, ordering both Akane and Ranma to take the fainted woman to the infirmary to see to her, and the redhead herself, and finally a recently fainted Kuno, courtesy of Ranma, who was forced to drag him with her good arm all the way inside the school. Meanwhile, Nabiki and a few others had turned the flying ox back to his original form, and tied him to a tree, keeping any cold water away from him, as they waited for the police.

"Not that it's going to solve anything," the middle Tendo sister said, as she heard the sirens get closer and closer.

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