Title: In Venere Veritas

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I don't own the following wrestlers. Do I wish? Oh yes. But do I own? Oh no. XD. I own Lucinda Larraine, that's all. The song, "In Venere Veritas" is by HIM.

Summary: "In love, there is truth." They've been divorced for three years and want nothing to do with each other. They find themselves coming together when their daughter is kidnapped. Mark/Jeff, AU!

For: Slashdlite.


"Idiot!" Jeff sobbed, his head resting against Mark's. "You fucking idiot," he cried, his tears slipping down his cheeks and landing on Mark's ashen face. "Why would you do that? Why?"

They ignored the pandemonium.

All around them, there was fighting going on. Once the sound of a bullet came from the house, Hunter, Cena and Randy moved in, and a fight began. Heidenreich had shot his own gun, a bullet piercing Michelle's arm, causing her to drop her gun and fall backwards, her wails ringing around the area.

Hunter and Cena quickly detained Kane, taking him to the ground while Cena cuffed him and kicked the gun he had towards Randy, who stood, aiming said gun at the monster. Heidenreich made his way towards Michelle, keeping his gun aimed at her.

Her sobs went unheard to Mark. All he was focusing on was the tears sliding down Jeff's face. "…Shut up, you're so ungrateful," he whispered half-heartedly, shuddering as he tried to keep himself conscious. "Y-you really think I-I was going to l-let a fucking bullet h-hit you or m-my kid?" his speech was slurring, but he fought to keep awake.

Jeff sniffed, shaking his head as he looked into Mark's glazed eyes, "It could be Kane's kid," he whispered, voice breaking, "You just risked your life…for a child that may not even be yours…and your ex-husband."

Mark sighed, a small but content smile settling on his lips. "No m-matter what y-you say to m-me. That kid is m-mine. And so is L-Lucinda. And so a-are you."

"I've always been yours," Jeff whispered, trying hard to not choke on his words, "I never stopped loving you. I never will stop loving you. Please…don't leave me. Don't make me lose you a second time…please, Mark. I need you."

Mark smirked, his body shuddering harder, "Y-you're acting l-like I'm d-dying or s-something. It's j-just a fucking b-bullet. Y-you shut that f-fucking gorgeous m-mouth…and l-let me go t-to sleep for a w-while."

"Mark," Jeff whimpered, watching the male's eyes shut. "Mark…"

"I l-love you," Mark whispered.

Jeff's emerald eyes stared into his own eyes and Mark swallowed thickly.

"S-say it b-back," Mark pleaded, feeling his system begin to shut down.

"I love you, Mark. I love you."

And that was it.

Mark was out.


-Hospital; Several hours later-

Jeff bit nervously at his nails, pacing around the hall. He gripped his hair, uttering a low groan of impatience.

"Jeff, you really shouldn't be walking around so much," Matt said gently, "You have some serious tearing and you're only going to make it worse if you walk around like this."

Cena and Randy were the only ones not around. They were working on getting Michelle, Kane, Layla, Nash and Sting a lot of jail time. They were actually gunning for a death sentence for Michelle, seeing as she tried to kill an unborn child along with her crime of devising a plan, going along with it, manipulating the others to help her, and assault with a deadly weapon.

"I'm fine," Jeff answered calmly, rubbing his hands together.

Shannon snorted. As the blonde passed him, he grabbed the man's hospital gown, using it as a handle to pull Jeff onto his lap.

Jeff landed with a grunt, sighing as Shannon's arms wrapped tightly around him.

"Lucy and Mark are already stuck here for a few days," Shannon murmured, "I don't want you getting bed-ridden also."

Jeff shook his head, eyes closing. "I just need to know if they're alright. I need them. They need me-"

"And that's why you need to calm down and not stress," Shannon whispered fiercely, "They'll need you to take care of them once they wake up."

Jeff didn't argue. He hung his head, feeling Shannon rub his back in soothing circles. He was just beginning to relax, when the doctor treating Mark and Lucy entered the waiting room, his face void of emotion.

Jeff nearly flew out of Shannon's lap as the doctor stopped in front of him. His sentences came out in a frenzy, causing the doctor to raise a dark colored brow.

"Is Mark alright? Will he be able to walk? Is he paralyzed? What about Lucy? Has she woken up yet? Is she afraid? Can I go see them?"

The doctor placed a gentle hand on Jeff's shoulder, causing him to stop talking, his mouth hanging open.

"Relax," the doctor said, smiling gently. "Mark will be fine."

Jeff could swear his heart stopped.

"The bullet caused some nerve damage…but it did not hit his spine like you assumed."

Jeff's eyes slipped closed, his head falling into his hands. He slowly sank back down onto Shannon's lap, who was grinning.

"That lucky son of a bitch," he chirped, arms re-wrapping around Jeff.

"It will, however, take him several weeks to walk again. He will be using a wheel-chair for the four two weeks and then after that, he'll require crutches. We expect him to make a full recovery."

Jeff licked his lips, staring up at the doctor. "And…and Lucinda?"

"Is awake and she wants her momma." The doctor said warmly. "Come. I'll lead you to her room."

Jeff followed him, heart ready to burst out of his chest. He could barely stop himself to screaming aloud, the joy in his heart becoming harder and harder to contain.

The doctor paused in front of a door, turning to smile at Jeff. "Try not to excite her too much. She shouldn't move around too fast or it could trigger another attack. She's got an oxygen mask on but you can take it off for a few minutes."

Jeff nodded mutely, still staring at the door. He felt the doctor give him a gentle push and he moved, opening the door to the room.

He let loose a tiny sob as her lime colored eyes immediately turned to him. There was a breathing mask over her mouth and nose, and her body looked smaller than usual, but that was probably because the hospital bed was so big.

Her little hands reached out to him, little whimpers escaping her throat, muffled by the oxygen mask. Her eyes were tearing, pleading for him to come to her.

"Lucinda," Jeff rushed over to her, touching her hands. He bowed his head, kissing the tiny hands repeatedly, tears sliding down his cheeks, "My baby, my angel, my world," he gently pulled the mask off of her face and pressed his mouth to her cheeks, eyebrows, nose and forehead, "Oh, my baby…I missed you so much."

"Momma," Lucy's fingers were clenching tightly in Jeff's hair, not wanting to let go, for fear of being taken away again, "I'm sorry I made Michelle mad at me, momma,"

Jeff had to hold in every curse word known to man as he gazed into his precious baby's petrified eyes, "Forget all about that, darling, forget it all. It doesn't matter, you're in my arms again, and that's all that matters right now."

"I love you, momma," Lucy whispered, her fingers sliding down to Jeff's collar so that she could pull his face in for a kiss on the cheek, "You're my momma. My only momma."

Jeff stroked her curls, shaking all over, "I love you too, Lucinda. I love you so much."

They were together for a while, Jeff moving onto the bed with her, holding her tight. They talked in hushed tones, clinging to each other.

"Where's daddy?" Lucy asked, curious lime eyes looking around.

"Daddy's been hurt, Lucy," Jeff answered quietly, his cheek resting on his daughter's curls, "But he'll be alright." He smiled, rubbing the small of her back. He would occasionally bring the mask up to her face so that she could breathe in some of the oxygen from the tank. "I'll take you to see him later."

"Promise?" She asked, her voice muffled by the mask.

"I promise, darling." He whispered into her hair.

-Three hours later-

He winced as his eyes began to open, trying to get himself used to the bright lights above him. His head turned, eyes focusing on something bright and yellow standing out against the white.

"…Hey," he rasped, the corners of his mouth tilting upwards as Jeff's features became clearer, "Thanks for letting me sleep for a few."

Jeff's response was a tired smile, his fingers reaching out to run along Mark's dark colored hair.

"What's the damage?" Mark asked, trying to sit up. He twitched when he noticed that he couldn't even move a little.

Jeff reached over, hitting the button at the side of the bed, operating it so that it contorted the bed up to a sitting position, allowing Mark to look around. He smiled, taking Mark's hand, "Wheel chair, two weeks. Crutches after."

Mark frowned, "Ugh…I'm a cripple."

Jeff shook his head, smiling playfully, "For three months, maybe. You're lucky…I thought the bullet hit your spine."

"I know you did, you big baby," Mark murmured, reaching his hand out to cup Jeff's cheek, "You were crying hard."

"You scared me."

"Forgive me?"

"I don't know..."


"…Yes." Jeff ended their playful banter with a soft kiss to Mark's knuckles. "There's um…a very pretty girl outside that wants to see you."

"Oh yeah?" Mark knew who it was automatically, the sparkle in Jeff's eye catching his attention. "Well bring her in."

Jeff stood, making his way out the door.

Mark watched him go; admiring the way the hospital gown clung to his hips and ass. He smirked, 'Definitely keeping that.'

He was waiting only a few minutes, when the door opened, revealing his blondes.

Jeff had Lucy balanced on his hip, her little body wrapped in a pink hospital gown with blue puppies, lime eyes flittering over the room before focusing on him.

"Daddy!" Her voice was high-pitched as Jeff walked over, gently placing her next to Mark on the bed.

"Careful," Jeff murmured to the girl, "Daddy's really hurt."

"Can I hug you, daddy?" Lucy asked, pout on her pretty face.

"You'd better hug me," Mark replied quietly, smiling as her little arms circled around his neck. She was gentle…not wanting to hurt him. It made him happy all the same. His daughter was safe and so was his…

"Momma tell you the good news yet?" Mark asked once Lucy let go of him. He felt her lips on his cheek before she pulled back, shaking her head, blonde curls flying all around.

"Thought it'd be fun for the both of us to tell her," Jeff smiled, watching Lucy nuzzle against Mark's shoulder.

"Thank you for waiting," Mark said softly, staring down at his little girl.

"What is it?" Lucy asked, curiosity eating at her. Jeff had been giving her little hints of what the news was, but she didn't really grasp onto the big picture yet. All she knew was that it was something that would take a while to get home.

"Your momma and I are going to be living together again," Mark said, smiling as he heard Jeff's sharp intake of breath. "That is…if he has it in his heart to take a sorry bastard like me back."

Jeff was smiling, but when Mark uttered the foreign word in front of their daughter, a miffed look crossed his face.

"What's a bastard?" Lucy asked innocently, causing Mark to smirk widely and open his mouth.

"Nothing, darling," Jeff spoke up, giving Mark a pointed look. He ran his tongue over his lips, "Why don't you finish telling Lucy the news."

"Right," Mark looked down at Lucy, who was beaming up at him. "Lucy…you're going to be a big sister."

Her eyes went wide. "…Baby? Momma gonna have a baby?"

Her happy wails were heard all over the hospital. After she had calmed down, she said something that caused both Jeff and Mark to falter.

"Now we can be a happy family, again!"

Mark sighed, his eyes moving down to Jeff's stomach.

Well…not yet. Not exactly.

-Nine months later-

He was twenty four when his five year old daughter was kidnapped.

He'd been divorced at twenty two.

At twenty five, he was getting ready to bring another child into this world with his ex-husband turned boyfriend, Mark.

Mark. Who'd been walking on his own for six months now. He had made a full recovery, as the doctor has said he would.

They celebrated Lucy's sixth birthday two months ago, it being one of the biggest she's ever had. Literally everyone who adored her was there. From Cena and Randy, to her grandparents from both sides of the family, even Adam had been invited.

Things turned out terrifically. Michelle and Kane had been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Sting and Nash were sentenced to thirteen years and Heidenreich, because of the help he'd given to get Lucy back, would only have to be sent away for three years.

Now, Jeff was sitting up on the hospital bed, hands clenched tight against Matt and Shannon's hands.

It was very much like the first time Jeff had given birth. And just like last time, Mark was late.

"Why does he keep doing this to me?" Jeff grunted, toes curling and hands clenching tight.

"I was kinda thinking the same thing," Shannon gritted out, trying not to give into the pain. "Why's that huge freak always late? I mean, damn!"

"For your information, you little punk, I had to pick up Lucy from school," Mark came into the room, shoving Shannon out of the way, taking his place as Jeff's side. "She'll be inside right after it happens."

Jeff smiled, taking Mark's hand in his. "…Mark…"

"It's my kid, Jeff," Mark said seriously, "From the months we have to wait for a test…till the little brat's gone and married. It's my kid."

Jeff could feel his eyes moisten. Sighing, he prepared himself for what was about to happen.

"…She's beautiful," Jeff whispered, staring down in awe at their newest child.

The baby had a patch of bright red hair, and dark emerald eyes. Her thin mouth was formed into a pout as she slept, fists tightly clenched.

"She is," Mark replied, staring down at the girl. "…Her hair color…is my natural hair color."

Jeff smiled, watching Lucy's fingers come out to touch the baby's cheek. "Isn't she pretty, Lucy?"

"Pretty," Lucy replied, nodding. She leaned down, pressing a kiss to her new baby sister's cheek.

Mark held out his arms, gently taking the baby from Jeff. He walked around with her, staring down at her as if in a trance.

Jeff pulled Lucy into an embrace. "Do you know you're my sunshine?" he whispered to her, watching her smile.

"Of course I do…you tell me everyday." Lucy replied.

Jeff smiled, kissing her forehead. "I love you, Lucy."

"I love you too, mommy. And I love my baby sister." Lucy hugged Jeff tightly.

"We need a name for her," Mark spoke up, walking back towards his blondes, "She needs a good name."

Lucy fidgeted, a smile on her face.

"…Do you have a suggestion, baby?" Jeff asked.

"Um…" She grinned, "Heidi."

Both men blinked.

"For Heidenreich. He helped me lots…" she smiled, "I think he'd like for the baby to be named Heidi."

Jeff closed his eyes, smiling serenely.

"Heidi it is," Mark murmured, staring down at the newborn. "Happy Birthday, Heidi Katri Callaway-Hardy."

-Several months later-

"We have the results back," the little bald man said, holding up a vanilla envelope for the couple to see.

Mark glared at the man. He'd remembered the rough way he'd swiped the cotton swab in Heidi's mouth in order to get her DNA.

Mark didn't like him.

Jeff was sitting next him, and Lucy was playing with Heidi, using the toys the nurses had given them to entertain her baby sister.

"In the case of Heidi…"

Mark leaned close to Jeff, "Fuck, it feels as if I'm on that paternity show…the one you and Lucy just love watching."

Jeff chuckled, shaking his head.

"Mark…you are the father."

Lucy beamed when she heard the results, even if she didn't quite understand why the process was had.

"Now we're a happy family?" she asked as they put her and Heidi into their car seats.

"Yes, Lucy," Mark said gently, staring at his daughter using the rear-view mirror. "Now we're a happy family."

Jeff fiddled with the radio, looking for something upbeat to listen to.

"…inside, let the fire burn you alive and sing, baby sing…there are wounds that are not meant to heal at all-"

Jeff turned the channel, smiling to himself.

In love…there was truth.


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