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Secret Temptations

(Sasuke's Side Part 1)


"Yes?" Sasuke said looking at his girlfriend, his secret girlfriend.

"A…are you ashamed of me?" His eyes widened.

"Of course not, what in the hell would make you think that?"

"Well we never do anything, just sit here at your apartment. So I…I thought that I must embarrass you." His girlfriend looked down at her hands.

"May I ask you one more thing?" She looked so cute when she was nerves.


"What were you and Sakura doing the other night?" His eyes shifted.

"W…What do you mean," he could see it now, the depression and sadness, "Look she was just telling me how she felt and I told her I didn't like her that way, that's all."

"You're lying," she said dropping a vanilla envelope to the ground.


"Y…Your…We're done! I…I don't want to be the hidden mistress, Sasuke. I hate you!"

She turned and ran out of his apartment.

"Wait," Sasuke yelled having reached the door, "I don't understand." He looked down at the discarded file, a photo was sticking out halfway. Turning it over Sasuke became even more confused. When had he and Sakura done that, and when was she ever in his apartment? Opening the file he saw more photo's of him and Sakura, none of which he ever remembered doing.

"Hinata how could you think I would be happy with someone like her? I have to do something about this." But what Sasuke had forgotten was that she was leaving the day after.

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