Secret Temptations

(Hinata's Side Part 2)

Hinata's heart raced as she listened to the phone recording, it wasn't like this was the first one like it. She had stopped answering her phone after the tenth one. The first time she had thought is was someone pranking her, but when the guy started talking about her family and work place she went to the cops. They thought they had caught him, which was why she had moved back. It had been a year sense the last call.

"Hina-chaaan," Sasuke wined popping his head out again, "What's wrong," he asked walking over to her, only in a towel. She smiled and shook her head.

"It's nothing Sasuke," to insure that he wouldn't press the matter, she pulled the sticky shirt off.

"Mmm, Hina-chan you look good enough to eat," he said with a wolfish smile. Hinata couldn't help but giggle at his words.

"My, my Sasuke; what big eyes you have," she said playing along.

"All the better to see all of you with," he replied.

"And what big ears you have," at this Sasuke covered his ears with his hands, "I'm only playing Sasuke, you don't really." Sasuke dropped his hands and smiled.

"All the better to hear your lovely voice," he said after her giggle fit.

"And what a big mouth and teeth you have."
"All the better to devour you, love," Sasuke said as he grabbed Hinata around the waist and sucked on her neck. Hinata moaned and Sasuke looked her in the face.

"Kime you taste great," he said, lust filling his voice, causing Hinata to blush.

"Oh, Sasuke," Hinata said smiling, "I love you too." Sasuke then picked Hinata up and carried her to her room.

"Wh…what about the shower?" She asked before they passed it.

"Oh, Hina how kinky," Sasuke said playing around.

"No, th…that's not what I meant," she yelled as Sasuke made for the bathroom instead. Once inside Sasuke pulled the remainder of her clothes off, stating with her bra and as he suckled her breast he un-did her pants.

"Sasuke," she moaned loudly. He looked up at her, still suckling.

"Yes, Hina?" He finally said, teasing; only to get another moan from the girl in his arms. Hinata had misses the feel of Sasuke's warm body. How it fit so perfectly to hers, she knew Sasuke was thinking the same, as he pressed her closer.

She blinked as Sasuke's hair passed her nose, on his way trailing kisses down her body. The smell was almost sickly sweet. Suddenly she could smell all of the sickly sweet sent, of the alcohol.

It was everywhere and making her thirsty. It must have been the same for Sasuke because he quickly pulled her under the hot stream of water and suck her neck.