This piece of writing is sort of drabbling, and explores what could have happened between Claude and Owen in the episode 'Casey VS Kronsky.' I kept breaking down while I was writing this. I kind of feel sorry for Owen, I don't even like how his friends sometimes treat him:-(

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Less Than Perfect' and its characters.

Rating: T, kind of racy

Note: Strong 'Casey VS Kronsky' episode spoilers.

The Oddest Places

By LTP-girl

Fill life with memories to remember. When days and years have gone by, in your heart are memories sweet and forever...

Claude remembered her mother once preach to her that love has a mind of its own. It is found in the oddest places, and in the people we least expect. You don't go looking for it, it comes looking for you, and it has a way that turns you inside out, before it makes you instinctively know that it has come for you.


Tears ran down Owen's sallow face. "I'm not in a relationship, I'm still renting, I don't even have pet, even when my building allows pets," he protested.

Sympathy spread across Claude's face, her eyes full of sorrow. "Oh come on Owen. You have a beautiful fish," she said encouragingly, in attempt to cheer him up.

"It's a robot," he retorted dead-pan, sulking. "I'm pathetic."

His body suddenly convulsed into a flow of shuddering whimpers.

Claude dropped to her knees, feeling helpless in face of her friend's distress. She approached him, her arms outstretched in a warm embrace. She held him close.

"No Owen." She murmured to him softly. "You're not pathetic," she assured him, her hands sliding through his blonde mop of hair, as he rested his head on her shoulder.

She parted away from him, her determined olive eyes meeting his gentle blue ones.

Owen had stopped sobbing.

She moved her face in a little closer to his, their mouths grazing. She planted a light kiss on his pouted lips, before prying them open with her tongue.

His eyes widened with surprise, before closing, as the indulgence of such tenderness washed over him. He felt something he hadn't experienced in such a long time, the warmth of another human being. His mouth opened a little wider, returning the gesture, entering his tongue inside her mouth.

She parted from him, panting, a little out of breath, her cherry lip-gloss smeared around her mouth. He draped his long arms around her, and pulled her closer, encouraging her to snuggle into him.

They both idly lay next to each other on the wooden floorboards beneath the window, the shadows of clouds rolling past lingering over the two bodies clasped together.

Claude's was glued to Owen's quiet gaze, the blueness of his eyes touching her a little too deeply, as his non-malice fingers stroked her long, fiery red hair.

Her mother was right. Love does have a mind of its own.

And Claude didn't mind one bit...

"Where's your bedroom, Owen?" she asked mischievously as she sat up, a cheeky grin spreading across her face.


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