The minutes ticked by slowly, with each one Buttercup grew more anxious. Where the hell is he? She thought. Mitch was twenty minutes late for their date and Buttercup sat alone at the table looking like an idiot. She uncrossed her legs and crossed them once more with a pout. The waiter stared at her table uneasily from a distance, debating whether he should go over and take an order or leave the restless girl to her own thoughts. Finally Mitch stumbled through the door and to the table. His hair was messy and his shirt buttons were off. Buttercup glared at him from across the table, not saying anything.

"Sorry I'm late Buttercup." Mitch finally muttered while avoiding Buttercup's icy eyes. He adjusted his positioning in the booth as the waiter finally walked over with a stiff smile to take their orders. Buttercup ordered with her eyes locked on Mitch's face. This bastard has the nerve to come in late and not even give me any fucking explanation. What the hell is his problem? The waiter walked away, leaving the couple alone once more. "Are you just going to stare daggers at me the whole night?"

"Why the hell are you so late you asshole?" Buttercup spat. She barred her teeth in anger when Mitch didn't answer right away. "Well?"

Mitch rolled his eyes, "Well what? I'm here now aren't I? Sorry I was a little late but you don't have to be such a bitch about it." Buttercup slammed her hands on the table causing a few people to turn their heads.

"I'm being a bitch? Well excuse me for being mad because my boyfriend can't get his ass over to a date on time! Almost thirty minutes I waited for you Mitch! This isn't even the first damn time you've done this! What do you have another girlfriend or do you hate spending time with me before I get pissed off?" Mitch's eyes narrowed and he gave a sarcastic smile.

"Fuck off Buttercup; sorry I have a life outside of you. I'm the only one who cares for your dumbass anyways, your sisters don't want to deal with you and your friends are all either crack heads or alcoholics. You're lucky I even show up to see your sorry ass but guess what? I won't be seeing it anymore. We're fucking through." Mitch stood up, flicked the shocked girl off, and walked out of the restaurant. Buttercup looked out the window as she saw Mitch walk to his car and drive off. She stared at her reflection in the window and saw her eyes began to shine. She quickly wiped them before the first tear could fall. The waiter quickly left two drinks on the table without a word. Buttercup threw six dollars on the table and got up to sit at the bar with a shaky sigh.

"I need a Vodka Red Bull now!" Buttercup demanded at the bartender whose back was facing her as he dug through cabinets. "Did you hear me you idiot?" She yelled. The bar section of the restaurant was loud with drunks yelling at the football game on the television but she was beyond loud enough for him to hear.

"Well you're clearly underage so I'm choosing not to hear you." The bartender laughed. Buttercup took out her wallet and looked for her fake ID. She was only 18, going on to 19 but she never got carded much. The bartender whipped around and smiled at her slyly. Buttercup's mouth fell open and she almost dropped her wallet. The bartender had slicked back hair, shades, and green skin. "Oh yeah and I'm no idiot when it comes to IDs kid."