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Dancing Out my Heart

(Chapter 1)

Gianne's Point of View

I've been very busy these days. Especially now that I'm a senior student in Crisford High. I need to accomplish a lot of projects. I'm also a Student Council Officer. My schedule is very hectic. And what's worse is that we have an upcoming event in our school. The event is all about dancing. And I'm one of the dancers. In the morning, I take my regular classes then dance practice at night. I barely eat dinner. I get home tired and exhausted. Because of that, I do not have enough time to do my projects. Sigh...

It's the month of January, a few weeks away till the concert. Still the same schedule: classes, dance practice, homework then student council meetings during weekends. Two months to go, and it's Summer. I'm so excited for summer. I have two months of rest after those busy schedule. Whoohoo!

Thursday, 10pm

Gianne's POV

I've been practicing my dance routine and I think I've mastered it. Thank God.

I looked at my wristwatch. It's already 10pm! Oh no! I still have to finish some assignments for tomorrow. Damn it!

I went to our Dance Choreographer, Ms. Cherry, and asked her if I could go home.

"Uhmm...Ms. Cherry, Can I go home now? I still have some homework to do for tomorrow. It's getting late. My parents must be waiting for me at home"

"Of course you can." Ms. Cherry replied

"Thank you so much Ms. Cherry!"

"Oh! Gianne! Can I talk to you for a minute before you go home?" Ms. Cherry asked

"It's okay Ms. Cherry. What is it that you want to talk about?"

"Tomorrow we'll have our last dance routine. It will be ballroom dancing. Is it okay if I let you dance in it?"

"Oh sure Ma'am. I'm pretty aware of ballroom. Wait...who will be my partner for the dance?"

"I still don't know his name. He's an alumni in our school. But he's a great dancer."

"Oh, okay Ma'am. Thanks. I'll just drop by tomorrow." I said with a smile

I walked towards the gate then went out. While I was walking in the dark street, I was thinking about who will my partner be. I asked myself, 'will he be goodlooking? Is he really that good in dancing? What is he like? Is he kind and soft spoken? Hmm...'

I reached the house by 10:40 pm. My parents were at the dining table drinking coffee while reading a book. I bet they were waiting for me.

"Hi Mom and Dad! I'm home!" I exclaimed

"Did you have fun dancing?" my Dad asked

"Yeah. By the way, tomorrow we will have a new routine. It will be ballroom dancing. I'm so excited!"

"Really? Well, when you're dad and I were still young, we love ballroom dancing." my Mom assumed

"Yes I know that. I need to go to my room now. Goodnight!"

I went off and headed to my room. I changed my clothes and put on my pajamas.

I opened my bag and took my school diary.

Physics: Answer page 210 exercises A and B

Woah. I only got one assignment to finish. Good thing I only need to answer one. I'm so tired, I think I need to sleep. I'll just finish this tomorrow.

I placed my book on the table near me and tucked myself in the blanket. One thing I knew, I was already asleep.

Friday, 5pm

Gianne's POV

"Hi Gianne, I'd like you to meet BJ. He will be your partner for the dance" said Ms. Cherry

Oh my Goodness! BJ? Why him? BJ? The guy in my neighborhood? Oh Gosh! Why him? Why him?

"Uhm, Gianne? Are you still there?" asked Ms. Cherry

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking of something. What were you saying?" I didn't realize that I was daydreaming for a while. So embarassing.

"We have a problem. Mr. Rico, our choreographer for this dance will be absent today. That means, we don't have practice today."

"Uhm. That's okay. I could go home anyway."

I went at the bench to get my bag. While I was packing up, someone suddenly tapped my shoulders. I looked behind and saw BJ.

"Hi Gianne. Would you like to go with me? I mean...we are neighbors right? We could go together if you like. This would be the chance to know you better." BJ asked.

"Oh, okay. That would be nice. I'll just pack my things." I said with a smile

I continued fixing my things. When I was finished, me and BJ went towards the gate. Next thing I knew, we were walking together.

This chapter is very short. I still don't have an idea of what would be the next happening of the story. Still need to think. Hope you enjoyed reading. Don't worry, I'll make the next one better. ;)