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Kuki sat up on her hotel bed and wiped her eyes. She had been crying her eyes out for quite a while. I hate him, I hate him, I hate that lying jerk face, she thought repeatedly.

Kuki looked up, and her eyes fell on a rose on the nightstand. She picked it up and glared at it. It was one of two the roses Abby had given her. Kuki had tucked the second one into Wally's pocket. She wondered if he even noticed. He did seem a bit distracted while Abby showed them around Paris, now that she thought about it. Probably thinking about what he was going to do first when he got his reward money or something. More tears trickled down Kuki's cheeks as she tossed the rose into the trash bin.

Kuki jumped when she heard a knock at the door. She rolled her eyes, assuming it was the selfish Aussie trying to convince her to go back to give the interview another shot.

"Go away, Wally," she growled.

The door opened and she heard footsteps entering the room. "I said go away you jer-" Then she gasped. Because standing right in front of her wasn't Wally, but Numbuh One himself.

"Jerk? Have I offended you in anyway, Miss?" he asked, smirking.

Realizing how she looked, Kuki wiped the make-up running down her eyes from her tear streaked face. "Nu-Numbuh One? I-I'm so sorry. I thought you were…"

"Yes, I know exactly who you thought I was. But the question is, who exactly are you?" Nigel asked.

"Um…well…" Kuki knew that this would only get Wally his reward, but she did come all this way and Numbuh One was standing right in front of her. This was her one chance to find out the truth. "I was kind of hoping you could tell me."

Abby ran down the street, following the tracker in Numbuh One's car. Someone back at the concert hall informed her that Nigel's car had been hijacked by some shady looking guy. She nearly had a heart attack when she learned that Nigel was still in it. A heart attack at eighteen, that's just what I need with this stress, Abby thought.

Wally was leaning on the car, looking up at the window. He couldn't hear what they were saying so all he could do was hope Numbuh One would see it was her. When he heard Numbuh Five running toward him, he quickly pulled his hood back over his head, knowing that Abby would kill him if she knew what he did.

"NUMBUH ONE, WHERE ARE YOU!?" she cried frantically. "NIGEL?! Aw man, Numbuh Four what did you do?!"

Wally took the hood off and turned around, bewildered. "How did you know…"

"Oh please, you didn't think you could fool Numbuh Five for a second, didja? I know that orange hoodie anywhere," she said.

Wally rubbed the back of his head, sheepishly. "Ehehe, uh…note to self: stop using orange hood as a disguise," he muttered under his breath.

Abby rolled her eyes. "Now if you don't mind my asking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YA, BOY?!" she screamed. Wally yelped and hid behind the car before she could smack him with her hat. "You hijacked his car? You kidnapped Numbuh One? Do you know how much trouble you could get in? I almost had a heart attack. Have you lost your head? Ya know what, I don't think you ever had one to begin with. You really haven't changed. You're just as stupid as ever."

"A-are you done, Numbuh F-Five?" Wally stuttered from his hiding place.

Abby sighed, frustrated. "Where's Numbuh One?" she asked.

"He's upstairs…talking to Numbuh Three," he answered.

Abby slapped her forehead and ran into the building. "Moron," she called over her shoulder.

Kuki fidgeted, nervously. Numbuh One didn't look convinced at all.

"Poppet," he said, "I've gone through this enough times, and I'm sick and tired of being conned and tricked.

"Oh no, I don't want to trick you at all, no," Kuki said. "I, I just…"

"And what, the money doesn't interest you, either?" he interrupted.

Kuki composed herself and took a deep breath. "I just want to know who I am. Whether or not I might belong to a team. Your team," she said.

Nigel turned away and sighed. He had to admit, that was convincing. And she looked more like Numbuh Three than all of the actresses he's seen combined. But, like Wally, he came to believe that if he got his hopes up, something will end up crushing back down.

"Well, your really a good actress. Best one I've seen yet, but…I've had enough. I'm sorry." He turned to leave.

Kuki felt more tears well up. That was it. That was her one chance she had to find out who she was, and now she would never know. There was nothing left for her to do now. Might as well go back to Cleveland and take that job at the fish market, she thought, sadly.

As Numbuh One reached the door, Kuki noticed something fall out of his pocket. It looked like a piece of green cloth. She went over to pick it up. "Um, Numbuh One sir, you dropped……th-this." Kuki realized that it was the end of a sleeve that looked like it had been torn off.

Hold on, Numbuh Three, hold on.

Kuki flinched when she heard a voice cry in her head. She brought the sleeve up to her nose and inhaled. "Peppermint," she whispered.

Nigel was shocked by the look of recognition in her eyes. "Th-that's just..uh…"

"My sleeve," Kuki said. "that tore when you tried to catch me. Wow, I can't believe it. It still smells like peppermint."

" Um…I'm not sure if…uh," Nigel murmured.

"Don't you remember," she asked. "We were all at the mall, and we cut through a department store. I kept trying all the perfumes. And then, when I tried the peppermint one, I ended up spilling it all over my sleeves and the bottle shattered." Kuki laughed at the sudden memory. "The sales lady was so mad, she practically shoved us out of the store. And my sleeves have forever since smelled like peppermint."

Nigel was speechless. Kuki went on. "I was kind of glad it couldn't wash out. I've always liked the smell of peppermint. I'd bring my hands up to my face just so I could get a whiff. I…just kinda…" Now Kuki was speechless. Why were all these memories flooding back into her mind?

Nigel couldn't believe his ears. How could she know all that? Those were personal memories. The only way she could know all that was if she really was Numbuh Three.

He sat down on the bench by the dresser, and patted the seat next to him. Kuki hesitated for a moment, then joined him. The torn sleeve was in one hand, and the other was fiddling with her necklace. Nigel's heart skipped when he saw it. "What is that?'" he asked.

"Oh, this? I've had it since before I can even remember." Kuki said.

"Do you mind if I see it?" he asked. Kuki nodded and handed it to him.

His heart was racing now. It was the very same necklace.

"It was our gift to her. To Numbuh Three," Nigel said. He reached into his pocket and took out the rainbow monkey.

Kuki gasped. "Best-Friends-Forever-And-Always Rainbow Monkey. To…to remind me that you guys would always be there for me." She took the necklace back and turned it in the lock in its bellybutton. The music started and she hummed along with it before singing.

When your scared, I will stay with you.

When you feel you're falling,

I'll lift you.

When your heart breaks

I'll ease your aches.

Whatever it takes,

"I'm in," Nigel said with her.

Anytime you need a friend.

Numbuh One looked up at Kuki. Tears were running down her cheeks, but this time they were happy. He grinned. "Numbuh Three. I've missed you a lot."

Numbuh Three wrapped her arms around her leader's neck in a friendly embrace. "Oh, I'm so glad to see you, Numbuh One!"

Abby burst through the door at that moment. "Numbuh One! Where are you? Are you okay?"

Nigel turned to her and beamed. She hadn't seen him smiling like that in a long time. "Numbuh Five!" he exclaimed. "She's alive! Look, Numbuh Three, right here, alive!"

Abby looked Numbuh Three in the eye. The spark in her eyes was unmistakable now.

"I knew it. The minute you walked into my house, I saw it in your eyes and I just knew it. But you didn't look so sure yourself, so I don't know, I guess I was confused."

Numbuh Five nearly tackled her in a bone-crushing hug. "But I knew all along it was you, Numbuh Three," she said, almost sobbing with joy. Numbuh Three giggled and hugged her back fiercely.

"It's so good to see you, Numbuh Five," she said. "Wow, it's been so long. There's so much i want to ask you guys," she said.

"Then what are we standing around here for?" Abby asked. "Lets go back to our place. We can discuss everything, girl. Like one of our old pajama parties!"

"Okay lets go! I just got to get my jammies." Kuki went to the suitcase on her bed and started to rummage through it.

"Ya know he's still in huge trouble, right Numbuh One?" Abby reminded him. Kuki wasn't listening.

Numbuh One rolled his eyes and smiled. "Oh come on, we wouldn't be here now if he hadn't kidnapped me," he said chuckling. "Why is he still out there? Go get him. He was right all along, after all."

"Yeah, you're right. I'll go get him," Numbuh Five said. She ran out the room and skipped down the stairs, too excited to take the elevator. She hadn't felt so happy in a long time. One of her best friends was alive after seven years of believing she was dead. How could she not be happy?

She exited the lobby and walked over to the stolen car. "Hey Numbuh Four! Man, you were right. It is her. I haven't seen Numbuh One so happy since…"

But Wally wasn't there. Abby looked around, but she couldn't find him. "Numbuh Four?"

"Well, well, well. So they've found her at long last. Isn't that just heartwarming, Tolienator?"

"Ehehe, y-yeah, very heartwarming, sir."

Mr. Boss and The Tolienator, upon arriving to France, have been hiding out in an abandoned clock tower. (A/N I don't know where it was they were hiding in the movie so I dunno.) Numbuh One had sent a message to the Moonbase that he found Numbuh Three. They immediately responded, saying that they would throw a party to celebrate the next day. Unfortunately, news travels fast. When Mr. Boss heard this, he knew that would be the perfect time to finally finish off Numbuh Three, once and for all.

"Isn't it perfect? That's when we'll kill her. Crush her at the height of her glory!"

The Tolienator was replaying there previous attempts to kill her through the cigars smoky crystal ball.(A/N ? do I have a way with words or what? :P)

Suddenly, he gasped when he saw the blonde guy wake her up from the sleepwalking nightmare. He paused it to get a better view.

"No way," he said. "Mr. Boss, Mr. Boss hurry. Look, you see that blonde guy who keeps saving her from our evil plots? It's Numbuh Four!"

Mr. Boss's eyes widened when he saw this. "Say, you're right, Tolienator," he said. "It is Numbuh Four."

"My arch-nemesis," Tolienator growled.

"Yeah. Wait, why?" Mr. Boss asked.

"Well 'cause when I came up with the perfect plan at the movie theater, and he came along and ruined it, and….oh of course you don't remember."

Rolling his eyes, Mr. Boss returned his attention to the matter at hand. "Uh-huh. Anyway, so that's why she keeps evading us. Numbuh Four saved her each time. Which means, if we try to kill her at the party, he'll only end up saving her again."

"Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Boss," Tolienator cried, raising his hand.

"Geeze, what?"

"Well what if someone," he pointed to himself, "were to take out Numbuh Four?"

Mr. Boss raised an eyebrow. "Who can I trust with a task like that?"

"Me, me, me! Oh, please Mr. Boss? Let me take out Numbuh Four. That way no one will be able to foil our plan to kill Numbuh Three. And, I'll finally get my revenge on that glorious-moment-crushing little brat!"

"Gee, I don't know Tolienator. Are you sure you can handle a task like that? It would require a lot of responsibility."

"You know it, Boss!"

Mr. Boss sighed. What other choice did he have? "Okay fine. You can get your revenge, or whatever, on Numbuh Four. Just make sure you take care of him so he can't come back to save his precious, little crush."

The Tolienator laughed maniacally. "Vengeance is finally mine!"

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