This is a response to a prompt from ilovemyboys: "Something happens to Shawn and he walks into the SBPD Dept. acting strange. Or maybe he's hung over, or drunk, or got hit with some strange drug, I don't know. Something that will get a reaction out of Lassiter, Jewels, Henry, Gus, and Karen and anyone else at the office. (If only one character, then Lassiter)" I couldn't resist! It is a great prompt! Not sure how long it'll be, but it won't be too long. I hope you enjoy!

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Lassiter knew something was wrong the second Shawn walked through the doors of the Santa Barbra Police Station.

Instead of bounding through the door, full of energy, Shawn seemed to walk uncertainly, as if each step was a struggle.

"Spencer!" Carlton's voice reverberated throughout the large building.

In a delayed reaction, Shawn turned confused eyes to search the station for the origin of the noise. After much too long a time, he located Lassiter across the room. He lifted his hand in a dazed, half-wave and began making his way towards the detective. Every few steps he would stumble or run into something.

"Spencer, what the hell is wrong with you?" By this time the other occupants of the station were beginning to notice Shawn and his strange behavior.

"Shawn? Are you okay?" Juliet's concerned voice came from just behind Lassiter.

Shawn tripped right as he reached the two detectives. Lassiter's strong hands shot out and grabbed his shoulders, steadying the younger man.

"Lass- wha- where are we?" Shawn's eyes were darting around frantically.

"Spencer." Lassiter shook Shawn to get his attention "Spencer!" Lassiter hadn't ruled the psychic's strange behavior as just being one of his usual antics until he saw his eyes. His eyes were cloudy. Confused. There wasn't the usual knowing, mischievous light in them.

"What happened to you?"

"I don't- I can't… Lassie?" Carlton could feel Shawn start to shake under his hands that were still anchoring the psychic to reality.

"Shawn? What's going on?" Lassiter could hear the fear in his partner's voice.

Spencer's breaths were beginning to come out in shallow gasps.

"Dru- man- he came- I couldn't- too close. I was too- too-" In a terrifying moment for both detectives, Shawn's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed into a heap on the cold stone floor.

"Shawn!" Juliet cried out. Shawn's face was pale and sweaty. He began to convulse violently. Lassiter dropped to his hands and knees to hold down the younger man.

"O'Hara! Call an ambulance!"

After a while, Shawn stopped moving completely.

"Spencer?" His chest wasn't rising. " Spencer! Stay with us! Dammit Spencer!" Carlton began compressions. He was counting under his breath when Juliet came up behind him.

"The ambulance should be here any time." After a moment she realized what was happening. "Oh God. He's not breathing. Shawn? Shawn!"

"O'Hara, stay calm. If I can just keep his blood circulating until the ambulance gets here, he might still have a chance."

After what seemed like hours the ambulance arrived. Shawn was immediately swarmed by several bustling EMTs who worked on him for a moment before loading him into the ambulance and rushing him to the hospital.

His mind was still reeling when Juliet walked up to him. She looked shaken to the core.

"Carlton, what just happened?"

Lassiter thought over everything that had just happened. The faraway, cloudy look in Spencer's eyes. His delayed reaction and his clumsiness. "Dru- man- he came- I couldn't- too close. I was too- too-." Spencer gave him everything he needed. All Lassiter needed to do was put together the pieces of the puzzle.

"It sounds like Spencer got too close to solving a case that someone really didn't want him to solve. So they decided to kill him."


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