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It would be impossible to say which of the four companions shot out of their seats fastest at the sound of the doctor's voice. Plastic chairs, water bottles and empty coffee cups were knocked over as they all scrambled to get to the doctor.

The doctor was unfamiliar—neither Gus nor Henry had seen him before.

"Where's Dr. Riley?" Gus asked the new doctor.

Juliet punched him on the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Shut up, Guster." Lassiter scolded. "How's Spencer?" He demanded from the doctor.

The four stood, their hearts in their throats as they waited for an answer.

"Mr. Spencer is out of surgery. We believe that he will be okay." The doctor informed them, grinning.

"Are you serious?" Lassiter asked dumbly.

"No, I'm pretty sure he's kidding. Doctors like to do that to relieve the tension when telling families the bad news." Henry said sarcastically, his tone nowhere near the huge grin dominating his face.

Gus and Juliet said nothing; they just stood hugging, tears leaking from the detective's eyes.

When the two broke apart, Juliet turned to the doctor. "Can we see him? Can we see Shawn?" Her voice was pleading.

The doctor looked at the group as if trying to decide how much trouble they'd be. "Well, fine. Just take it easy, okay? He is still very fragile." The man indicated for the four to follow him.

Shawn lay in bed, pale, and hooked up to several machines. He had an oxygen mask covering most of his face. However, unlike the last time they were in this situation, his friends were fully prepared for the sight in front of them. Plus, this time Shawn's eyes were open.

The doctor waltzed in and began checking all of Shawn's machines and Gus took up the chair by his bedside, while the other two men stood awkwardly, crowding the doorway. They liked it better when he was asleep. Juliet pushed past the human barricade and ran to Shawn's bedside. She fell to her knees next to him, this time in happiness instead of pain.

"Shawn! Oh, thank God you're okay." She smiled, lightly stroking his hair. There wasn't the faintest trace of a tear on her face.

Shawn shakily lifted one hand to lower his oxygen mask. "Jules." He said weakly, smiling back. Somehow the smile came off as a regular 'Shawn Spencer Smile' despite the circumstances.

Lassiter cleared his throat and the two's eyes snapped from each other's gaze to the detective.

"Well, Spencer… I'm glad you're okay." He said uncomfortably.

"Oh, Lassafrass! I didn't know you cared!" Shawn cried happily.

"You really gave us a scare there, kid." Henry put in.

"Just keeping life interesting, pops. Plus, someone's got to keep you on your toes. Wouldn't want you going soft, would we?" Shawn joked, his tired eyes lighting up with amusement.

"Oh, come on, Gus. Right now? With all of the happiness filling this room?" Shawn complained, the only one to notice his best friend crying in the chair next to him.

"Don't give me that, Shawn. You know I'm a sympathetic crier!" Gus shot back at his friend tearfully.

"Dude. Nobody's crying! You've really got to find a better excuse, man. Here, how bout this. Just tell everyone that you're having one of your murder mystery dinners tonight and you were chopping carrots all morning!"

"I think you mean onions, Shawn." Gus corrected.

"I've heard it both ways."

"Have not!"

"Oh, really? And how can you be so sure about that, Gus? Do you stalk me and listen to all of my conversations? I thought you had a job." Shawn challenged.

"Shawn. Onions and carrots are about as different as you can get. First off, onions are either white, green, red or purple, and carrots, while they can be red, yellow, purple, black or white, are traditionally thought of in their orange state—" Gus was cut off.

"Guster. If you keep talking I'm going to pull out my weapon and put a bullet hole in you to match Spencer's, okay?" Lassiter threatened.

Gus nodded, and then changed the subject. "Did the doctors tell you about your kidneys?" Shawn nodded. "What are you going to do?"

"Gus, please don't be an anorexic muffin. Of course I'm going to go with the transplant. Do you really think that I'm going to come to this place every other day?" Shawn chided his best friend.

"Maybe you should think about this, kid." Henry pitched in. "It's a big decision to make."

"Yes, it's also my decision. I know what I'm going to do. There's really no question about it." Shawn said firmly, waiting for retaliation from his father. There was none.

"Okay, kiddo. If that's what you want." Henry said, shrugging.

Shawn's mouth dropped open.

"Can you please at least wait a few days until after you've healed more? I don't think I could take waiting in that stupid room again so soon." Juliet pouted to her boyfriend.

Shawn just smiled. "Of course, Jules." With that the psychic closed his eyes and lay peacefully. His breathing evened out and the others could tell that he was asleep.

It wasn't over yet.



"Go long, Gus!" Shawn yelled across the station.

"I'm open! I'm open!" Gus called back.

Shawn reached back and hurled the football through the air.

"And an interception!" Shawn called in a mock-announcer voice as Lassiter caught the ball right before it crashed into a nearby computer.

"What the hell kind of throw was that, Spencer?" Lassiter scolded. "Guster is on the other side of the station."

"Oh, please, Lassitarian." Shawn shot back. "I wasn't aiming for Gus. That would be way too obvious."

"Well, who were you aiming for, then?" Lassiter asked, confused.

"Him." Shawn said simply, pointing towards a pineapple trapped under a full sized football helmet that sat feet from Lassiter.

Carlton rolled his eyes and started to walk away.

"Wait, Lassie! Get back here with our football!" Shawn cried.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll just put it in his desk. I'll sneak it out for you later." Juliet came up behind him, smiling.

"You better. That's quality pigskin right there." Shawn complained.

"You won that football at a booth at the Cinnamon Festival in 1988, Shawn." Gus pointed out from halfway across the station.

"Why would you say that, Gus? Why?" Shawn called back. "How can you hear me from there, anyway? "

"I have 20/20 hearing, Shawn." Gus shouted.

"I don't think that's a thing…" Shawn whispered to Juliet. She shrugged.

O'Hara checked her watch. "I've got to go, Shawn. I'm going to miss the hearing."

"What hearing?"

"The custody battle for Emily Alexander between two of her aunts. Turns out that Nicholas didn't have a thing about what to do with his daughter if he died in his will. At least he left everything he owned to the poor girl." Juliet explained.

Shawn nodded. "Okay then, well I'll see you tonight?" Juliet confirmed with a nod. Shawn kissed her on the cheek before she walked towards her partner who waited at the front of the station.

Lassiter and Juliet were almost at the door when they heard a voice behind them.

"Hey Lassie! Think fast!"

Lassiter turned just in time to be smacked in the face by a Frisbee. On closer inspection, the detective found a large drawing of a chimpanzee on the top. Lassiter displayed it to his partner.

"Seriously. Spencer? Why?"


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