This poem is something like I would imagine that Helga would write if she confessed her feelings to Arnold, and he rejected her.

I live in the shadows, the hollows, the dark,

I was wounded and drained, by fiery hot sparks.


Left to regret,

secrets I have shared.

I won't ever forget,

mistaking that you cared.


Though time will pass,

my sorrow will remain.

Because I walk on shattered glass,

I will constantly feel pain.


Forever my tragedy has awoken,

This is my fate.

Which day after day unspoken,

I must always take.

I worked a bit harder on this poem than my last one. But it is only my second poem, so I would love some tips. I really want to improve, but first I need to know what to improve. If you have any questions about the meaning of this poem, I will happily answer them; all you have to do is ask!! (The dots between paragraphs are there because I didn't know how to do a double space.)

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