This is Arnold's reply to Helga's last poem.

The message heard, fair, justified but absorbed.

Once you did jeer, and you did leer.

But I understand now, it was out of fear.

Although what you did was unforgivable

You're forgiven.

And what you did was unforgettable

It's forgotten.

So breathe, live.

because although you drove me too my wits ends,

I forgive,

we can move on, be friends.

So as you can see he has forgiven her, and they are friends. But does Helga want more? Arnold accepted her excuses yay!!!!

I have decided to make this story a collection of poems about their developing relationship, half of the poems will be by Helga and half by Arnold.

Yeah my poetry skills need work, so help me out!!!! I hope you like this new idea

Like it?

Love it?

Hate it?

Press it?

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