Secret Mission

"Shadow, I don't know about you, but we're getting outnumbered and I'm down to my last clip!", the voice of Ko'skarr echoed inside Shadow's head. They were taking cover behind a chunk of metal, made up of robot parts, bullets ricocheting all around them. Shadow didn't want to admit it, but he was right. The base was churning out more robots than the alien was firing bullets and Rouge and Lu'saa were showing no sign of returning

"Well, we're gonna have to hold out until they get back", Shadow said to his alien companion.

"OK, guess it's best if I go down swinging", he said back in a cheery manner, loading in his last clip.

"Even in the face of death, your still the joker, aren't you", a new voice said. Shadow and Ko'skarr whirled round to see a figure materialize beside them.

"Li'thicka!" Ko'skarr sounded relieved. "I've never been so glad to see you!"

"You didn't expect me to miss out on a fight like this", the newcomer said twirling two blades on her fingers. "Have you guys found Nightshade yet?"

"No, but Lu'saa and his partner", he gestured to Shadow, "are in the base looking for her. We're holding off the guards until they're done."

"Good plan, so lets get to it!", she said pulling out a device with what looked like harpoons inside (A spear gun). Shadow gave a small smile and they leaped out from behind cover and back into the fight.

Their footsteps echoing off the walls, Lu'saa and Rouge sprinted down the corridor towards the labs. Rouge was using a combination of running and flying, while Lu'saa was crawling on all surfaces. They soon reached the Labs... and found a large squad of robots waiting for them. Heavily armed and heavily armored, they raised their guns to bear on the two intruders.

"Well, it was good knowing you Lu'saa", Rouge said grimly.

"We're not dead yet Rouge!" she replied defiantly. No sooner had she said this, the door was blasted forwards and crushed most of the robots. The rest spun round, only to be cut down by machine gun fire.

"WORTHLESS CONSUMER MODELS!", spoke a familiar voice from the door and out stomped the form of Omega, storing away his guns.

"Omega, you're OK!" Rouge said happily to the robot.

"You sure bet he is, sugar. He's a goodun this one." An electronic, female, Southern sounding voice said from behind Omega. Another robot emerged with Omega. This one was drastically different. She was built on a human female, it was easy to tell by the tall, slender form. There were many detailed, complicated workings through her endoskeleton and her eyes glowed a brilliant blue. A small, metal tube hung from her waist and a friendly smile was on her face.

"Well, well, Lu'saa. I was beginning to think y'all had forgotten lil' ol' me", she said towards the alien.

"Nightshade, how could we forget you?", Lu'saa responded with a chuckle. "Rouge, this is Nightshade, the one we came here for. She's an earlier prototype of a robot called a T-X", she then explained to Rouge.

"Hm, seems pretty advanced, even for a prototype. Nice to meet you, I'm Rouge and me and my friend are here for Omega", Rouge said to the android.


"I agree with ya there E-123. Let's blow this dump!" Nightshade exclaimed and lead the charge for the exit. As they were nearing the main entrance, a squad of robots blocked their path. Nightshade stepped forward.

"I'll handle these", she stated and pulled out the metal tube from her waist and pressed a button on it. With a flare of energy, a blue blade of light sprung from it and made a continuous humming noise while it was active. She held out her hand and a robot was lifted by some unseen force. She shoved it towards another and crushed it. She then leaped at the rest and brought her blue blade down, slicing one down the middle, spun like a ballet dancer and decapitated the other. They then ran outside to see Shadow, Ko'skarr and (Rouge doesn't know her name) Li'thicka being swamped by hundreds of robots.

"Chosen Ones, we are leaving!", Lu'saa yelled with her mind. Ko'skarr and Li'thicka looked up nodded and ran off. "So long Rouge", Lu'saa said quickly before leaving Nightshade. The four ran to the wall, vaulted over and were gone. Linking up with Shadow, Rouge and Omega then ran to the gate and sped off, putting as much distance between them and the base as possible.

"I think that's far enough", Rouge panted, clutching her side.

"Who were they?", Shadow asked.


"Well, they can't be hostile towards us and I'm glad. They had weapons and fighting skills I've never seen before", Rouge said. "What do you think Shadow?"

"I don't know Rouge. I don't know." Shadow looked up. It was probably his imagination, but he could have sworn he saw something flicker against the sky.

"You think he saw us?", Ko'skarr said worriedly as Shadow was looking at the sky on the monitor screen.

"I remember the last time you said that", Lu'saa said slyly and her mate blushed.

"No.", uttered a deep, glutteral voice. "I think we're alright."

"Even so, Wolf", said Dan in his synthesized voice, drumming his armored fingers. "We can't reveal ourselves completely until we make as many friends as possible."

"Affirmative. We should follow the signal that Nightshade raided from Eggman's database. It may be connected to the Daleks", a robotic voice spoke. A red light moved back and forth from it's origin.

"I think we should handle that, but what about reports of all them deaths about these here parts?", Nightshade pointed out.

"The signs point out it's a member of the Wolf's species, unless you know anyone else who skins bodies?", Lu'saa asked rhetorically. The Wolf clicked and his mandibles twitched.

"Angela, I think you and the Wolf should handle this one", Dan said to a figure behind him. A girl then stepped out of the shadows, with pale skin, glowing, yellow eyes and long black claws instead of fingers.

"Dan", she said, as her Armour covered her body and as she raised her claws,"It would be my pleasure."