Just Keep Breathing.

Summary. . . . . . . . . . . He thought he'd left it all behind when he'd walked away from that bench and turned his back on Dean and the hunting life, but a blast from the past changes all of that, and thrusts Sam back into the life he had so hoped to put behind him, forcing him to make a tough decision. Will he make the right call? And just how much will that call cost him?

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Previously. . . . . . . . . . .

Sam pulled a pen from his pocket and ripped apart a beer mat to jot down the address Kris gave him, promising he would be there soon and they would find her. He handed back the phone before rushing back outside and over to his car. He was about to place the key in the lock of his beat up Toyota when his phone rang, pulling it out of his pocket he answered hoping somehow that Jess had gotten a hold of his number and it was her. The keys fell from his fingers as he listen to the voice that answered.

"Sammy, it's been a while. Now, now I know you know who this is, and don't even think about hanging up on me, I have someone here who wants to talk to you."

Sam could only listen as Jess' frightened voice begged for help through the ear piece.

"Meg! You bitch!" Sam yelled down the phone. "If you've so much as hurt her, I will kill you."

"Now why would I want to hurt such a pretty little thing like this, when I can think of much more fun ways to spend my time with her." The oh so familiar voice taunted back at him. "Now on the other hand, Dean's just begging to be hurt."

"I swear I will find you and when I do. . . . . . . . . ." Sam's anger filled rant cut off abruptly as the demons words broke through his rage filled mind. "Wwhat, what do you mean, Dean's begging to be hurt?" He stuttered out.

"Oh silly me, did I not tell you? Dear ol' Deano decided to join our little party here also, but for some reason I don't believe he's enjoying our hospitality. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think?"

Sam moved the phone away from his ear as Dean's screams assaulted his sense, but it did little to stop the images of his brother from entering his mind, his over active imagination creating different scenarios of what Meg was doing to his brother, each one projecting a scene that gradually grew in gruesomeness.

"Meg, Meg, please stop, please stop hurting him. I'll do anything that you want me to, but please stop hurting him, please don't hurt either of them."

Meg scoffed down the phone. "My, how the mighty have fallen. I can't believe that my Father believed all that hogwash about this grand human leader. I can't believe that I believed it too, listening to you now. You're nothing, pathetic, a piece of something we scrape off the bottom of our shoes. You're not this strong, courageous, intelligent general, listen to yourself, begging at my feet like a typical meat puppet."

"Let them go Meg. Let them go and I swear I will do anything that you want."

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, now why would I let such good entertainment go? You forget how well I know you Sam, you forget that I spent some time being you, you forget I know how you work. I have no doubt that you will soon be on your knees before me, but only because I have the two lives you cherish most of all, if I let them go you would just roll over and play puppy, but if you believe that you can save them I'll have a fight on my hands. Now which one do you think I would enjoy more?"

"Why are you doing this Meg? If you believe in Lucifer's plans, why are you risking his wrath?"

"I have a score to settle. You've all had a hand in destroying my family, in torturing me, now I get some payback of my own. And as I said Sammy, I did believe, I no longer do. Oh sure on the outside my allegiance is to Lucifer, I do his bidding, but I no longer believe in his words."

"Why Jess? What has she ever done?"

"She was the start of my Father's down fall Sammy. He was supposed to kill her, but instead he thought he could use her. Send her away, make you believe she had died, destroying the last thread that tied you to normalcy and send you racing back into our world, and then at some point bring her back pregnant with his spawn, forcing you to kill her and start your descent into your true vocation. But dear ol' Deano laid those plans to rest, shooting my poor Daddy in the head. We crossed paths later on you know, me and Dean, when he begged to get off the rack I was the first victim he tortured, payback from Lucifer for my failures. He thought I had learned my lesson, thought I was sorry for my sins, but I was just biding my time until he trusted me once more, biding my time until I could pay back those who hurt me. So here we are Sammy."

"You wont get away with this, the Angel's will find you, Lucifer will find you."

"Silly boy, do you really think I would be that naïve? Do you really think that I wouldn't have protection in place, wards and sigils and spells? I've had a very, very long time to plan this, choosing my associates carefully, choosing my plans carefully, nothing will stop me, no one will find me, well not before I have taken the revenge that I so richly deserve. Now Sammy, enough idle chit chat over the phone, I want to see your face. I want to look into your eyes as I torture the ones you love, like you and yours did mine."

"What if I don't come? What if I don't believe you? What if I don't think enough about Jess and Dean?"

"You're stalling Sammy. I told you before, I know you, I've been you. Dean has always meant, and will always mean more to you than your own life. You'd die for him. And Jess dearest ran a close second. You'll come, and you'll come alone, no fallen angels, no crippled hunters, just you Sammy. I'm sending you the coordinates now, don't be late you have five hours."

Sam lowered his hand and stared at the screen of the phone as the dial tone beeped. This couldn't be happening, he had left so that Dean would be safe, and he'd only just found out that Jess was alive, how could things have gotten so bad so quickly? He jumped as the phone vibrated in his hand, trembling fingers desperately trying to retrieve the message that had just been sent, a message he knew he could not ignore, Meg was after all right, Dean and Jessica's lives did mean a lot more than his own. Ignoring the common sense side of his brain that was shouting at him to call Bobby, Sam opened his car door, climbed inside, and gunned the engine. He had to get them back, he had to save them both, and make right the wrongs he had done.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . . . .

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