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Naruto Belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

Akatsuki Blossom

"So what's the Soul Transfusion Jutsu, again?" I asked softly, taking a long swig of my black coffee. Madara sighed lightly and placed a long delicate hand against his cheek. His eyes shut and his breathing evened out. For a moment, I suspected that he had fallen asleep.

"I though Pein told you this." He replied.

"He did, but he didn't tell me much and that was almost one and half years ago."

"You're impossible." He complained.

"I'm irresistible. Now, are you going to tell me or not?"

"That's what you think." He snorted.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I demanded crossly.

"Do you want to hear it or not?" That shut me up.

"Alright, when Zetsu was sent on an undercover mission to the Hidden Grass Village he broke into their historical Library of Forbidden Jutsu. He was searching for a particular Jutsu that he had heard rumours about, the Soul Transfusion Jutsu," Madara began. "He almost lost his life in the process but the aftermath was very promising. The scroll he had stolen, was one that the first Kage of the Grass Village had written himself. It was very similar to a private journal. It shows rough sketches of the hand signs that need to be made and the consequences."

"What are the consequences?" I asked gently.

"The Soul only has a certain about of time to find a suitable home before it is transferred into Hell. Remember, immortality is considered a sin. Also, if the person your soul is being transferred into doesn't have the same blood type as your own then it will not work. We've found a way around that."

"So that's why you set up Shadow Clones back at the Base." I exasperated.

"Precisely. Now, the Jutsu is a complex mechanism." He explained. "For this Jutsu to be done properly without something that could ruin the Jutsu completely, a person must pass someone's essence into another and perform the hand signs necessary. In other terms, someone must push their Chakra into another persons body while they perform the seals."

"Pushing Chakra into another person is dangerous. It's like pushing air in the blood stream, practically suicidal."

"It's a huge risk. There are six seals in the Jutsu that must be completed very quickly before death consumes you. The seals and the added Chakra counterbalance each other perfectly the Chakra bubble inside of you explodes and you're cut lose of the ties that bind your soul."

"I'm confused." I admitted.

"About?" He demanded in an irritated tone.

"How does this cut the binds on your soul?"

"It wasn't properly explained in the general but our theory is that being so close to death and having the capability of escaping it with your own power, the binds break the soul and you're able to manipulate it to any means necessary."

I gave him a pointed look as I consumed the remnants of my coffee and washed the black substance in the Mansion's marble sink. I hummed to myself and as I walked past Madara, I placed a gentle hand atop of his head. Loving the feel of his dark mane slipping between my fingertips. Lifting his head and angling it at the perfect point, I noticed Madara's ruby gaze.

"Do you think I'll survive?" I asked.

"There is no doubt in my mind that you will survive."

Smiling gently, I waltzed out of the room and towards the basement where the Jutsu would be commenced. I could hear my heart pound violently in my ears as I thought over Madara's explanation. Behind me, I heard his footsteps grow closer and everything seemed to sink into an abyss. Nervously breathing, I emerged into the basement.

Pein stood in the centre, a confident and grave expression adorning his face.

"Are you ready?" He asked. I stopped and listened to the sound of candles flickering before nodding gently.

"I'm ready."

Pointing to the space before him, I sat comfortable in front of him with my legs folded. Hands at the ready I signalled for him to continue. His hand sat on the small of my back and I felt his Chakra pool into me. At that instant, the seals poured through my fingers.

"Soul Transfusion Jutsu!"

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