puttana – whore

Oh merda, si! Per favore – Oh shit, yes! Please

Dio bene – good God

Cazzo! – Fuck!

amante – lover

Fantastico - Fantastic

Stronzo! – Fucker!


By Merytsetesh

Part V

Later Leonardo would remember the trip up the studio's stairs as a jumble of groping hands and little else. Ezio had been determined to keep Leonardo's hands busy between his legs; a difficult feat when trying to climb stairs.

They'd stumbled onto the bed in a graceless heap, Leonardo immediately crawling between Ezio's splayed legs to continue his ministrations. Unsure whether to return the attention, Ezio settled for petting Leonardo's thigh chastely. The artist's nimble fingers squeezed and rubbed more surely than any courtesan Ezio had entertained, gentle enough to keep from hurting the sensitive organs and hard enough to satisfy. Perhaps it was because he had a cock of his own or maybe, like the courtesans, he had learned how to please another man from experience.

The mental image of Leonardo doing this to another man was both disquieting and arousing for its depravity. Had he learned this skill from an older patron, Ezio wondered? Or had he discovered his sexuality in a studio loft with another young man, years ago during his apprenticeship? Ezio bet the teenage Leonardo had been beautiful, all long limbs, exotic blond hair, and guileless blue eyes. He'd certainly grown into a stunningly handsome man. Trying to look at his friend like a woman would, Ezio examined his features and body, and had to admit that he liked what he saw. Especially the enticing blush on Leonardo's freckled cheeks, and lower down the the firm rump nicely filling out the back of his leggings. Unable to resist, he snaked one hand past Leonardo's hips and squeezed.

Leonardo yelped, but didn't slap Ezio's hand away. That was permission enough for the younger man, and he slipped his hand past the waist band. Leonardo's ass felt perfect, all tight muscles and just enough body fat to give it a pleasing round shape. He slapped one cheek playfully, and to his shock Leonardo groaned in pleasure, shifting backward on the bed to press into Ezio's cupped hand.

Ezio smirked, one pointed tooth poking past his lips, giving him a wolfish look. "Dirty little puttana, you like that!" He did it again, then once more, thrilled with his friend's shocked gasps and grunts, deeper in pitch than a woman's but no less pleasing to the ear. Distracted, Leonardo hands had frozen in place over his groin. Ezio rolled his hips. "Keep touching me or I'll spank you hard enough you won't be able to sit without feeling it."

"Then stop distracting me and I promise to make up for it." He licked his lips and Ezio suddenly understood just what Leonardo was about to do.

"Oh merda, si! Per favore," he moaned in anticipation.

Leonardo chuckled and pushed his shoulder down into the soft goose down mattress. Ezio let himself be guided, willing to follow Leonardo's lead now that the painter's intentions were obvious. He unlaced Ezio's breeches and the engorged erection sprung forth from the opening, already arching towards his flat stomach proudly. Ezio had to suppress a grin at the way Leonardo's eyes widened.

Dio bene, Ezio is a big boy, Leonardo thought. His penis was not as long as his own, but thick. The man was blessed with truly impressive girth, so much so that he must be uncomfortable for smaller women. Leonardo shivered at the thought of taking all that hard heat into his body, stretched wider than any other lover had managed. As he stared, a small bit of precum beaded at the reddened head. Unable to resist, he leaned forward to catch it, moaning at the sharp, salty flavor.

Breath catching in his throat, Ezio pressed the head of his cock into Leonardo's moist lips eagerly. To his surprise, they parted easily around him and began to gently suck and mouth at the tip.


Leonardo would have smirked, but his mouth was otherwise occupied. With his lips pulled over his teeth to keep from accidentally scraping the delicate skin, he lapped teasingly at the weeping slit, licked the thick vein on the underside of the shaft and swirled his tongue around the head, all to the sound of Ezio's labored breath. Inching forward, he let Ezio slide deeper into his mouth, stopping shy of brushing the back of his throat. Then he employed a favorite trick of his own, pressing hard on the spot just below the head that never failed to make Leonardo weak in the knees with pleasure. Judging from the sudden frantic buck of Ezio's hips, it was just as sensitive on him.

Feeling like he would fly away from his body if he did not anchor himself, Ezio reached down to run his fingers through Leonardo's hair. It was fine as silk, especially the short feathery bits at the nape of his neck. Gently, he tugged Leonardo forward and directed him to take more, shocked and pleased when half of his shaft easily disappeared into Leonardo's mouth. He began to pant, pulse racing as pleasure danced along his nerve endings, heat spreading through his lower belly.

Remembering Leonardo's graphic confession from just minutes before, Ezio had to agree. There was something very appealing in the way Leonardo's lips stretched to take in his length, eyes falling shut in concentration. With a warm blush on his cheeks, he looked demure, almost submissive, but there was nothing innocent in the way he skillfully pleasured Ezio. He'd obviously done this before and Ezio was suddenly irrationally jealous of the man who had taught him.

Grasping what he couldn't fit in his mouth in his right hand, Leonardo began to move his head in a steady rhythm. Soft, wet sucking sounds filled the bedroom, but Leonardo barely heard it over his thundering heart. It had been ages since he'd last done this and Ezio felt so good in his mouth, heavy and hot on his tongue, tasting of everything Leonardo had been dreaming about for years. God, but he'd missed this, the power of controlling another man's pleasure with every deft flick of his tongue. Ezio was writhing on the bed on front of him, eyes fluttering shut with pleasure, mouth open in a gasp and Leonardo felt a rush of satisfaction from knowing he was the cause; him, Ezio's best friend, not a nameless whore. He also knew that he was better than those women because they had to be paid to do this. Leonardo did it because he liked it. Loved it even, so much so that the eroticism of the act was having a definite physical effect on him.

He reached down to free himself from his own pants, moaning in relief as he stroked his manhood in time with his bobbing head. Already it was leaking and the slick fluid made his hand glide. Truth be told, he had a bit of an oral fixation and loved to give head. In fact, he would often suck his own fingers as he masturbated just to have something in his mouth, but he knew now that they were a poor substitute for Ezio's hard, throbbing cock. Already he could feel his climax approaching, so he slowed his pumping hand and switched to fingering the sensitive frenulum. Though it had been a while since he'd had a partner, he had enough experience to control his orgasm and he wanted this encounter to last as long as possible.

Ezio, on the other hand, had no such resolve. By now he was a shaking, moaning mess, made of nothing but want and unfulfilled desire. He was racing towards his end at breakneck speed, his thighs trembling from the strain of holding still to keep from thrusting wildly into the inviting wet heat of Leonardo's mouth. A wasted effort, since Leonardo then sucked him down to the root and Ezio thrust anyway. Leonardo gagged and pulled back.

Ezio was horrified. "Sorry!"

But Leonardo, unfazed, smirked, his blue eyes burning into Ezio's. "Don't hold back, amante," his murmured, his voice husky, "I want to taste you." Then he plunged back down.

The thought of Leonardo actually enjoying his seed was his undoing. He thrust once, twice, and then with a loud groan he spent himself powerfully into Leonardo's waiting mouth. This time Leonardo didn't choke, but swallowed smoothly around him, the increased suction pulling another tremor from his overwrought body. His penis pulsed weakly as Leonardo pulled off with an obscene pop, a string of saliva connecting his wet lips to Ezio's softening member.

The image of his best friend kneeling between his legs, with his wet mouth hovering over his exposed lap, hit Ezio like a punch to the gut. This was not the Leonardo da Vinci he knew, the friendly, helpful inventor; instead, this was someone primal, sexual, and enticingly androgynous. Though unmistakably male, there were certain qualities to Leonardo that Ezio enjoyed in women, like the swing of his hips when he walked or the gentleness of his touch. The dichotomy between feminine and masculine was unusual enough to get Ezio's attention and never was this more evident than right now, with the older man's hair mused and his eyes dilated with arousal. Though a little unsettled by his own reaction to it, Ezio decided he liked this new, more visceral side of the man.

Panting, Leonardo gave Ezio a smile that could have been innocent if it weren't for the drop of white fluid at the corner of his lips. Ezio brushed it away with his thumb. "Fantastico."

"Grazie. I aim to please," Leonardo said smugly as he crawled up the bed to lay at Ezio's side, lying on his stomach to keep his erection from accidentally bumping into Ezio's hip. He was so hard it nearly hurt.

"You most certainly did," Ezio panted, still regaining his breath. "That was...I do not even have words! My body is still burning from the strength of it. Is it always that good with a man?"

"If you have the right partner," Leonardo said, sounding as pleased with himself as the cat that got the canary. Or the cream, as it were.

"I'm afraid to ask where you learned how to do that."

"I don't kiss and tell."

Ezio grinned wickedly. "If that's what you call a kiss I'm surprised I didn't have to wait in line."

Leonardo punched Ezio hard in the shoulder, but his laughter took the sting out of the hit. "Stronzo!"

Ezio laughed too, but it quickly morphed into a wide yawn. He twisted his arms over his head, stretching languidly, and then to Leonardo's dismay, kicked off his breeches, clearly settling in for the night.

In Leonardo's bed. Wearing only an unlaced shirt.

Leonardo buried his face into his pillow to muffle his groan, his erection pressing insistently against the mattress, as Ezio, oblivious to his friend's discomfort, fell into an orgasm induced sleep. Leonardo wished he could be so lucky.

A/N: THIS IS NOT THE END. I'm not so cruel that I'd leave Leonardo hanging like that. Don't worry, he gets some TLC (tender loving cock?) from Ezio in the next chapter.

I guess I should really stop staying how long my fics will be until they're over, huh? I totally did the same thing I did last chapter, but at least this way you guys finally get some long awaited Ezio/Leo hotness.

Damn, but it's difficult to write a sex scene. There is a fine line between sexy filth and unintentional comedy. My pet peeve is when authors use ridiculous euphemism for penis because it completely ruins whatever mood was created when I burst out laughing. I hope this chapter doesn't do that to anyone reading it.

I feel a little sacrilegious for calling one of the most brilliant men in history a "dirty little whore" and making him enthusiastically suck cock. My only consolation is that he probably would not have minded.

Lastly, this chapter beta-ed by Lady Madbeth. 3