Bella has always loved Edward, but she always felt the feeling wasn't mutual. That is until she dances with him at the Welcome Back Dance and she begins to think there's something more..Is she right, or will everything come tumbling down?? Rated T ExB

Chapter 1: Klutzes Never Change..

"Bella you look great come out there." Rose called.

"No Rose, have you seen what I'm wearing." I replied

"Yer I kind of dressed you remember."


"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN, get out here NOW!!!" Alice screeched at me.

At the moment I was wearing a light lavender floor length dress with spaghetti straps. All along the straps were sparkling silver beads, the same beads were also along my chest and those ones came in a line and attached to one large bead in the middle. Down the rest of the dress were little kinks with four or five of the same beads again. My Mask was silver with lavender beads around the eyes and in a few other small places, it had to purple butterflies on the right top hand corner and three small feather two purple, and one silver. My hair was slightly curled and two sections of it were clipped back with a silver butterfly clip, to top it off I had matching lavender high heels with once again beads, and a simple silver necklace that Alice let me borrow. (Pics on My Profile)

"Could I at least ditch the heels?" I pleaded.

"NO." Alice screeched.

"Yer this outfit needs heels Bella you have to understand that."

"Whatever you guys look better anyways." I mumbled.

"Did you say something?"


Rosalie was wearing a stunning floor length scarlet dress made out of silk, it was cross-threaded over her back and came over to the centre of her chest were it then looped into a gold ring that was attached to the rest of the dress. She had matching three inch gold heels, a gold necklace and gold earrings, did I mention gold. Her mask was red velvet, it had gold stitching around the outside and around the eyes, plus e few gold swirls here and there. At the very top of the mask there was a ruby bead and coming of it were black, gold and red feathers. Her hair was curled to perfection and flowing down her back, Fierce yet Elegant it screams Rose and a model would kill to be her right now. And Alice she was wearing a knee-length sleeveless pink dress with ruffles from the waist down, once it ended it folded like a balloon skirt underneath. Just above the waist a massive black bow that hung over one side of the dress. She had a long beaded black necklace with a black rose towards the bottom, with matching earrings. She had her hair spiked every which way and a pink rose in her hair similar to the one on the necklace, and her heels were hot pink and like Rosalie's they were three inches as well. Her mask was pink to match her dress with black sequins on the outside and silver around the eyes, there was a small diamond on the side with three white feathers coming out and one pink one. Typical Alice, Simple and Sophisticated

"C'mon Hurry up." Alice said in her cute voice I was guessing she was using her puppy dog face at me through the door. So I acted all calm took one last look in the mirror and waltzed out the door.

"I'm done jeez just doing some final touches." I lied

"Oh well ... um okay then." They stood their stunned.

"Well are you coming."


"Cool, come on them." They were still in shock when I dragged them out the door to our rented limo. I know right a limo, these girls don't mess around this beginning of year dance happens every year and every year these girls go way overboard especially this year since the theme was masquerade and they knew who I liked so they had this great idea that they would be really cliché and dress me as none out then Juliet because Alice knew that Edward – her extremely cute brother – was going as Romeo. So now it's perfect Romeo and plain Jane, Juliet. This should be interesting.


They actually did a good job at setting up our crappy Gym if you hadn't seen it before you actually would have thought it was a Ballroom it was amazing, they had a fake chandelier hanging off the ceiling with lights pointing at it to make it look real, and silver and gold streamers were starting at the light and heading to different parts of the room. There was a stage up the front of the room that they used for graduation and it had a microphone in the middle and a karaoke machine near it and the side of the stage there was a small podium. On the right hand side of the Gym/Ballroom there were several tables with white silk cloths over them and matching chairs and a bit to the side of that was a longer rectangular table with the same cloth with a punch bowl and the usual set up for a dance and to the left side there was a huge space for dancing I'd have to compliment Alice about her skills later. Just outside the Gym was a Gazebo with twinkle lights around it and small dance floor which looked to be made out of linoleum left over from something, there were four poles on each corner which supported more twinkle lights and it was equally amazing.

"Holy Crap Alice, how the hell." I asked completely astonished

"Well I know you secretly like my brother even if you won't admit it and he's a sucker for stuff like this and you look amazing plus this is how I imagined your first meeting so I did what I had to." She replied like it was a normal subject.

"O-Kay." I said dazed

"C'mon Juliet let's go." Alice pulled me into the Gym dragging me along until we ran into Emmet, and Jasper. I was surprised she would recognize them everyone was in masks; the only give away was that Emmet is huge.

"Hey Guys." We all said in unison.

"Hey Girlies." They replied.

"Dance with me." Em ask Rose looking at her with an expression only recognized as complete and utter happiness.

"Good Idea care to dance Ally." Jasper asking equally exited.

"Can we go Bells?" The girls turned to me for recognition.

"Go on guys I know you want to, ill mind your purses." I said to them.


"Thanks Bella."

"Don't mention it." As they got on to the dance floor a slow song started. It was 'Today was a fairytale' by Taylor Swift.

If only I was so lucky I thought to myself. I sat down and looked around the room the gang could dance like angels, they'd make professionals jealous it made me sad to see them looking so good when I could barely walk without tripping so I kept looking around and I saw my favourite guy looking at me even if he had a mask I know those amazing emerald green eyes any day, He was wearing the most gorgeous Black tux I had ever seen and her wore it like a God. His hair was all in disarray and his fringe was over his eyes which I looked right at; they kept contact for a few seconds and then looked away. I was just about to get excited when I heard giggling I looked behind me and saw Tanya, Jessica and Lauren those three girls were the definition of bimbo. Before I could get lost in my own thoughts Alice and Rose ran at me full pelt and stopped just before they hit the table.

"OMG, He was just looking at YOU, did you see that he so noticed we are just too good." Alice screamed over the music.

"He didn't see me Al..." I said solemnly.

"Oh, really are you sure..." She drifted off.

"Yer, when he walked off I looked behind me and Tanya, Lauren and Jessica were behind me at their table."

"Damn I hate those girls there total....well total..."

"Total Try Hard Ska..." She cut me off

"Language ..." I blushed and looked down. "Even if they are okay I can believe he didn't see you"

"Well his loss so... you guys go and dance I'm going to... get some revenge.. show him what he's missing so I'll umm... sing for you..."

"Oh...My...God, are you serious. Can you sing?" Rose said

"Yer only Alice has ever heard me because she likes eavesdropping." I said glaring at Alice. She just smiled innocently.

"Well get on the dance floor."


"Umm thanks Alice, I really didn't need that ear."

I walked up to the stage were the current band was and asked if I could sing sometime soon and they said I could go up next. I started contemplating between two songs 'Crazier' By Taylor Swift or 'Together' Michelle Branch and since I didn't have Roxanne - I only sing country music with her - I went with 'Together' by the time I had decided this it was my turn so I slowly approached the mike and saw Edward flirting with Tanya and that gave me my extra needed courage.

"Hey everyone I'm going to slow it down a little now so grab that special someone and get on that dance floor, I'd also like to dedicate this song to my four besties enjoy this dance."

I grabbed the guitar and started to play and when I got the verse I softly sang the lyrics.

It doesn't matter how far apart we are now
You can add up all the miles in between
If you take a good look all around now
All you see is you and me
When I look at myself in the mirror
I see you standing there smiling at me
And I'm right back at the beginning
Lost inside this memory
I won't ever let go, all that I want to hold onto

When I got to the chorus and saw Edward sitting down looking right at me -with no special someone- and that gave me the courage I needed and I sung the rest of the song loud and proud right from the heart

That we belong together
Like the moon and stars and midnight
We'll be strong forever
Cuz we belong together
Whoa, whoa... whoa, whoa

Doesn't matter how long that it takes you
Cuz I'll always be right by your side
And even when darkness awaits you
I'll be there to be your light
It's a hard lonely road
When you're standing outside in the cold

That we belong together
Like the moon and stars and midnight
We'll be strong forever
Cuz we belong together
Whoa, whoa... whoa, whoa

Sometimes it's hard to learn to let go
Life always knows the right moments to show you what you needed

And we belong together
Like the moon and stars and midnight
And we belong together
Like the moon and stars and midnight
We'll be strong forever
Cuz we belong together
Whoa, whoa... whoa, whoa

I finished playing the last bit than put the guitar down and walked off the stage to greet my over eager friends.

"O-M-G." Alice said making the letters longer. "That was so good."

"Yer it was really good." Rosalie added.

"Umm thanks guys." I Blushed and looked down. The girls ran to the dance floor with their guys and a really bouncy song was playing I was just about to follow when someone decided they wanted to punish me more and "Love Story" came on.

great, just great.

But then my angel came back and a velvet voice behind me spoke.

"Care to dance Fair Juliet." He said holding his hand out for me bowing slightly.

Omg!! dont hyperventilate Bella..Breathe

"Why certainly kind Romeo." I said amazed at my confidence I could always just be myself around Edward. He led me slowly down to the dance floor.

"Oh." I realized something, I couldn't dance.

"What's wrong." He asked concern plastered on his features.

"Umm, I can't dance."

"Good thing I can then." He chuckled. He slowly picked me up and put me on his feet and wrapped his hand around my waist, and I put my hands around his neck.

"Hey Juliet, do I know you." He asked seeming genuinely curious

"Maybe, I'm not sure, don't think so" I lied.

"Oh well to bad I just feel like I know you from somewhere... no one could forget those brown eyes."

"Thanks...No one could forget those green ones." I mumbled.


"Nothing, nothing at all." I sighed.

After that we just stood there in a comfortable silence turning in circles looking at each other and for that small moment I was truly at peace in his arms, but all good things come to an end this moment in particular the song had to end and ruin my fun. I sighed and went to walk off and as I did I tripped on my heels – curse Alice – and prepared to hit the ground but it never came, instead a big pair of arms came around my waist and stopped the ground from hurting me.

"I knew that I knew you." He whispered turning me around and looking at me with an indescribable look on his face.

Song For This Chapter: Together by Michelle Branch







Love ya all...