Shadows By Candlelight

Welcome everyone to the first chapter of my story. The chapters won't normally be this short: This is just a test run to see how people recat to it. Please review; reviews would be very helpful. If you want to see any special pairings in this story or have an idea for it, just tell me in a review. Oh, and thanks goes to my good friend Dawn who read over this for me. This story is also under another account I have, I'm just testing out which one will work better.

Summary: They were the ones that were hated by everyone. The misfits, the outcasts, the freaks. Until one golden haired boy stood up and decided he was sick of it. Watch as this young orphan builds his own family and overcomes the boundaries others have set for him. A darker side of Naruto is revealed.

While searching the Internet I found out the meaning of Candle Lit Shadows, and thought that it really suited a few of the plot ideas I have for this story, so if you are interested in why it's called 'Candle Lit Shadows' here is the meaning that I found: 'Candle Lit Shadows just flashes a Gothic image in my mind when the grandfather clock strikes nine and candles suddenly illuminate the snake's eyes. Shadows of fancy Victorian objects come to life and move. It's all so far from reality, when everyone is deep in dreams where they escape the real world, but don't understand what truly happens at night.' And so I changed Candle Lit Shadows to Shadows By Candlelight.

Okay, now on this the story. Until next time folks, Tiana.



Yes, this story starts with me being beaten senseless by a gang of mindless villagers out for my blood. For those reading this who will snort or complain that this is unrealistic saying some bullshit like 'People would never really chase a child like that, this guy is full of it' I say to you get off your high horses and stop being naive bull-shitters trying to make the world sound all cheery and rosy. There are evil people in the world, bastards who would not think twice about hurting a kid. Because for the first five years of my life I was shown no compassion by the people who claimed to be human. I was spit upon, starved, and beaten almost daily.

I hated my life. I wanted to die and take all of those motherfuckers with me. Everything was shit. That was what I thought of my life until the day I discovered something within me. And I owe my thanks to the shit-fuckers who were trying to kill me. Without their hate and anger I would have never awakened my own darker side; the darker side that started to show the day I first heard the voice. Hell, if the events of that day didn't happen I most likely would be a bright and overly cheerful freak. I shudder at that thought, and believe me, there is little that can make me shudder.

My name is Naruto. I have a last name but it's bullshit so I don't use it, I haven't used it from the time I was a young boy. The family I was born to betrayed me; my birth family does not deserve the right to share a last name with me.

And so I made my own family. We were all outcasts who were treated like misfits and scum by our own families and villages. My family and I were brought together by our dealings with the darker side. People might laugh and say people like us deserve no family, but we do and without each other we would be monsters, powerful but still monsters. Together we are something greater, something that is feared and respected. This is my, no, our story.