Fleeting summer

The fleeting mid-seasons of warmth and light summer rain were gladly welcomed by all at Obernewtyn. The flowers grew, and the birds seemed to chirp more freely, their songs like liquid gold. A young man sat, barely moving, head bowed, palms up as if in prayer on the garden stone bench, the radiance of the sun greeting him like an old friend. He remembered well sitting in the doorway of his old home as a child just to feel the warmth of the sun's welcoming rays. It started out his every day, as did the smell of his mother's hair and the sound of his father's voice. A mantra that would act as a kind of security and grounding for the days to come. Dameon smiled, lifting his head as he felt someone approach. A slight girl came to stand tentatively before him, dressed in a white shift, her hair shining like red copper although he didn't have the eyes to see it.

"Dragon?" he questioned gently, observing the familiarity of her aura. "What is it?"

The girl said nothing, only stepped closer to the blind Empath Master, her blue eyes wary but curious. Dameon laughed, sensing her wariness. "I assure you Dragon I will not harm you. Here…come…" He shifted slightly and patted the spot next to him. Dragon wrinkled up her small nose in indecision for a moment, then lightly stepped forward and wriggled onto the seat, her face still fixed on Dameon's.

"Dear one, I know how you feel. It's a difficult and vulnerable thing to trust someone."

Dragon seemed to stare up at him in awe, the sunlight tinting the top of her hair fiery red, and his golden-brown. "Dameon friend to Dragon?" she asked in her strange, simple manner.

"Yes Dragon," Dameon reached out to take her hand and for once she didn't object to someone touching her. "I am your friend." Dragon seemed to relax marginally, but began to fidget.

"Why is Dameon out here alone? Is Dameon sad?"

Dameon turned to look at her, a surge of pity surrounding him as he realised how lonely she felt. "No Dragon," he sighed. "It is a little more complicated than sadness I fear." He smiled bitterly and resumed. "It has something to do with loving someone too much…"

"Loving someone…" And Dameon felt her faint curiosity as she seemed to understand.

He was suddenly swamped with a certain fierce love and sadness from the girl beside him. "Matthew hates Dragon..." Her voice was soft and there were tears in her eyes when she said this. Dameon reached out to stroke her back.

"No Dragon… he doesn't know what he feels… but I'm sure he'll come to his senses in time."

"Matthew does not deserve Dragon." She looked up almost fiercely as if daring him to contradict her. Dameon almost laughed feeling her strong challenge but said quite seriously.

"He does not deserve you if he fails to see how unique and lovely you are and you should always remember this and never let anyone say less of you…"

He smiled, sensing Dragon's sadness dissolve a little, and after a little while of sitting in the warmth of the sun she jumped up and stretched like a cat, making a move to the front steps of the Guild.

"Dameon come inside now?" she questioned. Dameon smiled and held out his hand and she led him like a child up the steps and into the main hall, her brow furrowed in serious concentration. The tall Empath Master smiled, allowing himself to be led inside by Dragon, but thinking privately to himself that a bout of sunshine and caring words was not enough to cure the pain of unrequited love.