Luthien Tinuviel

Author's Note: Possibly one of the first fan fiction poems I ever did. This was mostly inspired by the wonderful books by Tolkein and the many beautiful pictures of Luthien Tinuviel that can be found even on the internet.

* * *

The moonlight slips like silk between my fingertips, light and playful.

The biting air, the swirling leaves, the world; frosty white, waits…

Holds its breath…

I have walked here longer than the winter, before the seasons… before the sun first climbed in the sky.

I have left my imprints amongst the ancients,

I have danced through the halls of time…

I lift my hands;


like Jewels that sparkle in the moonlight.

My dark hair melts into the night;

A ribbon of desire.

I am lost in the motions,

in the dance.

The rhythms capture me,

transport me,

to another time,

another place.

A disturbance of air,

My heart echoes a beat.

Someone approaches,

Someone who changes the night's rhythm.

I stand still, waiting…

The music stops.

And I see him…

He is young,


like a seedling who has just been planted into the earth,

making its first imprints in an old, cruel world, only to be swept away in the morning.

And yet the way he looks at me,

the way his eyes meet mine,

the way he speaks my name;

the intensity,

the passion,

where a world of wisdom hides waiting to be lived, to be revealed.

I see his future set before him,

and I see mine entwined.

I see his innocence die beneath the world's adversity,

I see the bright eyes dull to pain beyond description,

and I see myself fade into nothing…

Yet still…

I am lost in the timelessness,

the breathlessness of love,

and like a rose that withers in winter's pale frost,

my doom is sealed before me.