Title: Cupid's Got Me

Author: Candy_rko

Pairings: Cody/Ted

Disclaimers: Nothing belongs to me

Author's notes: You guys rock. Thanks ^_^

The end is here. I'm glad you've been reading and enjoying this. XD

Warning: SEX.

Chapter 6/6

It was Valentine's Day and they had a house show. Everywhere Cody looked, there were couples exchanging little gifts and showering each other with affection. Eve and Chris were snuggling in a corner. Jake and Evan had been in the showers, making out like teenagers. Mike had been on his phone for the better part of the day with Morrison. Kelly, Gail, and Beth had bought each other flowers and candy, since they were all single. Randy and John had been gone since they'd left the hotel early on in the morning; John's throat was covered in bites and there were peculiar red circles around Randy's wrists. (And Cody so didn't want to know about their sex life!)

Cody sighed, going into Legacy's private room, seeing Ted sitting in front of the television, "Hey, man. I'm surprised you're not talkin' to your wife. Everyone else is with their significant others," he scowled, "What?" he asked, noticing that Ted's face darkened. "You haven't talked to me in two weeks, Teddy. You still goin' on about that shit that happened with Randy and Dave? Dude, it's over! Randy's with John and for all I know, Dave's fuckin' Chris Jericho right now!"

"You think I was mad at you?" Ted asked, frowning.

"What the hell else was it? You considered being a minister! And I do nothing but indulge myself in the sins of the flesh," Cody snarked, rolling his eyes, "What else could be up your ass other than not approving of my personal life?" Ted was quiet for a few minutes, just staring at Cody, his jaw clenching and unclenching. Cody self consciously stepped from one foot to the other. "Say somethin', Ted. Shit."

"Kristen and I are takin' some time apart."


Ted sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "We've been fightin' since I made the Marine 2. I know, that was a while ago. She's been makin' some accusations about me. And I finally just said, what the fuck, why not admit to it? She wasn't too happy with me."

"Are you getting a divorce?" That really shouldn't had made Cody feel that giddy. It wasn't good news, well, yes it was. But not for Ted. "Teddy, I'm sorry. I've been in my own little world these past few weeks. With this whole admirer stuff and dealin' with Randy and all that crap… I guess I haven't been a good friend," Cody knelt down in front of Ted, resting his chin on Ted's knees. "Forgive me?"

"When have you ever known me not to forgive you, asshole? You had any luck with that?"

"Nah. I've tried every outlet that I know of. No one's fessin' up to it."

"You should have someone, Cody," Ted said, running a hand through Cody's dark hair, "You deserve it. You should tell the one you love today. Because you might not get the chance again." "You're bein' cryptic," Cody leaned into the touch, "What's wrong? Other then the obvious."

"You know, I don't even care about divorcing her. I think I stopped lovin' her a long time ago. If I ever did in the first place. Dad wanted me to get married so I did. Said it would give me good morals or some shit like that. You know how Dad is," Ted smiled wanly.

"Oh yeah. I've gotten enough sermons from him. You'd think I'd been a bad kid or somethin'."

"You were. But look at you. All man now," Ted's fingers were underneath Cody's chin and all Cody could do was stare into the face of the one he loved. "I'm kinda jealous. You're hotter then me."

"Yeah right. You're like, the sexiest thing alive. Hey, you top Randy."Ted's face screwed up in distaste, "That did not sound right."

"Kinda hinky."

"You're such a nerd, Cody."

"You love it."

"You know it."

Cody grinned, looking past Cody at a garishly decorated present. Silver sparkly hearts on pink paper with a red and white bow. "Who's that for? I bet it's for John from Randy." He was on his feet in seconds, going to examine the gift.

"Cody, it's for you."

Cody raised a brow at Ted. "Why would Randy buy me something when he's dating John? I swear, if this is some-"

Ted was next to him, a hand on Cody's, keeping him from untying the ribbon, "It's not from Randy. It's from me. To you."

"But why would you-"

"Maybe if you open it, you'll understand."

Cody hesitantly unwound the ribbon from around the box, not positive why his heart was hammering in his chest. And he could feel Ted's warm breath ghosting across his face. Slowly and carefully he extracted the contents of the box. His eyes widened. His hands went numb. His mouth was dry. "This… Teddy, this is…" Unbelievable. It was a small collage, framed by dark cherry.

There were pictures of them as children, as teenagers, and as adults. He smiled, remembering clearly all of those special memories that were nestled close to his heart, in a place that no one knew existed. He had never told a soul about his feelings for Ted. And these photographs made him nostalgic. There was one of him and Ted on the swings, big smiles, both dirty from head to toe. He'd been three, Ted six. Cody's first wrestling event when he'd been in middle school and Ted had ditched his football game for Cody. Cody was holding his first place medal, Ted's arm slung across his shoulders.

Cody's face turned red at one candid shot; someone had taken a picture of him and Ted underneath the mistletoe when Cody had been fifteen, college bound Ted in his alma mater's sweatshirt. Cody had reminded Ted vehemently that it was bad luck not to kiss. It had been sweet and too short. A swift touch of lips that had burned into Cody's heart his love for Ted Dibiase. No one else had been able to compare to Ted. Meaningless relationships with women that did nothing for him... The handful of dates he'd been on with men…

Cody's high school graduation. Ted had been obstinate that he not miss it. They'd celebrated for hours, into the wee hours of the morning, the hangover pictures next to the graduation ones. Cody had been a mess. There were wrestling pictures, some of both, some of just him. There were even a couple of Randy, Ted, and him. The first time that he and Ted had held the tag team belts. Ted had been so excited and Cody felt for the first time in his life, he was an equal in Ted's eyes. That maybe he stood a chance.


"You mean the world to me, Cody. I haven't ever showed it or said it. But I am now. I love you, Cody Runnels. I…I was hoping that you would realize who was sending you those gifts but you never even considered me."

"Because you're married and you're straight and this-" his choked on a sob, rubbing the back of his hand across his eyes, unable to compose himself when suddenly he was pressed against Ted, his face against Ted's shoulder. "This can't be real. All this time, you've been sending me those gifts? You let me think it was some stalker instead of just coming out and telling me."

"I didn't think I stood a chance! Ever since you got into the business, it's been Randy this and Randy that. I thought you loved him. And seeing you kiss… I wanted to die."

"Now you know how I felt every time you were with Kristen. Every time that you ignored me for her. God, Ted, I've loved you for ten years!"

Ted leaned back to look at Cody, "Ten years?"

Cody nodded, "It's only ever been you, Teddy. I love you. I've wanted to tell you but you… I couldn't. And then you got married and I must've cried for days. Mom and Dad even thought about sending me to a shrink. Dustin's the only one that knew."

"We were both bein' stupid. I knew it the second we kissed on Christmas Eve. I knew that I would love you for the rest of my life."

Cody touched Ted's face, brushing against Ted's lips. "Where do we go from here?"

"I don't know but if I'm with you, I don't care. I'm not wasting any more time."

Smiling, Cody grabbed Ted by the back of his neck, lips crushed together. The need that flushed their veins the moment their lips touched… the feeling of absolute completion… That they were only now discovering each other…

Encouraged by the hands that tangled into his hair, Cody's tongue ran along Ted's bottom lip, begging entrance. When not only entrance was granted but a coy tongue sought his own, Cody couldn't stop himself from moaning into Ted's mouth, Ted's hands grazing across the heated skin of his stomach. Cody gasped, hands trailing to grip Ted's ass desperately, pulling their bodies even closer, grinding their hips together. Feeling Ted's achingly hard cock straining against the denim of his jeans… Cody nearly spilled himself right then and there.

"We should stop," Ted panted, face blush and lips swollen, "Randy'll be back soon and-"

"Fuck it."

Cody slid to his knees, quick fingers deftly unzipping and unbuttoning Ted's jeans, freeing the exposed erection. Cody shivered, noting that Ted was commando. Oh my fucking God, he's huge! "So hot, Teddy."

"Only for you, baby."

Cody licked at the tip, loving that Ted was shuddering above him, Ted's grip on his hair rough, the majority of Ted's cock filling Cody's mouth, Ted's barely stifled moans music to Cody's ears. "Fuck, Cody." He traveled over every ridge, explored every curve, caressed every gorgeous inch, and loved every second of it. He just as much enjoyed the cries, the moans, the whimpers. It was amazing to feel that body tightening as Ted was closer and closer to orgasm. He sucked even harder, reaching down between his legs to touch himself through his jeans, Ted thrusting his hips, driving himself into Cody's mouth. It was so hot to have Ted lose control like that.

He heard his name being called in warning, telling him to stop, but he didn't want to. He was too far gone, the pleasure too much. Years of yearning and waiting. Ted came with a loud moan, Cody swallowing every last drop, milking him dry. He frantically caressed himself, cumming in his jeans with a muffled cry.

Ted sank bonelessly against Cody, both holding the other up, "Hi," he said softly, offering his most charming grin to Cody.

"That was awesome," Cody's voice was husky.

"Don't you need-"

"You have no idea the power you have on me," Cody grinned sheepishly, indicating the wet spot of his crotch with a wave of his hand.

Ted blushed scarlet. "Wow. That's kinda…dirty. But really nice."

"You know what?"

"What?" Ted asked, digging through his bag for a spare towel.

"I think I might have to take back what I said about Valentine's Day. It just became my favorite holiday."

Ted just laughed. Yes, Cody could get used to this. Even if having an anniversary on Valentine's Day wasn't very original, it was perfect. Because he was with the love of his life. And that was okay with him.